Starting and maintaining strong relationships with women. How to successfully grow a relationship with a special woman and navigating the various issues that arise in all relationships.

Couples in a fluid relationship
A Guide to Fluid Relationships: All You Need To Know

Here’s a universal truth we probably don’t discuss enough: There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to love and...

A man who has been single for too long
Psychological Effects of Being Single for Too Long for Men

What are the psychological effects of being single for too long for men? Is it really bad for...

A woman who loves her partner deeply
30 Tell-tale Signs That She’s Deeply In Love With You

Do you know the signs that she loves you deeply? It can be confusing when it comes to...

Looking for monkey branching opportunities at a club
Monkey Branching: What is It & How Does It Really Work?

Have you ever had an ex jump straight into a new relationship after breaking up with you? Maybe...

Finding it hard to trust someone again
How to Trust Someone Again: 10 Ways to Rebuild Trust

What is a relationship built on? Many people might say that it’s love, care, or compatibility. And while...

A man who's working on being a good boyfriend
How to Be a Good Boyfriend and Improve Your Relationship

So, you want to know how to be a good boyfriend. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve...

Starting to see signs she's not good for you
8 Signs She’s Not Good For You (Even If You Love Her)

If you’re having second thoughts about your relationship, you aren’t alone. We’ve all been there at some point...

Knowing the difference between being a polygamist and being polyamorous
Polygamist vs Polyamorous Relationships: What's the Difference?

What's the difference between polygamist vs polyamorous relationships? Do the two words mean the same or vastly different...

Toxic partners saying the worst things to each other
5 Things Toxic Partners Say and What You Can Do About It

What are the things toxic partners say? Your girlfriend or wife may have said something incredibly hurtful to...

She's saying the things your partner should never say to you
The 10 Things Your Partner Should Never Say to You

Are there things your partner should never say to you? The answer is “yes,” even if you’re married...

Talking to his girlfriend about important topics
What Should I Talk About with My Girlfriend

You’re already in a relationship; that’s great! You’ve gone through all the hoops to attract her and get...

A man who wants to make his girlfriend happier
How to Make Your Girlfriend Happier | Beyond Ages

Want to learn how to make your girlfriend happier? You can probably think of a million ways to...

Find yourself a chubby girlfriend like her
Why You Should Consider Having a Chubby Girlfriend

Do you have a thing for plus-size women or have you ever thought about dating one? More and...

Flirting with his girlfriend over text to make her smile
How to Flirt with Your Girlfriend Over Text

It’s a huge mistake to think that it’s all done once you get the girl. Keeping her happy...

A happy couple with incompatible love languages
Dealing with Incompatible Love Languages in Relationships

Are love languages even real? Are they enough to base our relationships on them? Does love language compatibility...

One of the three loves in life
The 3 Loves in Life that You Will Experience

Did you know there are 3 loves in life that most (but not all) people will experience? Each...

The benefits of mirroring in a relationship
Mirroring in Relationships: What Every Man Should Know

If you've heard of "mirroring" in relationships, but you're not sure what it is or how it works,...

Dating the right person at the wrong time
Are You With the Right Person at the Wrong Time?

You met an amazing woman, but something is preventing the two of you from being together. The problem...

Feeling both wanted and needed in his relationship
What's the Difference Between Being Wanted vs Needed?

Do you know the difference between being wanted vs needed? The two words are sometimes used interchangeably, but...

A couple that knows it's not too soon to move in
How Soon Is Too Soon to Move in for Modern Couples?

If you’ve been in a romantic relationship and feel that there’s potential for a long-term future together, it’s...

Dating a musician comes with lots of challenges
The Top 10 Rules for Dating a Musician

You ever listen to an absolutely stellar love song and think, “Man, I wish someone could write that...

Meeting new women and playing the field
What Does Playing the Field Really Mean in 2024?

Hookup culture and high divorce rates have made many men apprehensive about being exclusive with a woman. On...

Learning how to be a better husband and father
How to Be a Better Husband: What Science Tells Us

Do you want to learn how to be a better husband? Volumes have been written about how to...

She's rebuffing him and he feels like an option in their relationship
Feeling Like an Option in Your Relationship? Do This Instead

It hurts like hell to be relegated as a “second-class citizen”. For as long as you can remember,...

Lying by omission has been a habit for her
When Can Lying by Omission Destroy a Relationship?

Is it a lie if you tell the truth, but don't reveal everything? This is a contentious issue,...

Is she having an emotional affair
What Is An Emotional Affair? Signs to Watch Out For

An affair's an affair, and if you find your partner in one, it's time to let it go....

A young couple that has been dating for three months
What To Expect When You’ve Been Seriously Dating For 3 Months

If you've been "seeing each other" for a month, you're probably still in that casual phase. But when...

A woman surrounded by red flags
Top 16 Red Flags in Women: Before and During a Relationship

Have you ever wondered what red flags in women you want to date (or are dating) you should...

Taboo relationships are usually kept on the down low
Taboo Relationships: The Appeal Behind These Relationships

Interested in a taboo relationship? Defying societal norms about relationships is both a tantalizing experience and one with...

She's accusing him of cheating when he's innocent
Being Accused of Cheating When You're Innocent: What to Do

Being accused of cheating when you’re innocent can take a huge toll on your relationship, and it’s not...

She's planning romantic gestures so you don't know if she's love bombing or genuine
Love Bombing or Genuine Love: How to Tell the Difference

Love bombing is a term used to describe a behavior that can often be mistaken for genuine love....

Love bombing her with romantic gestures before ghosting her
Love Bombing Then Ghosting | Why It Happens and What to Do

Love bombing then ghosting someone is a new trend that is as bad as it sounds. You meet...

Different types of ghosting
The Different Types of Ghosting and Semi Ghosting in Dating

The modern dating world is tough as is, but a spanner has been thrown in the works —...

They're happy because they follow the casual relationship rules
The 6 Casual Relationship Rules Everyone Follows Or Things Go Wrong

Are there any casual relationship rules to follow? The answer is “yes”—there’s quite a number, and they’re all...

Showing signs she's pretending to love you
9 Signs She Is Pretending to Love You And How To Spot them

When you are in a fake relationship, you just know that something feels off. Over time, you start...

Why do women test men before and during a relationship?
Why Women Test Men And The 4 Tests They Always Give You

Why do women test men? You’ve probably experienced it firsthand: You hit it off with a new woman,...

A couple with the right reasons to get married
The Best and Worst Reasons to Get Married in 2024 For Men

There are plenty of reasons to get married these days. From companionship, child-rearing, or simply financial motives, marriage...

You need to buy her expensive things if you're in a gold digger relationship
11 Signals You're In A Gold Digger Relationship for 2024

Are you in a gold digger relationship? Or perhaps you’re not, but you’re worried you’re about to fall...

Is it bad to fall in love fast
Is it Bad to Fall in Love Fast in 2024? Pros and Cons

Chet Baker once soulfully sang, "I fall in love too easily, I fall in love too fast, I...

13 Ways To Keep a Loyal Girlfriend (And Where to Find Her)

Most men out there, including anyone reading this, would love to know how to have a loyal girlfriend...

He's dating multiple women and texting one of them
How To Succeed Dating Multiple Women in 2024 (It's Not Easy)

Before you start dating multiple women, you may want to read this article before doing anything risky. Dating...

She's using emotional blackmail to get what she wants
8 Signs of Emotional Blackmail From Women Guys Need To Know

Caring about an emotional manipulator is going to toss you on a rollercoaster ride that will take you...

How to stop being codependent when you're in a toxic relationship
How to Stop Being Codependent As A Man (What Works For Guys)

Do you find yourself doing so much for women yet getting so little in return? If you answered...

Not knowing what to do when a girl is mad at you
What to Do When a Girl is Mad (Plus What NEVER works)

Having a woman’s anger directed at you can be nerve-wracking, especially if she's important to you in some...

He's thinking, "She likes me but doesn't want a relationship"
How To Handle Things If She Likes You But Doesn’t Want a Relationship

“She likes me but doesn't want a relationship. What do I do?” It’s a common lament among men...

He's wondering if he is in love
How Can Guys Tell If They're In Love - It's Not Easy to Say

The dating world generally stays the same, but your outlook on love is ever-evolving. When you're young, you...

Happily dating in their 30s
Finding Legit Success Dating in Your 30s During 2024

You’re probably well aware that dating in your 20s is totally different than dating in your 30s. If...

A couple dating in grad school
How To Master Dating in Grad School in 2024

If you’re dating in grad school, you’re probably already aware that it’s a hassle. From demanding hours, the...

Couple fighting over emotional baggage from past relationships
Dealing With Emotional Baggage from Past Relationships in 2024

Emotional baggage from past relationships almost always affects your present and future relationships. Whether it's something seemingly benign...

Female hypergamy is all about being with a man with a higher social standing
Female Hypergamy: What It Is and How It Affects Your Relationship

Have you heard about female hypergamy? As one of the most talked-about buzzwords in modern dating and social...

A couple in a female-led relationship
Understanding a Female-Led Relationship: What You Need to Know

Think back to about a century ago. Most relationships had the man as the dominant partner. They provide...

Is it okay if your girlfriend is talking to other guys like this?
Why Your Girlfriend Is Talking to Other Guys and What to Do

“Should I be worried that my girlfriend is talking to other guys, especially when I know they want...

A couple talking about relationship boundaries
How to Set Healthy Dating and Relationship Boundaries in 2024

You can argue that the majority of dating and relationship problems are boundary issues in one way or...

Different types of attachment styles
4 Attachment Styles You Must Understand While Dating in 2024

Ever felt like you can't live without a certain relationship, be it a friend or a romantic partner?...

Checking if she's always hiding when texting is one way to find out if your partner is cheating online
How to Find Out If Your Partner is Cheating Online in 2024

Do you want to learn how to find out if your partner is cheating online? Does it count...

Does texting someone secretly count as cheating in a relationship?
What Counts as Cheating in a Relationship in 2024

What counts as cheating in a relationship? Is it only when you sleep with someone who's not your...

How long do relationships last before ending or leading to marriage?
How Long Relationships Last in 2024 (Good and Bad News)

How long do relationships last these days? What causes couples to break up in the end? Or is...

He's trying to stop being a jealous boyfriend
How to Stop Being a Jealous Boyfriend who Ruins Relationships

You're dating this amazing woman who's practically perfect for you. But sometimes, with no particular trigger, you start...

A couple with a 10 year age difference between them
The Pros and Cons of Dating Someone 10 Years Apart from You

One common question revolving around modern dating is whether age is just a number. It's unfortunate that society...

Singapore Dating Culture in 2024 - Love and Economics

Over the years, I figured that Singapore’s dating culture is unique and flawed in its own special kind...

Couple confused about their feelings
The Difference Between Love and Affection in 2024

Love and affection are two words that are intrinsically linked. They are of course similar in many ways:...

They're in love but not attracted to each other
Handling Being In Love But Not Attracted to Your Partner

Is it possible to be in love but not attracted to someone? If that’s how you feel towards...

Can their relationship be saved after infidelity?
Can a Relationship Be Saved After Infidelity: Experts Answer

If you’re currently wondering: “can a relationship be saved after infidelity”, my heart goes out to you. You’re...

He's wondering how to test a woman's character to see if they'd be compatible
How to Test a Woman’s Character Without Being Manipulative

At its core, dating always starts with learning about this new person and whether or not the two...

Giving her a piggyback ride is one of the ways to make her feel feminine
How to Make a Woman Feel Feminine in 2024

Imagine going out with a woman and making her take charge. You want her to make all the...

A couple having the exclusive talk to know if they're official
Nailing The Exclusive Talk: It's Easy When Done Right

Ah, the exclusive talk. How do you go about it? You might have been with a girl for...

He found the right girl for him
How to Find the Right Girl for You in 2024: The 3 Key Steps

Dating is all fun and games until you start to wonder if any of the girls you’re dating...

A lack of relationship experience didn't stop him from finding a good girlfriend
How to Deal with a Lack of Relationship Experience as a Man

Whether you’ve never been in a relationship at all or have had some less-than-stellar experiences with women, a...

Why do guys like crazy girls like her?
Why Guys Like Crazy Girls in 2024 (Plus Warning Signs)

Why do guys like crazy girls? Maybe over the past several years, you’ve gotten one crazy girlfriend after...

He's using the best submissive women dating tips to meet women who match with his personality
13 Important Submissive Women Dating Tips You Need to Know

In this article, you will learn about submissive women dating tips, including how to find a submissive woman,...

Learn how to get over your girlfriend's past especially if she has more experience than you
How to Get Over Your Girlfriend's Past: A Gentleman's Guide

When you're in a new relationship, it's pretty common to talk about each other's dating past. You might...

What's going through the female mind during the no contact rule?
The Female Mind During The No Contact Rule (What Happens)

Whether you initiated the no contact rule or she did, the results usually go one of two ways:...

Can you tell: Is she married?
How To Find Out If The Girl You're Into Is Married (easy)

You meet someone and she’s absolutely amazing. She’s fun and easy to talk to, and she might just...

I cheated on my girlfriend and now she's crying
You Cheated on Your Girlfriend: Here's How Men Handle It

The deed is done and you come to that dreaded realization: “I cheated on my girlfriend.” You can’t...

He knows what girls like to be called and he's using it on her
This Is What Girls Like To Be Called - 13 Options That Will Work For Any Situation

What do girls like to be called? Honeybun? Sugar lips? Cupcake? These are some of the cheesiest things...

He's wondering, "Does she really love me?"
If You're Wondering If She Really Loves You This Is How You Can Tell

“I just want to know, am I wasting my time or does she really love me?” When you...

How to help your girlfriend get over her ex by being a good boyfriend
How to Help Your Girlfriend Get Over Her Ex Boyfriend - It's Not Fun But It Works

Are you wondering how to help your girlfriend get over her ex? This guide explains a range of...

Why is a woman like her attracted to another man?
This Is Why Married Women Are Attracted to Other Men And How to Deal With It

Ever wondered why a married woman is attracted to another man? Perhaps you might be the husband of...

He doesn't need to wonder, "Is she in love with me?"
How Guys Can Tell If She's in Love With You - It's Not That Difficult

“Is she in love with me?” If you’re asking yourself this question, then the good news is that...

A woman acting distant all of a sudden with a guy she's been seeing
If She's Acting Distant All of a Sudden This Is Why And How To Recover

Why is she acting distant all of a sudden? She said she liked me, and now she barely...

He knows how to keep a girlfriend by being spontaneous
How to Keep a Girlfriend: Reignite that Missing Spark

Too many guys are so focused on getting a girlfriend that they don’t know how to keep a...

He's showing her he's serious about her
The Right Ways To Show a Girl You're Serious About Her: From Fling to Relationship

Are you wondering how to show a girl you’re serious about her? If you’ve been dating someone, you...

She wants to take it slow because she's not into him
If She Wants to Take It Slow This Is What To Do (Don't Screw It Up)

You go in for the kiss, she leans back and tells you she wants to take it slow....

A high-maintenance woman berating her boyfriend
10 Signs You're Dating a High-Maintenance Woman who's Toxic for You

No man wants to date a high-maintenance woman. The question is: how can you tell before it’s too...

He wants to date his friend's ex-girlfriend
Dating a Friend's Ex-Girlfriend: How You Can Do It the Right Way

Should you date a friend’s ex-girlfriend? Is it ever the right thing to do? If so, how should...

Showing some of the signs that a woman is bad news
The Top 10 Signs A Woman Is Bad News You Just Can't Ignore

We're not about having sex with every hot woman you meet. We're about reclaiming your power as a man. We're...

She's one of the types of women you should never marry
The Top 10 Types of Women You Should Never Marry and Why

If you’ve been dating for any length of time, you likely already know that no two women are...

Getting the love you want isn't easy, but it's worthwhile
How Men Can Get the Love They Want This Year While Being True To Themselves

Are you sick and tired of bouncing from one failed relationship to the next without ever finding your...

Knowing what to talk about with your girlfriend will make her smile
What to Talk About with Your Girlfriend to Increase Your Intimacy and Connection

Attraction is about more than getting physical. Sure, when two people are attracted to each other there is...

How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you
How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You: The 5 Glaring Signs

It’s a sad day when you want to know how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating. In...

How to start a relationship the right way
How to Start a Relationship: What Every Man Needs to Consider

So you’ve been on a few dates, you’re into her and she seems to be enjoying it just...

He knows how to make a girl feel special
How to Make a Girl Feel Special: 11 Underrated Ways She'll Love

Are you one of the many men perplexed by the female species? Let me share a secret with...

She is showing the physical signs your girlfriend is cheating
12 Telling Physical Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Are you concerned that your partner might be cheating on you? Without knowing the physical signs your girlfriend...

woman walking away from man wondering how to get over cheating
How To Get Over Cheating Women Fast (5 Key Steps You Can Take)

Being cheated on sucks, but sadly, it’s a very real possibility in the dating world. So if you’ve...

This guy learned how to win your wife back and is now holding her close
How To Win Your Wife Back In 9 Steps (Repair What Was Broken)

A struggling marriage can make for a painful and confusing period in your life. Trying to figure out...

This guy knows how to make your girlfriend love you by making her laugh
How To Make Your Girlfriend Love You (Without Spending a Ton)

If you’re the type of guy that loves to shower your girlfriend with gifts, that’s honestly great. If...

This guy is keeping her interested and doesn't have to wonder "why I don't have a girlfriend"
Why You Don’t Have A Girlfriend (How To Diagnose and Fix The Problem)

If you’ve been single for a while now, you might be asking yourself this question. If so, you’re...

Learn how alpha males show love the right way, without yelling, manipulation, or selfishness.
How Alpha Males Show Love And Treat Their Girlfriends The Right Way

How you deal with love is the easiest way to determine just what kind of man you are....

How to find an older woman younger man relationship
7 Proven Ways To Find an Older Woman Younger Man Relationship That Will Knock Your Socks Off

There’s an abundance of great places where you can find an older woman younger man relationship if that’s...

The Best Birthday Gifts For Older Women - Main
The Best Birthday Gifts for Older Women

Choosing birthday gifts for older women Gift buying can be frustrating in the best of circumstances. If you...

Useful tips for an older woman younger man relationship
Advice From A Cougar: The Older Woman Younger Man Relationship

Maybe you just started seeing someone new and you’re looking for older woman younger man relationship tips to...