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Xpress Cougar Club Review for 2024 - Fake or Legit?

As you will see in this Xpress Cougar Club review the Xpress Cougar Club advertises itself as "free". I have seen it listed on other websites that provide dating site reviews and I won't go into how sketchy I have found those review sites to be but I will take the time to provide an in-depth review of Xpress.com.

Basically Xpress Cougar Club is one of the lowest-rated sites in our Best Cougar Dating Site Review which is quite a feat considering how many scam sites are out there!

The best hookup apps in case Xpress Cougar Club doesn’t work out

Got a bad feeling about this app? So many new hookup apps and sites are popping up that it’s hard to tell which ones are any good. If you want a surefire hookup app that’s full of active users that are looking for a good time, here are your top options:

In this free cougar dating website review, we will examine Xpress Cougar Club using the same standards that we outline in our review mentioned above. The same standards should apply to both free and paid dating websites.

Using these standards we will compare Xpress Cougar Club to it's proven peers and identify any areas that may point toward the site being a waste of time.

Whenever I see low-brow review websites making outrageous claims about particular sites I get suspicious. If a site looks untrustworthy and is making claims that are too good to be true the almost certainly are.

As you will see below, in this case, I believe my suspicions were justified. Without further delay, the review you have been waiting for.

Xpress Cougar Club Review

Xpress Cougar Club Review Warning Sign #1 - Tons of Fake Profiles

Google Image Search has become my favorite tool when evaluating if the members on a site are real. Using this tool I can quickly search the entirety of the internet to see if a profile has been used elsewhere. With sites like Xpress Cougar Club you get interesting results.

Free cougar dating websites search results

This is not what you want to see

With a legitimate profile from free cougar dating websites you might expect to get a Facebook profile, blog post, or Twitter account. For a fake account you typically get dozens or hundreds of results.

In the case of Xpress Cougar Club we typically found that the images used on profiles, especially of the more attractive women, were on dozens or hundreds of other websites. Either this site is composed of women on 30+ dating sites or these profiles are fake.

This site is way below AFF and Cougar Life

We think meeting women online is an essential part of any guys dating life. Since it is so important using a quality dating site is vital.  Xpress Cougar Club is not a quality site.

When it comes to meeting cougars online there are two sites that stand apart, depending on what you are looking for:

If you want to find a relationship with a cougar - Cougar Life is the easy choice

If you just want sex with a cougar - AFF is your best option

Both sites have a ton of users and do a great job of connecting guys with cougars. Cougar Life is a little more focused on traditional dating between older women and guys (both younger and older) while AFF is completely focused on hookups or other no-strings-attached relationships.

They also both have free trials so you can use any of the links above to try them out for free. Check them both out and see which one works best for you.

Warning Sign #2 - Profiles Contain Pictures of Different Women

Free Cougar Dating Websites Review profile discrepency for xpress.com

Do these look like the same woman?

One of the biggest warning signs you can find that the profiles are fake is profile inconsistency. With Xpress Cougar Club we are consistently finding multiple profiles with pictures of different women in them. I don't know why the hired to put up all these fake profiles but they are a little sloppy when it comes to free cougar dating websites.

I found several profiles where the women were so completely different that it was comical. Not only does Xpress.com appear to be full of fakes, they don't even put in the effort to make them good fakes! Nothing screams "there are no women on this site" than fake female profiles.

Warning Sign #3 - My Blank Profile Was "Viewed" Eight Times While I Signed Up

In the two minutes it took me to complete my registration my profile on Xpress Cougar Club it showed that it was viewed by eight different women. This is an obvious lie. My profile was completely blank yet eight "real" women viewed it as soon as it loaded?

Free Cougar Dating Websites Review fake "viewed me" for xpress.com

These women do not exactly strike me as waiting eagerly for Xpress Cougar Club new members to register. More interestingly, the members who "viewed" my changed every time I checked it. The numbers remained consistent but the profiles kept rotating. HUGE RED FLAG.

Warning Sign #4 - Live Cams

This is a regular indicator that you are dealing with a sketchy website. If free cougar dating website actively advertises "live cams" they are almost always dubious. Legitimate websites are seeking to match up men and women with other members, not get them to pay for adult content.

I would stop the review right here but there is one more huge warning sign to cover.

Warning Sign #5 - This Is Not A Free Cougar Dating Website

Free Cougar Dating Websites Review upgrade screen for Xpress.com

For a site that advertises itself as 100% free they sure do ask you to pay for a lot of things. While you can technically log in and look at SOME of the profiles you can't do a lot. You will constantly be asked to upgrade to a paid membership to do anything worthwhile. EVEN THE FORUMS ARE PAID.

Their ridiculous promise that if you PAY THEM you are 100% guaranteed to hookup is laughable. As we discussed in the opening paragraphs of this review, if it sounds too good to be true it almost certainly is. Sadly Xpress Cougar Club comes off as an extremely shady even among the sketchy group that are the free cougar dating websites.

Warning Sign #6 - Completely fake user counts

If you look on the homepage of the website you will see a big ticker that is counting the tens of millions of users that Xpress has. Based on our review of Xpress this is totally fake.

We looked at the the incoming traffic from Google and it shows that they are only getting around ten thousand new incoming visitors a month. If that is the case it is impossible that they are anywhere near the user counts they are claiming.

If you look at the ticker it is going up by 2-3 new users per second which would mean they are getting over 80,000 new users a day! How is that possible when they are only getting around ten thousand users coming in through Google search, the most popular method???

If it sounds too good to be true it is likely because it is.

Warning Sign #7 - Social media hasn't been updated in months or years

Looking at the various social media accounts that Xpress has you will see that they have not been updated in months or years. This is a pretty big red flag that nobody is at the help of the company.

Any site that is alive and well is going to be regularly interacting with their customers on social media. If a company stops doing this it is likely because the no longer really care about keeping existing customers happy or brining in new customers.

Xpress Cougar Club Review = Waste Of Time!

Frequently Asked Questions about Xpress Cougar Club

If you're still curious about whether or not Xpress Cougar Club is a worthwhile site, take a look at these FAQs.

What is Xpress Cougar Club?

Xpress Cougar Club is one of the sites under Xpress.com, which is a network of dating sites. But in our experience, it's an extremely low-quality site that's not worth visiting.

Who actually owns Xpress Cougar Club?

Xpress.com is owned and operated by Quad Strategy Ltd.

How can I contact Xpress Cougar Club?

You may send Xpress Cougar Club via their contact form.

Is Xpress Cougar Club real?

Xpress Cougar Club is indeed a real site. But it's not a worthwhile site if you want to find dates.

Is Xpress Cougar Club legit?

We don't think Xpress Cougar Club is a legit site because of the many inconsistencies in our experience.

Is Xpress Cougar Club a scam or fake?

We won't go as far as to say that Xpress Cougar Club is a scam. But we strongly advise you not to use this site.

Is Xpress Cougar Club safe?

We don't think Xpress Cougar Club is safe at all.

What are Xpress Cougar Club alternatives?

We've thoroughly reviewed over 100 dating site these past couple of years. If you're curious about using Xpress Cougar Club, we think you're better off checking out our list of the best dating apps and sites for finding hookups.

How does Xpress Cougar Club work?

When you log into Xpress Cougar Club, you can view a variety of profiles and receive messages. However, these profiles and messages are highly questionable.

Is there an Xpress Cougar Club app?

Xpress Cougar Club doesn't have an app.

How much does Xpress Cougar Club cost?

Xpress Cougar Club doesn't seem to have a paid membership. However, you're required to give Xpress Cougar Club your credit card to even do anything on the site.

You can also trade in gift cards from brands like Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, The Home Depot and more. You can even use your checking account. We suggest you don't.

How can you use Xpress Cougar Club for free?

You can view profiles and receive messages if you only have an Xpress Cougar Club account.

Can you send messages for free on Xpress Cougar Club?

No. You can't do anything on the site unless you give Xpress Cougar Club your credit card info.

How do you cancel your Xpress Cougar Club account?

Looks like Xpress Cougar Club makes it impossible to try and delete your account. So we suggest never creating an account on this site in the first place.

Check out our Best Cougar Dating Site Review to find legitimate sites!

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