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Cougar Passions Review for 2024 - Is CougarPassions.com A Scam?

Screenshots from our review of Cougar Passions

In this week's Cougar Passions review we will be looking into CougarPassions.com. This is another cougar dating site that has been around for a while but has never had a good reputation. As you can see from our Top Cougar Dating Sites list you won't be seeing Cougar Passions this year or any previous year.

Finding a legitimate cougar dating site is no easy task. There are hundreds of fake sites out there that want to waste your time and take your money. Fortunately, we are very good at spotting the fakes and compiling a list of the best sites in our Top Cougar Dating Sites.

Sadly Cougar Passions didn't make the cut this year. As you will see in our review below they are very likely a site with no attractive female users that is only there to redirect you to other sites. Without further delay here is our review of CougarPassions.com

Cougar Passions Review

Is CougarPassions.com A Scam?

Cougar Passions Warning Sign #1 - The homepage is from the 90's

Cougar Passions homepageOne quick look at the homepage of Cougar Passions and you will be transported back to the 90's. This site design is ANCIENT! It looks like someone designed this site with an AOL dialup connection and has not touched it since.

This is a giant red flag. Any site with a strong customer base of real women is going to look good. If a site is making any money they are going to make sure it looks good to new customers. That is not the case here.

Clearly whoever is running CougarPassions.com put the site on standby mode a decade ago.

Cougar Life and AFF can actually help you find some "Cougar Passion"

At this point in our Cougar Passion review, we are going to cut you a break. You don't want to be using this site but you should check out either Cougar Life or AFF (they are actually legit).

Everyone has different reasons for being interested in meeting a cougar but it usually comes down to two different goals:

Finding a cougar for a relationship (go with Cougar Life) - Cougar Life has been the biggest and best site completely focused on helping men and cougars meet for several years now. They have millions of members and is the best spot for guys looking for more than a quick fling to meet older women in our experience.

Find a cougar for sex (go with AFF) - If you just want something casual with cougars without all the attachments AFF is by far the best option out there. Cougars don't use Tinder so that option is out. Instead, they use AFF, since it has been around since 2006 and does a really good job of helping them compete with younger women.

You can check them both out with the links above that will allow you to sign up for free and see the cougars available in your area.

Cougar Passions Warning Sign #2 - TONS of ads

Cougarpassions.com Homepage Adds

Even before you have a chance to register on the CougarPassions.com homepage you are bombarded by ads. There are so many ads on the homepage that you can barely tell what is going on.

Not only are there ads, but the ads on Cougar Passions are for other dating sites. It is always a huge concern when the cougar dating site you are looking at is trying to send you somewhere else.

Legitimate sites want to keep you on their site! If they are constantly trying to send you away it is because their site doesn't provide a lot of value. If they don't even believe in their site why should you?

Cougar Passions Warning Sign #3 - Even more ads!

Cougarpassions.com more addsOnce you actually get into Cougar Passions it gets even worse! There are DOZENS of ads on every single page in the site. CougarPassions.com is quite literally an online billboard

The space given to advertising far exceeds the space for the actual dating site functionality. The ads are also designed to look a bit like the website so it is very easy to accidentally click on the ads as you navigate through the site. This is a horrible sign! Not only are there ads but they try to trick you into clicking on them!

Cougar Passions Warning Sign #4 - A tiny customer base of women

No users!This is the real killer. When it comes to online dating you can forgive a lot if the site has a good number of attractive older women. In this case, CougarPassions.com doesn't even have that going for them.

When I searched in a 5,000 mile radius around the USA I came up with a total of 2,525 profiles. That basically means that over the course of it's 10+ years of existence CougarPassions.com has only had 2,525 women SIGN UP! With less then 250 women signing up per year around the world you can imagine how few, if any, are still around.

This is the real deathblow. There really isn't anything more to say about a cougar dating site that doesn't have any cougars.

Cougar Passions Review Conclusion

This site is functioning as nothing more then a billboard these days. You are very unlikely to find any attractive older women on this site and you certainly won't find this site on our Top Cougar Dating Sites list. Unless you are interested in looking at a ton of ads for other dating sites you should avoid this site completely.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cougar Passions

Got more questions about Cougar Passions? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you out.

What is CougarPassions.com?

CougarPassions.com is a low-quality dating site that claims to help single men meet older women.

Who actually owns Cougar Passions?

Cougar Passions is owned by Passions Network, Inc., which also owns a network of sites.

How can I contact CougarPassions?

You may contact Cougar Passions through their contact form.

Is CougarPassions.com real?

Yes, CougarPassions.com is a real site that you can use and create an account on. However, as mentioned above, it's a terrible site that's a waste of time.

Is Cougar Passions legit?

Based on our experience, we don't think Cougar Passions is a legit dating site.

Is CougarPassions a scam or fake?

While perhaps not outright a scam, CougarPassions is an incredibly questionable site that's practically inactive. It's also full of terrible ads that will trick you into thinking they're photos of users.

Is CougarPassions.com safe?

No, we don't think CougarPassions.com is a safe site to use.

What are Cougar Passions alternatives?

We've tried out over a hundred sites, many of which are much better than Cougar Passions. So check out our list of the best dating apps and sites for finding hookups.

How does CougarPassions work?

Once you create a CougarPassions, you'll need to complete your profile and wait a full day before messaging anyone on the site.

Is there a CougarPassions.com app?

CougarPassions.com does not have an app.

How much does Cougar Passions cost?

Cougar Passions is completely free.

How can you use CougarPassions for free?

To use CougarPassions for free, you'll need to create an account and complete your profile. Then you can send messages to any users you fancy.

Can you send messages for free on CougarPassions.com?

Yes, but you can only do so one full day after you have activated your CougarPassions.com

How do you cancel your Cougar Passions account?

  • Click on the three lines in the upper-right part of the Cougar Passions landing page.
  • Click on "Account"
  • Scroll down to "Account Management" and click "Delete Account"
  • The site will then give you instructions on how to delete your account using the verification email they sent

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