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Cougar911 Review for 2024 - Is Cougar911.com Legit or Fake?

Screenshots from our time reviewing Cougar 911

In this review of Cougar911, we will dig deep and see if Cougar911.com is a legitimate site or fake and to be avoided. After reviewing a lot of cougar sites in our Best Cougar Dating Sites Review you can get a little jaded with what you find. There are so many cougar sites out there that try very hard to hide the fact that almost all of their profiles are fake. Cougar911.com has all of the fake profiles that you would expect from a site you want to avoid. However, Cougar911 is surprisingly upfront with the fact that what you see is not what you get. At the bottom of the main page they are kind enough to give you this warning:

Cougar911 warning

Such impressive honesty! If only Cougar911.com's competitors would be so upfront with their business practices. Sadly that is not the case and cougar site reviews such as this are necessary.

Unfortunately for Cougar911.com honestly does not equal quality. Once more we have found another site that exists solely to separate young men from their hard-earned cash. You will not be seeing Cougar911 anywhere near the top of our Best Cougar Dating Sites Review.

I would love to be able to tell you that Cougar911 site is worth a look compared to other cougar sites. Unfortunately, as you will see,  that just is not the case.

Cougar911 Review - Is Cougar911.com Legit?

Cougar Sites Review - Cougar911.com main pageWhen you first land on the Cougar911.com homepage the design is actually much better than average. It certainly isn't at eHarmony levels but it works. The site doesn't appear to have been designed in the 90's and you are not immediately drowned in a sea of scantily clad women.

There is a huge red flag with their upfront admission that "persons appearing in photographs may not be actual members. Other data is for illustrative purposes only." but I press onward. After a very quick profile setup I am ready to meet some attractive older women. Or so I thought.

Once I am in the site all of my hopes come crashing down. Despite their admirable honesty and decent site design we are again the the bowels of the internet. They are less upfront with their shenanigans than other sites but there are several warning signs that this site is a waste of time.

Cougar Life and AFF can actually help you

There are a lot of bad, low-quality sites out there that you need to avoid if you want to find any results. *Spoiler* Cougar 911 is one of the bad ones.

For actual results there are two main sites that we have seen the most success with:

Cougar Life - If you are interested in meeting a cougar and actually turning things into a real relationship Cougar Life tends to be the best option. They have been the premier name in cougar dating for a while now and all the women on their site are interested in older and younger guys. Check out their free trial and see the women in your area.

AFF - If you are just interested in something shorter-term and more sexual in nature AFF is where you should go first. They have the largest number of users of any hookup app and by far the most cougars. Tinder is great if you like 20 year-olds but it has almost zero cougars (they are all on AFF).

You can try both of the sites above for free by clicking on the links. That way you can do your own review before making any kind of serious commitment. They have been our favorites so we think you will have a great time as well.

Warning Sign #1 - Fake Profiles

There are a lot of profiles of men on this site that I 100% believe are legitimate. The profiles of 90% or more of the women are extremely suspicious. After posting their fake profile disclaimer Cougar911 didn't waste any time in loading up their site with the Facebook photos of as many hot older women as they could find. The female profiles on this site are so much more attractive than the men that it can't possibly be legitimate.

Warning Sign #2 - Fountain of Youth

If you scan through the photos on this site you would think you are on a dating site that caters to women in their 20's. The majority of the women claim to have been born in the 70's or 60's but clearly are in their 20's. How is this possible? Time Travel? Fountain of youth? Scam? I think the last option is most likely given what we know of other cougar sites.

Warning Sign #3 - "Verified" Profiles

Cougar911.com takes their deception a step further and provides "verified" profiles. They are profiles that allegedly have been verified by actual members. It is bold of them to think we would actually trust that but it's a good try. Unfortunately, they only take the time to "verify" profiles that are most obviously fake. The few profiles on the site of women that actually appear legitimate are ignored.

Warning Sign #4 - "Homemade" Videos Section

This is where the site goes straight NC-17 and I wrapped up my review. Abandoning all attempts at appearing to be a legitimate dating site Cougar911.com has a videos section where members can post "homemade" videos. I won't go into detail with what is included but you get the idea.

Is Cougar911 among the top cougar sites?


There were far to many warning signs to overlook on this obviously as shady as many other cougar sites. Do yourself a favor and investigate our  Best Online Cougar Dating Site Review. Every site in the top list are 100% legitimate and will give you your best chance of finding cougars.

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