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The Best Birthday Gifts for Older Women

The Best Birthday Gifts For Older Women - Main

Choosing birthday gifts for older women Gift buying can be frustrating in the best of circumstances. If you are a younger man in a relationship with a woman who is older than you, buying birthday gifts for older women can really be perplexing. Now is the time to put your imagination to work and get her something that:

1) She doesn't already have

2) A gift that is going to knock her socks off!

One thing you don't want to do is give her a gift card no matter how much it is worth. Get her a real gift that shows her you care enough to put a lot of time, effort and thought into selecting something just for her. Unless you already have a few great ideas Each chapter is written by someone who has genuine knowledge of the subject he or she is writing about. As far as birthday gifts for older women goes, this is a winner.

The Best Birthday Gifts for Older Women

Your gift has to be spectacular! Finding an older woman who wants to date a younger man might not be easy. So if you manage to date one, you should show your appreciation.

I put together a list of 5 birthday gifts for older women that I think she will love or even get a good laugh about it! Either way-she will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you won't break the bank on any one of them! Birthday gifts for older women do not have to be super expensive to be appreciated.

Birthday Gifts for Older Women in Their 30s

“30 Things to Do When You Turn 30” is a book written by Chris Taylor that is very insightful and full of advice, tips and know-how. It is filled with top-notch chapters that give advice on living your dreams, pursuing your passions, exploring your sexuality, giving back to the world and much more. be an instant hit!

Birthday gifts for older women don't have to be serious-give her a good laugh while you are at it. (Save the serious stuff for later.) I should also mention that this is a very inexpensive gift to give so you might want to give a little something else along with it.

Wine! Oh yes-wine is always a great gift, and something you can enjoy together. How about Lightwell Surrey "The Weird Ones Are Wolves" ($29.99) or “Juenesse California Pink Moscato” that according to the reviews rates 5 stars out of 5!

You can't go wrong if you include a bottle of fine wine that you can share over a candlelit, romantic dinner for two. If you suspect she doesn't drink, you will surprise her with non-alcoholic wine! This gift ranks near the top of the list of birthday gifts for older women because wine, music and romance go together no matter what age either one of you are.

Jewelry always goes over big as birthday gifts for older women and you can't go wrong if you know which way her tastes lean. “Alex and Ani” bracelets are all the rage right now and you can get one in a price range from $28 and up. Most women I have seen wear upwards of 6 bracelets at a time, each one having a charm that signifies something special to her.

There is a charm for just about everything and anything you could possibly imagine. From “True Love,” Love You to the Moon and Back,” or anything that holds a special interest to her-it is generally available in one of these bracelets, and would be wonderful birthday gifts for older women. Is she a professional woman? If so, there are charms available in every profession, sport, causes and more.

Spa kits, body washes and lotions are other things to consider when buying birthday gifts for older women, especially if she has kids and has no me-time. There are even some that are quite funny and practical at the same time when looking for birthday gifts for older women. For example “The Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets” make one that is called “Over the Hill”and contains all sorts of goodies like chocolate, gourmet snacks, treats and other favorite tasty items.

The gift bag itself is actually designed to look like a tombstone and will generate a good laugh. Guaranteed she will love it if she has a good sense of humor! See? Birthday gifts for older women can be hilarious if you think about it!

Birthday Gifts for Older Women in Their 40s

Jen Downey Designs makes a beautiful bracelet that is sure to please her. With the words 'Wisdom, Joy, Friendship' integrated into the design this bracelet is both elegant and classy but is also something that can be worn every day. Described as a 40th birthday wishes gift bracelet and beautifully boxed with an elegant gift card this may be just what you had in mind when searching for birthday gifts for older women. Keep in mind that buying her thoughtless or cheap gifts is one of the biggest mistakes men make when dating older women.

You can feel good about giving her a gift like this because you just know she will love it and her friends will be green with envy. Go ahead-look it up! Check out the number of stars in the ratings and you will have to agree with me.

I have to be honest here-all women- no matter how old they may be love a gift of perfume. I don't mean any old over-the-counter drugstore scent when you are shopping for birthday gifts for older women, but one that exudes class and sophistication. One, in particular, is a newer scent that is receiving rave reviews from everyone who has tried it. It is called 'Lady Million' by Paco Rabanne and will cost you around $60.

According to the reviews, I read it is “sexy, spicy, feminine and mysterious.” Doesn't get any better than that! Now, if you have deeper pockets and want to go for something better known try Lancome's 'La Vie Est Belle L\Eau de Parfum. For a little over $100 you will get 3.4oz. of a 'sexy scent' that will literally last the whole day. Also great reviews here, so the choice is up to you. Either one make wonderful birthday gifts for older women. Knowing her signature scent is sure to score you points when you're dating an older woman.

Okay..back to the gag gifts..just for fun! Get her a tiara to wear out on her special day! Yes, I said tiara! She will feel like a princess (or even a queen) for the time she is out. They are available in various styles and colors and are embellished with rhinestones to make her feel super special. Strictly a gag gift, of course so be sure to include something special to go along with it-like a party with all her friends.

Birthday gifts for older women don't always have to be something expensive or over the top! Depending on how serious your relationship is or how long you have known each other can help determine just what kind of gift to buy. Have fun with it..and she'll love your playfulness.

Women love to pamper themselves, so why not get her a 'Spa in a Basket' when you are shopping for ideas for birthday gifts for older women. For around $40 the basket will come full of bubble bath, scented lotions, body wash and perfumed body spray, washing mitt and a scented candle. Different scents are available, but one of the most popular is Vanilla by Essence of Luxury.

Dropping the hint that vanilla is one of your favorite scents just may get you an invitation to join her some romantic evening! Pair that up with a glass or two of wine, soft lighting (this is where the candle comes in by the way) and the two of you- her birthday is a sure fire hit. Our birthday gifts for older women ideas just keep getting better, don't you think?

Sexy lingerie is always a great gift, especially if you know her quite well and have a long-standing relationship. Birthday gifts for older women don't have to be sensible-far from it! As a younger man you know how much you appreciate seeing her in something totally sheer, flimsy and flirty.

You can choose from lacy baby doll outfits, stockings and garters, ahem..crotch-less panties, sultry, playful costumes for your bedroom games, and tons more of outfits guaranteed to set your sex life on fire..and she will absolutely love the fact that you think she is so sexy you can't wait to see her in your gift!

So get your game on and take a look at all the choices you have that will make your love life sizzling hot. Sexy birthday gifts for older women really rock!

Birthday Gifts for Older Women in Their 50s

If you've never dated a woman in her 50s, you might just be surprised. They're full of life, wisdom and an understated sexiness that no other women have. So if you need a reason to start dating older women, keep that in mind.

How about beautiful earrings? As far as jewelry goes, women love earrings, and just about all of them wear them daily. Whether you choose gold, silver, or a design specifically suited to her taste, you can't go wrong giving her designer ear jewelry.

Be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money if you are going to go this route and you want to give her something classy-do not hand her a cardboard box with a pair of earrings you got at your local retail store! Birthday gifts for older women require a lot of thought and ingenuity and choosing earrings is almost an art form. You can spend up to $500 (if you can afford it) or as little as $150-$200 for something that she will be proud to wear.

How do you know what to get? Pay attention to what she wears now and get your clues from there. Be observant-women tend to be very picky about what they wear that can be seen by everyone around them! Tacky, cheap earrings as birthday gifts for older women will just not do!

Again, I am going to suggest here that birthday gifts for older women, especially a woman in her 50's should never be anything that alludes to her age. Far from it! She wants to feel young and attractive and is undoubtedly keeping herself in fantastic shape, so for her I am again revisiting the idea of something sexy and alluring for her to wear in the bedroom.

Birthday gifts for older women in this category do not have to be cheap and tacky looking, and thongs or other types of sleazy underwear are not what I have in mind. There are gorgeous and sexy lingerie outfits available for every woman-every age. Don't give her something that will be less than flattering, and don't get her something a 20 year old would wear.

Be tasteful and keep in mind that you never, never want to present her with flannel pajamas or a fuzzy robe! I did say birthday gifts for older women..not old women!You may just find yourself out the door. So, go sexy and alluring and you can't go wrong.

Is your special lady into outdoor activities or sports? Maybe she loves to play tennis, for example. Birthday gifts for older women don't always have to be something sexy, you know! How about a new tennis racquet? You can get one for a really reasonable price, (starting at about $35 and up) and this would make a great gift for her.

Add to it a new tennis bag, shoes, and other accessories and you will be golden in her eyes. Factor in the fact in that the two of you can spend time together playing the game..and if you don't play she can teach you all you need to know-on the court and off!

Oh yeah..new tennis equipment will be a great gift if she plays the game, and if another sport is what she is into you can always find equipment related to what she likes to do.

Music, music, music! Everyone loves music and everyone has their favorite artists and songs, right? So, as far as birthday gifts for older women goes why not gift her with an MP3 player that you have loaded with all her favorite tunes?

Buy the MP3 player, take it home and start filling it up-for her. Select music that you know for a fact she loves to listen to. Music she probably listened to when she was growing up is sure to be a hit with her! That was the really great stuff that you don't hear to often now and she is sure to love it.

Songs that made it to the top of the charts through the years, music that may have a special meaning to her, and include some of the best love songs ever recorded just to let her know that music is in your soul as well as hers and your choice of birthday gifts for older women was made especially with her in mind.

Is she a specialty coffee lover? Does she like to have her cappuccino or latte' every day? If so, another great on the list of birthday gifts for older women is her own cappuccino or frother machine. Look at the money and time savers either one of these would be!

Over the course of a year she would actually save hundreds of dollars because this stuff is expensive-very expensive, especially if someone has to have it on a daily basis! Another plus is that you may not live in an area that has a Starbucks or other elite coffee shop and she can only get it if she travels to where there is one located.

Believe me when I say the “latte's” served in places like McDonalds are a joke..they are kidding, right? This actually a lol moment.

Well, there you have it...suggested birthday gifts for older women that you may (or may not) think are appropriate for you, the younger man, to give to your older girlfriend. All of these gifts can be found at Amazon.com. You should go there...now!

If there's one important tip about dating older women you should take from this article, it's this: older women may be amazing to date, but you need to show her how much you appreciate her. Aside from being the best boyfriend you can be, it also doesn't hurt to get her something nice for her birthday.

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