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Why Women Like Guys That Don't Care (And How to Do It)

A woman who loves it when you don't care too much

Do women really like guys that don't care? I'm not talking about not caring about her feelings, wants and needs! I'm talking about not caring about the tiniest little things in life that have no impact on you. Being a jerk is one thing, but being a guy who stays level-headed is another!

Now, the truth is: Many women love it when you have the confidence and perspective to remain who you are in all situations.

With younger women in their teens and early twenties, they might forgive younger dudes for being "timid little boys,” provided they have other attractive qualities. After all, they might be “scared little girls” themselves…

That’s not the case with more mature women. These experienced ladies are more mature and more aware of the type of guy they want to date. They don’t have time for a nervous dude who cares too much.

So, if you want to date beautiful women who will take you for who you are, I’m going to explain why seeming not to be concerned is so attractive to them - and how you can learn to be less intimidated when you’re dating these intimidatingly beautiful women.

Why Women Like Guys That Don't Care Too Much

It all boils down to this: Women like it when you don't care too much about every little thing because you're much more relaxed.

Makes sense, right?

When you really care whether a date goes well or not:

  • you’re going to be nervous;
  • you’re going to be physically tense;
  • all your thoughts are about impressing her;
  • you’re going to be stuck in your thoughts instead of being present with her.

Also, you’re going to be too afraid to show the more unique parts of your personality in case she doesn’t like them.

Now, on the other hand, when you don’t really get emotionally attached to what this woman thinks of you, you’re going to naturally show more relaxed body language, more relaxed eye contact. You’re going to find it easier to actually enjoy the date. This is a  true characteristic of an alpha male.

You’re going to be comfortable making the same jokes you’d make around your best friends - the people who already think you’re awesome. And if she doesn’t like them? Well, who cares?

New course

Maybe she won’t like your sense of humor. But she will almost always like how fun, relaxed and unapologetically “yourself” you are.

That’s why so many people tell you to “be yourself” on a first date. This is the most common first date advice. What they mean is not to filter yourself. Be the same you that you are around the people that already adore you.

When you do this around a beautiful woman, you’re never going to run out of things to say because you’re not placing any filters on what’s “good enough” to say to her. That’s also why you never run out of things to say around your friends and family, by the way...

This woman is also going to see that you are an established alpha male who is confident in his own skin - and that is such an important thing to show an older woman.

When You Don't Care, It Creates Space for Her to Chase You

Now, if you really want this woman to like you, you’re more likely to be the one chasing her. Even if it’s only subconsciously, you’re going to be doing things with the aim of making her like you. Now, logically, that’s really nice. And she will appreciate the effort on some level.

The problem is: this behavior is too predictable for most beautiful women. She’s used to men doing all the chasing and trying to win her over.

But when you’re on this date, you’re unapologetically yourself, and you clearly don’t care whether she likes you or not, this is new and exciting for her. Now, you’re the challenge. If she’s attracted to you but you’re not giving away how you really feel about her, that’s going to hit her ego. She is going to do more to try and make you like her. She’ll work for your affection because she’s afraid of losing this rare and dominant guy who doesn’t go weak at the knees just because she’s so beautiful.

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Now, this might sound a bit manipulative. But the truth is: women want to chase a guy a little bit, especially the bad boy type. That’s a signal to us that you’re a high-value man - and we also love the thrill of the chase. It’s exciting. It’s uncertain. And it’s interesting.

When we win a guy over just minutes after meeting us, that’s too boring. It’s too predictable. And we see no excitement in winning this guy over.

How to Be a Guy Who Doesn't Care

How can you not care when this beautiful woman who you really want is right in front of you?

Well, the first thing I would recommend is to create a life that excites you whether a woman is in it or not. If you feel like you need a woman in your life to be happy, of course you’re going to have too many concerns on the date.

My second tip is to date a few women at the same time. When you have all your romantic hopes pinned onto one woman, this raises the stakes and you’re bound to be more attached to how well the date goes. We live in the era of online dating, so create yourself a good profile and see if you’re able to arrange two or three dates in a week. This will help to take the pressure off any one date in particular. You can bet that most single women are doing the same thing.

And my final tip is to concentrate on entertaining yourself only. On the next couple of dates you go on, focus on telling the jokes that make you laugh. Discuss the topics you want to talk about. Make sure that you have fun first.

Perhaps this sounds counter-intuitive, but I urge you to try it. This will help you to relax on the date, and more often than not, it will allow her to relax and have fun too. If she’s a good match for you, she’ll love the vibes you’re putting out. If she hates everything you're saying and looks like she's having an awful time, well, it goes to show that you're probably not a match.

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When you're out with a beautiful woman, make sure you have fun. This isn't selfish; in fact, it's honest. Show her the real you by not caring too much about what she thinks. Sure, she might think you're a little too casual, a little too comfortable. But that will only show her a glimpse of the REAL you, not some facade you have to put up for the sake of making her like you. And that, my friends, is the crux of why women love it when you don't care.


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