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How Guys Can Tell If She's in Love With You - It's Not That Difficult

He doesn't need to wonder,

“Is she in love with me?” If you’re asking yourself this question, then the good news is that you’ve already spotted some hints that she’s into you. When she’s in love with you, there are just some body language and verbal cues that you can’t miss. However, there’s a difference between a girl who’s in love with you and a girl who has a little crush on you. If you’re in doubt, you’ve come to the right place.

Then this article will spell it out for you to take out the guesswork. More importantly, it’ll also guide you on what to do next, depending on whether your lady really is in love with you or not.

Is She in Love With Me? 9 Sure Signs

Let’s start with the 9 surest signs she’s in love with you. You can easily spot these signs by observing the things she says and does around you. The signs are:

#1: She gives you puppy eyes

When she looks at you, she looks like she’s a puppy begging for a treat. Or she might bat her eyelashes while smiling sweetly at you. Unless she’s just messing with you, she’s hoping to get a favor from you: And that is to return her feelings.

#2: She's clingy

If she’s clingy and touchy and needy, that may be a good and bad sign. It’s good in the sense that it’s proof positive she’s in love with you. Meanwhile, it’s bad because she might turn out to be a difficult or high-maintenance girlfriend, and also because turning her down will hurt her badly.

#3: She can't hide her feelings when you're around

Whenever you’re around her, she seems happy, overly excited, or calm and at peace. She shows it by holding your arm, cuddling you, or simply listening with rapt attention whenever you say something. You can be pretty sure she’s feeling in love with you.

#4: She's really trying to win you

Let’s say, off-hand, you mention to her that you like cupcakes. Then, within the next few days, she sends you a half-dozen cupcakes with a personalized message. Her going out of her way like that to give you something you like is a sign she’s trying to win your heart.

#5: She wants to know everything about you

It would seem no one in your circle is more interested in your life than she is. She incessantly asks questions about you and listens to all your stories—no exceptions.

When she’s in love with you, no story is too boring. She’ll take everything in.

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#6: She remembers your little stories

She remembers not only your big stories—but she also remembers the little things. She even brings up consistencies, saying things like: “Wait, you had two dogs in your childhood? Didn’t you say you had three dogs?”

She’ll even remember your mannerisms. For instance, if you have the tendency to crack all 10 of your knuckles at a time, she’ll notice it if you cracked only eight. If she’s that detail-oriented about you, then you know she loves you.

#7: Your opinion matters to her

Whenever she needs to make a decision for herself, big or small, she asks for your opinion. What does it mean? Simply that she wants you to still like her after she’s put the decision into action. She’s careful not to do anything that might make her lose you.

#8: She asks about your plans

This is a big one. She asks about your plans for the future. Take special note of questions about your future: Where you want to settle down, what career you want, and what your “ideal life” is like.

When she’s in love with you, she wants to see if she can be a part of your life—not just now, but also in the future. And when she asks you these future-oriented questions, it means she wants to see if she’s part of the picture.

#9: She tells you she loves you

Naturally, this is the surest sign of all. She outright tells you she loves you, and she’s not kidding about it. It may sound great because it answers your question once and for all.

Unfortunately, it also likely means she has exhausted all her options. She’s dropped all the hints she can, and you’re still not picking up. What does she do? She tells you to your face.

When it comes to that, it may mean she has already lost interest in you. She has realized, without a doubt, that you’re not the type of guy who makes the first move. To normal women, that’s a huge turnoff, and her love might very quickly turn into hate.

Still Not Sure? 19 Lesser-Known Signs

Now, the 9 surest signs aren’t the only signs. There are 19 more minor signs she’s in love with you. In case you’ve checked her against the first 9 signs and you’re still not sure about her feelings, check her against the following list:

How she treats you

  1. She lifts your spirits. No matter how low you feel, all it takes is a chat with her to perk you up.
  2. She's there for you. She’s always in your corner, no matter what.
  3. She's your best friend. You consider no one to be closer to you.
  4. She texts you a lot. Not a day goes by without a text message from her.
  5. She drops everything for you. She’s never too busy when you need help.
  6. When you win, she wins. She celebrates your little victories in life—sometimes more than you do.
  7. She spends nearly all her time with you. She has other friends, but she doesn’t spend nearly as much time with them as with you.
  8. She's courting you. She’s giving you gifts and doing you favors. If this is how she is with you, then the answer to “is she in love with me?” is a resounding YES.
  9. She's flirty. Sometimes she’s friendly, but other times she’s sensual. It’s a rollercoaster you can’t quite figure out—but whatever spell she’s casting on you, it seems to be working.
  10. The sex is awesome. If you do it, she makes sure you have a good time, too.

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What She Thinks of You

  1. She constantly worries about you. When you go through a tough time, so does she. And she won’t rest until she has helped you solve the problem.
  2. She's concerned about your feelings. “Are you okay?” is the question you most frequently get from her.
  3. She misses you quickly. If you go away even for a few days, she misses you right away.
  4. She wants you to be happy. Your happiness is just as important as her own—if not more so.
  5. She doesn't think you're perfect, and it's perfectly fine with her. She accepts you no matter how many times you screw up.

“Is she in love with me?” Observe how she is with other people

  1. She's jealous of your other female friends. She hates it when other women talk to you.
  2. She tells everyone important about you. Her friends and family all know about you.
  3. She speaks well of you. It’s like she’s your #1 fan.
  4. She doesn't see any other men. To her, she’s already found the one.

Confirmed: She’s in Love with Me, Now What?

Okay, now let’s say you’ve confirmed she’s in love with you. There’s no doubt about it now. What next? Before you do anything rash, read the rest of this article for advice on making a better decision.

Decide what you want

What do you want with her? Do you want to remain friends? Do you want to be her boyfriend? Or do you just want to be friends-with-benefits with her?

By now, you should know that letting her decide your relationship is a fatal error. She’ll see you as indecisive and weak, which is enough of an emotional turnoff to make her change her mind.

Want my advice? Take the lead. Whether you love her back or not, you need to be decisive.

If you love her too...

Then make the move. Tell her you’d like to go on a date. Invite her to dinner, then to your place, and just let one thing lead to another.

And in the morning, greet her with a “Good morning, girlfriend,” and enjoy your new relationship.

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If you don't love her back...

Then it’s best to ignore her attention and put some distance between you. If necessary, don’t see her for weeks. It’s a kind, natural way to let her attraction for you die on its own. When you do meet again, you’ll just be friends.

And if you have to “break up” with her, do it nicely. Also, it’s best if you do it as privately as you can. Preferably, no one else needs to know she was ever in love with you and that you turned her down. Even if she’ll feel disappointed, she’ll appreciate your being discreet and will respect you even more.

If you're not sure

Then I think you have bigger problems than wondering “Is she in love with me?” I suggest you take some time to look inward and find what you really want to do right now when it comes to a relationship (or lack thereof). Once you’ve decided, this article will be ready to guide you down the best path to take.


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