How To Be A Bad Boy That Women Will Love In The Right Way

Man being a bad boy and a woman liking it

Today I’ll talk about how to be a bad boy that women will find attractive and want to be with.

I’ll explain exactly why girls like bad boys and show you how you can develop certain attractive character traits such men embody. I’ll also put some of the more misguided myths to rest so people don’t get any wrong ideas about why girls love bad guys.

So read on to learn about one of the most fascinating topics in dating and seduction!

Why girls like bad boys so much

It’s important to understand who a “bad boy” is and why women love to be around them so much.

But first, let me make something important very clear. By answering the question “Do girls like bad guys?”

No, women do not like bad people.

Many guys make the mistake of thinking that bad boys are actually bad people and then end up being assholes to women when trying to imitate them. Which causes even more and harder rejections, exacerbating their problems further.

That’s why I want to put this common misconception to rest. Since too many guys believe bad boys get all the girls because they treat women like shit. Which is completely wrong on so many levels.

A man who treats women badly isn’t a “bad boy”. He’s just a malicious prick who the vast majority of women will want nothing to do with. And who you should never even bother trying to imitate because things won’t turn out well.

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The fundamental reason why bad boys are attractive

The actual reason why bad boys are so attractive to most women is because they can quickly and powerfully spike their emotions.

And also because they tend to embody certain attractive personality traits.

Like doing whatever the hell they want and having very strong, dominant views on things. Following their own path in life and not taking shit from anyone. Which is why they’re also often called “rebels,” incidentally.

Another reason why girls like bad boys is because they don’t give a damn about what other people think of them.

They’re also not afraid to tell things like they are and to ruffle women’s feathers. Teasing them, joking around a lot and generally being hard to read because they’re sending mixed signals. This makes women often wonder whether he actually likes them or not, which makes them doubt themselves and their attractiveness as a woman. Causing them to want to chase the bad boy even more and win his approval. Which he won’t easily give.

Such a man is anything but desperate around women. He isn’t afraid to lose the girl since he knows there are plenty of fish in the sea. And believes he’ll eventually find someone else who’s just as attractive as the last one, or even more.

These are all the things guys need to be aware of while learning how to be a bad boy. And this is just the beginning.

The ability to elicit a strong emotional response in women with your actions and words is a very powerful concept in seduction. Unfortunately, not many men can do this successfully and consistently, in a way that doesn’t push women away.

That’s because there’s a fine line between being a manipulative jerk and being a flirty tease who can drive women wild and make them chase him. A true characteristic of an alpha male.

How to be a bad boy the right way

Well, there’s no easy fix for this. Because you can’t just snap your fingers and magically change yourself and your personality.

That’s why if you want to learn how to be a bad boy, you should understand that this change will only come gradually. And only if you work on yourself.

So how do you do it?

Well, by developing the attractive personality traits above and becoming more of an alpha male.

Start by being more assertive in everything you do.

Learn to stand up for yourself when it’s necessary and when the situation calls for it. Stand up for yourself verbally, physically and mentally. Stand up for your time as well as your beliefs. Learn to say “No” and to let go of toxic people in your life.

Become more challenging when you’re around women. Stop being afraid of them and putting them on a pedestal. Realize that all women are regular people, just like you and me, with their own individual personalities. With their own likes, dislikes, wants, needs, desires and fears.

If you’ve ever tried to learn how to flirt, then you’ve surely heard about the “Push/Pull” technique.

Well, stop thinking of it as a “technique you must occasionally use to create attraction” and think of it more as a lifestyle.

When you’re naturally challenging, certain moments when you “push” women away goes right to the center of their self-image. This agitates them and makes them feel various strong emotions, which is exactly what bad boys do. Just don’t forget to pull them in later with a tender and sweet gesture, or you’ll drive them away completely.

Learn to tease women playfully and amuse yourself while doing so without being mean. All these things create strong emotions when you’re around women.

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More tips on becoming a bad boy

Another thing guys should work on if they want to become like bad boys is to take rejection like a man. Instead of throwing hissy-fits when things don’t go their way.

Rejection is a natural part of life and is necessary for people to learn about their mistakes and accept their shortcomings so they can improve.

It’s also important to become comfortable with your own sexuality. And stop being ashamed of it or to show women you’re a sexual person.

A bad boy doesn't give a fuck and isn’t afraid to let women know he wants them sexually. Unlike many men who are terrified of women finding out this “terrible secret.”

Don’t worry, women who you’re interested in already know you want to have sex with them. And they’re perfectly fine with it if you are.

It’s only when guys start feeling uncomfortable around women that women start feeling this discomfort themselves. Remember, feelings and emotions are contagious. So relax, be chill and learn how to be comfortable in your own skin. Then talk about sex like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Another important thing to focus on is your physicality when around women. Bad boys aren’t afraid to be physical with girls because they inherently understand sexual attraction requires touch. They’re also pretty aggressive and dominant in their behavior, which women see and later fantasize about.

Because truth is, the majority of women prefer a dominant sexual partner in bed over a hesitant one.

This is something many meek and timid guys don’t understand when they ask questions like “Why do girls like bad guys so much?”

But even becoming a more dominant and assertive person can be learned, just like anything else. All it takes is practice and experience, and the will to decide to change and develop yourself.

Giving off a dangerous vibe

It’s also pretty well known that women like bad boys because they give off a dangerous vibe.

We aren’t talking about an aggressive vibe and certainly not dangerous towards women. No, the kind of dangerous vibe I’m talking here is very different. It has to do with men having the ability to take care of themselves, but only when absolutely necessary.

Women want to know a man can leap to defend them when and if “shit hits the fan.” Women like men who can stand up for themselves physically and aren’t afraid to back away from a fight.

Of course, you don’t need to go looking for fights to prove something to women. This has to be shown in your demeanor and the vibe you give off.

It’s a pretty nebulous subject and a bit difficult to explain, but it’s at the core of being masculine and what girls want from men.

This is particularly true for older women because they have a lot of life experience under their belts. They quickly see through any bullshit veneer and get a good sense of who men are at their core. By noticing their actions, attitude, behavior, etc.

It’s something you should know if you want to meet older women and date them. It’s much more difficult to fake who you are when you’re with older women.

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Why women often sleep with bad boys

Finally, to understand exactly why women want to sleep with bad boys, there’s something you should know.

When women become attracted to certain men on a gut-instinct level, it actually causes anxiety. Their heart starts racing, muscles tense up, pupils dilate and they begin to sweat a little. While often feeling lightheaded and “weird,” accompanied by the queasy “butterflies in stomach” feeling.

The same thing usually happens when women experience fear, worry and similar negative states.

You see, when a man affects a woman strongly on an emotional level, there is a sort of uncomfortable feeling. A discomfort which women will naturally want to alleviate by any means necessary. Either by laughing to ease the tension or by “shit-testing” men to try and put them down and defuse the situation. But mostly to see if they’re really who they claim they are and if they’ll crumble under the pressure. So keep this in mind when figuring out how to be a bad boy who spikes women’s emotions.

If you both start joking around, the pressure will be gone and there won’t be any more sexual tension. But if you stay serious and don’t fail the eventual “shit-tests,” sex usually follows because it’ll give her all the validation she craves from you.

Basically, bad boys make women anxious but in a good way. That’s why they get tested a lot more than other men. To see if they’re really like that or if they’re faking it.

When they eventually pass these tests, women feel much more comfortable around them. They know they’re not pretending to be someone they’re not and are being authentic.

The natural step after that is having sex because all of the above is incredibly attractive. And sex completely removes the built-up anxiousness and tension.

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Now that you know how to be a bad boy, you should start working on developing the attractive personality traits shown above.

There’s no time like the present because it takes a while to change your personality and become more manly. Girls love bad guys because they make them feel all tingly inside by driving them wild. And you can do that too eventually, if you have the courage to start improving yourself.


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