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30 Tell-tale Signs That She’s Deeply In Love With You

A woman who loves her partner deeply

Do you know the signs that she loves you deeply? It can be confusing when it comes to deciphering a woman's true feelings. Luckily, there are plenty of signs that make it easy to see just how invested she really is in your relationship.  

This guide from BeyondAges is designed to help you identify the signs of deep love from a woman and learn how to tell if she loves you. We’ll take a look at 30 signs that could suggest she's deeply in love with you and everything else you need to know about your significant other.

From her taking the time to be there for you to how she shows you off at the next holiday get-together, or just the way she laughs at your terrible jokes, these signs will help you feel better about the relationship and determine if you’ve got a keeper. Let’s begin!

Signs She Loves You Very Much 

When a woman loves you, signs will begin to show. Take a look at this list and you’ll know for certain how she feels about you:

  • She Prioritizes Time With You
  • She Remembers Little Details
  • She Talks About the Future
  • She's There In Tough Times
  • She Introduces You to Her Inner Circle
  • She's Comfortable Around You
  • She Posts Picture of You on Her Social Media
  • She Compromises
  • She Makes An Effort For You
  • She Touches You Affectionately
  • She Talks Highly of You
  • She Shows Empathy
  • She Respects Your Space
  • She Takes Care of You
  • She Expresses Jealousy
  • She Wants to Know About Your Day
  • She Feels Secure With You
  • She Is Patient with You
  • She Surprises You
  • She Supports Your Goals
  • She Apologizes When Wrong
  • She Stands Up for You
  • She Shares Her Secrets
  • She’s Open with You Sexually
  • She Gazes Into Your Eyes
  • She Laughs at Your Humor
  • She Stays Loyal to You
  • She Values Your Opinions
  • She Misses You
  • She Says It

Sign #1: She Prioritizes Time With You

If a woman is deeply in love, she'll want to spend a lot of her free time with you. This also doesn’t just mean quantity, but quality. She values the moments shared with you, whether it's a lavish vacation or a simple Netflix binge after work - she values being with you. If she cancels events to instead hang out with you, you’ve got yourself a keeper!

Sign #2: She Remembers Little Details

When a woman loves you, expect her to reminisce on the little details that show that the time you spent together and what you talked about was important to her. 

In fact, it might come as a shock to you when she’ll barely remember what she had for breakfast but remembers the exact outfit that you wore when you first met her. Or, she may make your favorite food that you only casually mentioned one time. These details might seem insignificant, but to her, they're as important as the milestones and ways to deepen your bond.

Sign #3: She Talks About the Future

If she's picturing you in her future plans, it's a strong sign of love. Pay attention to how she talks to you about her future plans. For example, if she plans on living together with you, she may ask you what kind of house you would want to live in. Vacations are also a good sign, and an even better sign is an extended vacation–after all, spending a week or so together can really show you how you get along. 

Sign #4: She's There in Tough Times

When a woman loves a man deeply, she sticks around in tough times. Whether you’re going through a stressful week at work or handling a severe family issue, she provides comfort and support when you need it most. Women are naturally adept at gauging a man’s emotions, so expect her to intervene when you are at a low point. 

Bear in mind, however, that if you’re in a prolonged state of depression, and lashes out due to too much stress, or her attempts to comfort you are rebuffed, she may fall out of love with you if she thinks that this might be the future of the relationship going forwards.

Sign #5: She Introduces You to Her Inner Circle

Introducing him to her friends

Meeting her closest friends and family is a significant step. It shows she's serious about you and wants to integrate you into her personal life. After all, if she shows you off to the most important people in her life, she’s communicating to you that you’re equally important to her. Plus, who doesn’t want to brag about the partner that they’ve managed to attract!?

Sign #6: She's Comfortable Around You

Is she wearing sweatpants yet? Kidding aside, if you notice she's her authentic self when she's with you and capable of comfortably showing her vulnerabilities without any pretense, you can be sure she loves you deeply.

Some of the most common signs that she loves you deeply is when she can stop wearing the masks and personas that we all adopt to manage our way through society. Instead, you’ll feel that she finally “lets her hair down” and doesn’t feel the need to constantly be “on” - an exhausting phase that most new lovers go through until they finally accept one another. 

Sign #7: She Posts Picture of You on Her Social Media

There’s no better place getting out the word than social media. If she maintains any social media accounts and posts pictures of you two together (or even just praising you in a post), it shows she wants to show you off. There are plenty of reasons why women do this - and not all are positive, admittedly - but if she uses social media to communicate with friends and family, putting you out there is a big step.

Sign #8: She Compromises

Love involves meeting each other halfway. If she's willing to compromise, adjust, or make sacrifices on behalf of you, it's a clear sign she values your relationship above her ego. After all, most women enjoy a man who takes the lead and gives her some limits to her behavior (especially submissive types).

To make matters more confusing, some women will deliberately test your resolve in good faith. One way is by giving you tests to see how you react to her seemingly-illogical behavior. However, this behavior is a good sign, as she wants to see if you’re strong enough. Pass this test and her admiration for you will grow to deepen your relationship.

Sign #9: She Makes An Effort For You

Does she dress up for you? Do you feel that she’s going the extra mile when it comes to pleasing you with your favorite meal? The fact that she puts in effort to make you happy is a telltale sign of love.

Sign #10: She Touches You Affectionately

A loving woman expresses her emotions physically. It could be a gentle touch on the arm, a comforting hug, or holding your hand tightly during a scary movie. A loving woman tends to get “handsy” - and that’s a good thing!

It’s important to note that a fair number of women will show physical affection in private settings, but may be against showing PDAs (Public Displays of Affection). So, if you’re on the fence about how to tell if she loves you, this behavior might be part of her morals and upbringing. Don’t worry, she’s probably waiting until you’re back together in private to touch you. 

Sign #11: She Talks Highly of You

When she's in love, she can't help but brag about you to her friends. She admires you and is proud to be with you. If you hear from other people about your accomplishments (“Your girlfriend was just telling me about you! Congratulations!” and the like), you know that she wants to brag that her choice of significant other is significant to others!

Sign #12: She Shows Empathy

“How do I know she loves me?” The answer to this common question is when she understands and shares your feelings. Whether you're ecstatic or feeling low, she resonates with your emotions in an empathetic way. 

Not everyone can be happy or successful all the time. A woman’s empathy is her role in a relationship to get you back to a more positive state of mind. The following signs she loves you deeply often come in the form of archetypical empathetic roles:

  • The seductress that rewards you with a full body massage after a hard day of work.
  • The mother that cleans your laundry when you’re busy running errands.
  • The sister that acts as a sounding board for your next business venture.

Sign #13: She Respects Your Space

Even in a state of deep love, she understands the importance of personal space. She respects your time spent alone, your hobbies, and your need for solitude to recharge from life’s responsibilities. 

It may come as a sacrifice for some of her emotional needs, but she realizes that she wants you present and motivated to see her, not just another roommate (if you live together) or an obligation (if you’re still dating). 

Sign #14: She Takes Care of You

Taking care of your physical and emotional well-being is a sign she loves you deeply. She ensures you eat on time, sleep well, and stay happy. These basic necessities obviously help you perform your best (and work on her behalf, too), so she sees you as an important person in your life that requires a type of maternal loving. 

This also applies when you’re sick or injured. If she makes you homemade chicken soup for your recovery, helps you dress your wounds, or takes care of your household chores, she feels a strong sense of duty and wants you back to 100%.

Sign #15: She Expresses Jealousy

A little bit of jealousy

While unhealthy jealousy isn't good, a bit of it shows she's afraid of losing you. She's invested in your relationship and cares about you deeply.

Of course, there’s a fine line between jealousy and possessiveness. It’s one thing for her to be suspicious of other romantic advances from women who find you attractive, and it’s another when she feels angry that you spend time with your friends and family.

Sign #16: She Wants to Know About Your Day

Asking about your day means she's interested in your life. She values your experiences and wants to be a part of them.

It helps to have an interesting life or at least frame things in a way that keeps her interested. No one wants to hear “good” when she asks “How was your day?”. Instead, try to show her that you were thinking about her when you were dealing with the day’s issues, or that you gained a new insight that you know she’d be interested in. If she’s a rapt audience and chimes in on your side like a cheerleader, you can be sure that she’s in love with you. 

Sign #17: She Feels Secure With You

Feeling secure and protected in your presence is a strong sign of love. She trusts you and finds comfort in your company.

Security goes beyond the emotional, too. If she’s willing to go to dangerous neighborhoods or places that she wouldn’t dare alone (or with her friends), chances are pretty good that you put her worries to rest and let her enjoy life under your watchful eye.

Sign #18: She Is Patient with You

Patience is a key indicator of love. She understands you're not perfect and gives you the space to grow and evolve.

If you have some character flaws that you’re actively working on and doing your best to minimize (or eliminate altogether), her patience shows that she’s viewing the better version of you that you have the potential to become. This level of emotional investment isn’t something most women tolerate on a short-term basis, so be sure to do your best to become your best.

Sign #19: She Surprises You

Love surprises? One of the surest signs a woman is in love with you is when she decides to surprise you. Unexpected gestures like a surprise date, a heartfelt gift, or a loving note all show that she wanted to make you happy. It takes planning to show a good surprise, so this means that she was thinking about your happiness in the future. 

Conversely, a relationship that feels like you are both going through the motions is a sure sign that she’s checked out or is feeling stifled by the relationship. It doesn’t take much to create some surprise excitement, so this might be a sign that things aren’t going well (or that she’s a bad long-term prospect). 

Sign #20: She Supports Your Goals

A woman in love will cheer you on. She encourages your dreams and supports your ambitions, showing she wants the best for you. 

Essentially, your goals become her goals. When you’re lacking in motivation or need a helping hand, you can find her offering her time and effort to move you towards success. Expect her to throw you celebrations to mark milestones or tell you reassuring words when you’re struggling. Whatever you aim to achieve, your success is her success. 

Sign #21: She Apologizes When Wrong

Everyone makes mistakes in relationships, especially in the early stages. If she makes relatively benign mistakes and then apologizes for them, then you have a pretty good indicator that she’s in love with you. One of the most obvious signs that she loves you deeply is that she has no problem admitting her mistakes and saying sorry. She values the relationship more than her pride, so her giving ground is a great sign that she loves you deeply. 

This does come with a caveat, however: Some manipulative women understand the value of apologizing but do very little to change their behavior. If you hear “I’m sorry about X” and she continues to do it, you may be dealing with a woman that isn't genuine in her speech and actions.

Sign #22: She Stands Up for You

When you're not around, she defends you to others. She won't let anyone badmouth you. It shows her love by viewing you as a part of her. Whether this is your reputation or character, having a woman be in your corner makes her a ride-or-die kinda lady!

Of course, a man doesn’t necessarily need a woman to fight his battles for him - especially physical ones. However, having a partner on your side makes you feel that it is “you and her against the world”.

Sign #23: She Shares Her Secrets

A woman’s reputation is one of the most valuable things about her in society, especially so among her friends and family. It might seem obvious, but sharing her deepest thoughts, fears, and secrets means she trusts you. And trust is a solid foundation of love - a very good sign indeed!

One of the telltale signs a woman is in love with you is that she’s shared some potentially embarrassing or serious secrets about herself. This is both a confession AND a test. She feels comfortable (see sign #6 above) enough to see how well you keep a secret and how you treat her vulnerabilities. Do your best to never embarrass or expose her if she shares intimate details with you. If you can make her feel safe and open, you’ll have a woman that’s with you for life!

Sign #24: She’s Open with You Sexually

It doesn’t get much more personal than sex. If your relationship is open to sexual experiences after an initial courting phase, you should recognize how she’s expressing her desires and exploring new experiences with you for a more intimate connection. 

As you may or may not know, sex is a complicated topic for women and some women are more shy about it than others. This is true if your partner has had bad experiences in the past, adheres to strict religious beliefs of chastity, or doesn’t want to appear promiscuous. So, while this is one of the better signs she loves you deeply, don’t put too much emphasis on sex if she’s unwilling or emotionally unable to just yet. 

Note: Believe her when she says “I’ve never done this with anyone else before. You’re my first.”

Sign #25: She Gazes Into Your Eyes

Looking into each other's eyes

Long, affectionate eye contact isn't just for the movies. It shows a deep emotional connection that is nearly impossible to fake. If it seems like time stops when she looks into your eyes or her pupils get wide when you talk, you can be sure she feels a deep affection for you. 

As a man, it may be difficult to understand that women are more emotionally intuitive than men by default. Women learn from a young age to be able to have a good radar for finding trustworthy and virtuous men; those that can’t discern people with bad motives typically end up in poor circumstances. Our eyes often reveal our real motivations and smart women know to look for reassurance that you’re the man she wants in her life through gazing into our eyes from time to time. 

Sign #26: She Laughs at Your Humor

Like to tell jokes or act silly? If she loves your sense of humor and cherishes these lighter moments with you, you can be sure that she holds you dear in her heart.

From a scientific point of view, laughter is an emotional response primarily governed by the brain's reward system, creating feelings of pleasure and reward. When a woman is in love with you, she's more likely to laugh at your jokes and behavior due to a heightened level of emotional connectivity and romantic feelings toward you.

Sign #27: She Stays Loyal to You

If a woman is willing to turn away from other sexual opportunities and temptations, it shows that she views you as a high-value man in her life. She doesn’t want to jeopardize the relationship in any fashion, which is a good sign of long-term commitment. 

Of course, this usually comes when she believes you’ll reciprocate. Therefore, show her loyalty to get loyalty–even if this means giving her access to your phone (within reason), blocking ex-gfs on social media, and making a public commitment to her.

Sign #28: She Values Your Opinions

One clear sign that she’s in love with you and values your opinions is when she asks you about something in her life that’s important to her. It could be about her clothing, her career choice, her friends, political events - whatever it may be, you can see that she listens intently AND follows your advice.

If she consults you before making decisions, it shows she respects your viewpoint and considers you an integral part of her life. Even if she disagrees, it’s not uncommon for a woman to admit her faults when she’s with a partner she trusts to be gentle and paternal towards her. 

Sign #29: She Misses You

When you're apart, she genuinely misses your company. If you’re getting regular texts when you’re apart, heartfelt gifts, or her expressing how much she pines for you, you can be pretty sure she longs for you when you're not around.

There’s been plenty of scientific studies that the feeling of “missing someone” is analogous to drug addiction - in this case, a positive addiction to feel-good chemicals, such as pheromones and a (temporary) oxytocin deficit. In this case, you’re a good drug and you make her feel good - win-win!

Sign #30: She Says It

Last, but certainly not least, she might just tell you outright. While actions do speak louder than words, sometimes there's nothing quite like hearing "I love you" and all it implies. Plus, a major milestone in a relationship is when a woman tells you she loves you - certainly something women only reserve for those they care about. You’ll find women make it a habit to express their love when they’re in this state, even if they just hear the same words back to her as reassurance. 

Make no mistake about it, deciphering love is as challenging as understanding a new language, but hopefully, these 30 signs help you translate those emotions accurately. It's essential to remember that women express their love in many different ways, so pay attention to patterns of her behavior over time and trust your intuition. Nevertheless, if you felt these signs accurately described how she treats you and behaves, it may be time to move the relationship to the next level.

Beyond  Ages has plenty of other articles that can guide you through the intricacies of dating and relationships. Check out our guides on how to know if a woman likes you and effective communication in relationships to create a deeper connection with your partner. Remember, open conversation and understanding can transform a good relationship into a great one!

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