12 Spots and Bars To Find Single Cougars In Colorado Springs For 2021

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Home of the famous Garden of the Gods nature park, Colorado Springs is also a beautiful, lush cougar garden. It’s blessed not only with amazing red sandstone formations but gorgeous older ladies, too. If you’re looking for cougars in Colorado Springs, we know just the right places and cougars bars for you!

Now, if you’ve tried finding the local cougars on your own, you know how hard it can be. Chances are, when you didn’t know where to go, you ended up in the “touristy” places with no local ladies in sight. But that’s why we’re here! We’ll help you go around our turf to meet lovely Colorado Springs cougars.

From organic stores like Whole Foods to yoga studios, our city has cougars who care about maintaining their sexy bodies. Just a quick drive through one or two city neighborhoods, and you’ll see cougars prowling around our town. You can also check our local shopping malls like the Promenade Shops at Briargate for some cougar sightseeing. These places will give you a taste of the cougar scene in Colorado Springs.

But to help you get strategic with your hunt, we have compiled our favorite cougar go-to locations. Below is our list of top spots and Colorado Springs cougar bars. Check these places out and have fun meeting the older ladies!

Best cougar bar in Colorado Springs for guys

Do you have time for just one spot this evening? Make it this one:

Find yourself falling for a more mature woman at The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole crowd on a usual night


Walk into the Rabbit Hole and you might never want to crawl out. This subterranean Colorado Springs cougar bar serves up some seriously crafty dishes that you can pair with delicious drinks. Take your pick from their craft cocktails, beers and wines. The ladies love this place because it's like a secret hideaway where they can meet fellow singles.

This sleek restaurant opens at 4 p.m. and closes late at 1:30 a.m. So if you're looking for a new haunt where you can get great grub, fantastic drinks and the attention of some mature ladies, The Rabbit Hole is for you.

Where to meet older women in Colorado Springs online

Older women now prefer to meet men online since it's so much easier. Here are the sites we recommend.

Adult FriendFinder is the Colorado Springs cougar dating site if you want to get laid (try it free)

Homepage for Adult FriendFinder

Of all the apps out there, nothing makes their intentions as clear as Adult FriendFinder. This site has a singular purpose--to match people up for sex. Other sites aren’t as clear-cut. In fact, other sites pose as sites for finding a casual partner, but they still kind of hope to find romance. That’s not the case for Adult FriendFinder.

Okay, so we’re clear that you’ll definitely get laid here. But what if you only want to meet cougars? The great thing about AFF is that their userbase is a little on the older side. Sure, you’ll also meet a handful of 20-somethings here, but most of the women on the site are in their 30s and 40s.

This is our most successful option to meet cougars to take home around the city with ease!

Adult FriendFinder has been around since 2006. Throughout all that time, they’ve connected people from all over Colorado Springs for one-night encounters that they’ll never forget. And the best part is that you don’t even have to be extremely hot to find a match. After all, do you think a site like this would last this long if it only works for good-looking people? We don’t think so.

Try out Adult FriendFinder and meet a cougar in Colorado Springs who wants the same thing you do.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
If you actually want to meet single cougars who are more interested in fun in the bedroom than a long-term relationship you need to check out Adult FriendFinder's free trial with this link. We've spent many months testing out 100+ different sites and apps to meet cougars and AFF has consistently been the easiest way for most men.


Cougar Life is the best spot to meet Colorado Springs cougars for relationships (try it free)

Homepage for Cougar LifeWhen it comes to meeting a lot of cougars quickly, especially those interested in dating younger guys, there isn't a better option than Cougar Life (which just so happens to have a free trial). Older women are often just too busy to spend a lot of time in bars and clubs so many of them have been looking online to meet guys. In fact, a lot of them are ONLY looking online these days.

If you're not spending at least a little time on Cougar Life you're going to miss out on a lot of opportunities!

There are a lot of dating sites and apps out there (and we've tried just about all of them in our cougar dating site review) but none of them really deliver as well as Cougar Life does. There are a few reasons why we think it works so well:

Cougars in Colorado Springs love how easy it is to use

There are more popular apps and sites out there but they just don't have the cougars. Cougar Life has over 7 million active members and EVERY SINGLE WOMAN on this site is a cougar. There is no reason for a non-cougar to even consider signing up!

Instead of scrolling through hundreds of profiles hoping to find an attractive single cougar, especially one interested in dating both younger and older guys, they are all right here. It saves so much time and frustration!

These cougars actually want to meet up

If you've spent any time on other apps you know that a lot of the women that use them are really just looking for attention. They don't want to really meet a guy in person but they're happy to collect compliments and stroke their ego.

When you use a more specific option like Cougar Life you avoid a LOT of those time-wasting women. You only use a site like this if you're serious about meeting guys and not just leading people one.

It makes a huge difference in the response rate from your messages and the number of dates you can actually setup.

A really good mix older women who want short and long-term

Cougar Life does a great job of attracting women interested in both short-term fun and a real relationship. The other top sites out there can be great but tend to attract a very specific type of woman.

If you haven't tried it out yet give Cougar Life's free trial a shot. You have nothing to lose and you can't expect to get new results without changing up your approach. Guys who really want to find a cougar aren't going to be able to do better elsewhere (in our experience).

Top Colorado Springs cougar bars you have to try

So many bars, so little time! Let us help you narrow down your options.

The best downtown bars to find cougars in Colorado Springs

These downtown bars are always full of beautiful older women. Check them out and you might get lucky.

PEAK 31 @ Union Station is a great place to listen to live local music

A drummer during a live performance at Peak31 at Union Station


Peak 31 at Union Station is a fantastic spot to go to. This is the perfect Colorado Springs cougar bar to meet single women seeking in Colorado Springs. Peak 31 always hosts live local bands and musicians. The music is always great and it really livens up the atmosphere of the bar. The women who come here are usually regulars, but you’ll also spot a few unique faces in the crowd.

The bar’s overall vibe is fun and drama-free. Everyone who comes to Peak 31 is ready to flirt, mingle and have a good time. So if you’ve been looking for a place that’s the perfect compromise between a bar and club, then this is your place. Get ready to have an amazing time here.

Shuga’s for a charming place to meet cougars

A full charcuterie board from Shuga


If you’re into the homey hipster vibe, go to Shuga’s! It’s one of the coolest and hippest places in town. It may look funky on the outside, but don’t let that fool you. It’s also funky inside! Colorado Springs cougars go here for the fun atmosphere and unique decor.

It’s a fascinating place to eat with mismatched chairs and table umbrellas. The menu is also a treat in itself. There are so many tasty options with exciting twists. Try their Spicy Brazilian Coconut Shrimp Soup. It’s one of the local favorites and a Shuga’s staple.

Aside from the great ambiance and food, the service is also fantastic. The staff is very friendly and delivers your food on time. Visit this place and meet some cougars enjoying their cocktail drinks. Treat them to a tamarind tequila and enjoy!

Go to The Thirsty Parrot for smooth jazz and smoother conversations

Cougars in Colorado Springs wearing red for an event at Parrot


This cozy jazz bar is a popular venue for cougars in Colorado Springs. If you’re looking for a relaxed but classy evening with a mature lady, this is definitely worth a try. When your on the prowl looking to find single cougars in our area this spot is a magnet that can save a lot of time.

This multi-level bar has two floors playing two different types of music. This gives some variation to the scene and appeals to a broader crowd. The drinks are also reasonably-priced, so you won’t have to break the bank to join the party. On Fridays and Saturdays, all drinks cost only $4, so you might want to drop by then.

Meet a cougar at their pool table. Play some games and start a spicy conversation with a hot older lady. You may not be breaking the bank here, but maybe you’ll break the bed (if you know what we mean).

The Famous Steak House for classic food and classy ladies

A woman waiting for her drink at The Famous Steakhouse


This elegant and classy restaurant is home to Colorado Springs’ best upscale steakhouse and lounge. Find it at the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. Enjoy some of the finest and freshest food in the city at this place. The older ladies love their award-winning prime steaks and seafood.

After a great meal, relax in the sophisticated piano bar with any of their premium wines. A good wine stimulates intellectual conversations with smart mature women. You’ll win a cougar with both beauty and brains at this place.

The best Colorado Springs cougar bars in the suburbs

Feel like going to a bar that's off the beaten path? Head to these suburban hotspots!

Get ready to enjoy amazing beers at Dog Haus Biergarten Colorado Springs

Top view of various bar food from Dog Haus Biergarten


Dog Haus Biergarten Colorado Springs is an awesome beer garden where you can enjoy good drinks and food. Let us start off by saying that the food menu here is really great. This is not the kind of beer garden that you’ll go home hungry from. On top of that, the beer selection is fantastic as well. It’s the overall vibe of this place that attracts lots of gorgeous women from around the city.

If you want the best chance of introducing yourself to someone new, we recommend sitting on one of the island communal tables. Communal seating makes it way less awkward to strike up a conversation with a cute woman who has caught your eye. So don’t be shy because this is the perfect spot to test out your conversation skills.

The Burrowing Owl is the best vegan cougar bar in the city

Who says drinking is for those who don’t care about their health? The Burrowing Owl proves you wrong! This fun little vegan lounge dances to its own beat with its gluten-free drinks and quirky decor and glassware. Have fun while staying fit at this place!

Cougars love this place for their healthy vegan options, which are perfect for maintaining their smoking hot physiques. Try The Mother,  a sweet, smokey, sour whiskey that’s one of the most highly-recommended drinks in the place. They also have other gluten-free beverages that are also free from regrets. The best part (aside from all the cougars here) is that the prices are pretty affordable.

If you want to enjoy some sunlight and fresh air, head over to the lovely patio outside. The Burrowing Owl is one of the best cougar bars in Colorado Springs because it’s got everything a single hot cougar would want!

Meet a cougar of exquisite tastes at the Penrose Room

Even the name sounds fancy. The Penrose Room is Colorado’s only Forbes 5-star, Triple-A Five-Diamond restaurant. It’s extremely upscale and it attracts only the classiest of cougars in Colorado Springs.

The out-of-town ladies who stay at The Broadmoor go to the Penrose Room lounge to unwind after a day of doing business. If you want to splurge on a meal and a few drinks while meeting the finest cougars in the city, no other place will do. Sure, this lounge may set you back a few hundred dollars. But if you have the cash and you want to meet the most stylish cougars to set foot in Colorado Springs, don your best outfit and give this place a try.

Where to pick up Colorado Springs cougars at night

Feel like jumping into a crowd of hot cougars who are just roaring to dance? We know where you should go.

Legends Rock Bar & Grill is a low-key hangout where lots of interested Colorado Springs single women hang out

The full mosh pit of Legends Rock Bar and Grill


Legends Rock Bar & Grill is the perfect place to head to if you’re looking for good drinks and great food. This place has it all. You can enjoy lots of tasty drinks as well as a hearty menu that offers up bar food classics like wings, chicken tenders and nachos. The bar is super low-key and the women who come here are looking to kick back and have fun.

Legends also makes it easy to break the ice with a woman who’s caught your eye. They offer up free games like Jenga and pool tables. Invite the cutie by the bar for a game of Jenga and make sure the stakes are high. Legends Rock Bar also hosts lots of live music acts too. So if you feel like getting close that way, you absolutely can!

Older women in Colorado Springs love to dance at Copperhead Road Bar & Nightclub

Single women seeking men on the dance floor of Copperhead Road Bar


Copperhead Road Bar & Nightclub is a fantastic spot to go out on the weekends. The nightclub is so much more than just a dance floor. When you’re here, you’ll be drinking in the company of gorgeous people dancing all around. The club often hosts live music acts and line-dancing that everyone participates in.

Saturdays are one of the best nights of the week to come here. Get your dancing shoes out because the cougars in Colorado Springs who come here love to dance! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to flirt and mingle with some of the hottest women in our city.

Amazing things always happen at Zodiac

Busy night at the Zodiac


Not all Colorado Springs cougars want the whole wining and dining experience. Some of them prefer to just let their hair down and dance the night away at an unpretentious bar like Zodiac. Part-nightclub, part-live music venue and 100% dive bar, Zodiac is the place where singles go to get cheap drinks, fun entertainment and a little flirtation going on.

Cougars love this place because there's no need to get all dressed up. They can just drop by straight after work. Every night you might see something new or meet someone special. So don't pass up the chance to drop by Zodiac!

Where to meet older women in Colorado Springs during the day

Go daytime cougar hunting at some of our favorite spots in the city.

J & J Hip Hop Dance Company makes it easy to mingle and have fun with women

The entrance to J and J Hip Hop Dance Company


Are you hoping to master your dance skills before the next time you hit the club? Then why not try out some hip-hop dance classes at J & J Hip Hop Dance Company? This is one of our favorite dance studios in Colorado Springs. They offer adult hip hop classes that are fun and incredibly social.

These classes make it easy to get to know someone, especially when you partner up. Everyone in the class is learning a new skill while mingling and having a good time. So get ready to learn while meeting someone new!

Jives Coffee Lounge is a hotspot for single women seeking men in Colorado Springs

A group of friends in the outdoor area of Jives Coffee Lounge


If you haven’t been to Jives Coffee Lounge before then you’re seriously missing out. This is a laidback spot to grab lots of different kinds of coffees. The aesthetic of the coffee shop is super eclectic and the brick walls add to its charm. Lots of women come here to snap a photo for their social media while enjoying one of the popular drinks.

Unlike other coffee shops, Jives also often hosts live music acts. If you come here on the weekends, you’ll be greeted by amazing music and lots of gorgeous women coming in and out. We definitely recommend going to Jives if you’re willing to put yourself out there while enjoying a strong espresso. Jives is a place that you’ll be going back to again and again, that’s for sure.

Enjoy flirting in the open air at one of the city’s parks

A cabin with an amazing view


Another great way to practice your flirting and pick up skills during day time is to head to a local park. If you are looking for cougars, try Palmer Park, Rock Ledge Ranch or Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

Arm yourself with an adorable puppy or a sweet baby niece or nephew and go for a lovely day out. Cougars love to keep fit and get some fresh air. Plus, they have a weakness for cute little things!  So why not take a good walk in parks and see how many you can charm?

Pick up healthy groceries and luscious cougars at Whole Foods

Who would’ve thought Whole Foods would be in our top spots for picking up more mature women? Well, it is and let us tell you why. You can’t go cougar hunting only in the evening. There is no reason to wait until the sun is down to head out to bars and clubs to start looking. If you are up for a challenge, start your cougar hunting during the day!

Stores with organic options such as Whole Foods appeal to the older ladies who care about their health and bodies. They’re great places to go to and practice your charms.

Keep your approach simple and relaxed. No one likes overly aggressive flirting, most especially not in a grocery store! So keep your cool and just be friendly. You’ll be surprised at how many friendly cougars you can meet. You may even end up having a date with one of the local cougars later that evening!

Other great options for meeting cougars in Colorado Springs

You'll never run of places to meet older women with these other options:

Pre-Dating Speed Dating makes it easy to meet lots of interested single ladies in a short amount of time

Meeting for the first time during a Pre-Dating event


Are you tired of wasting time and money on pointless dates that go nowhere? If you’ve exhausted all of your options and are looking for an easy way to meet your next fling, then why not try out speed dating. Pre-Dating Speed Dating helps you meet lots of eligible single women looking for a good time. The atmosphere of each event is always low-pressure and casual. It’s not like a stiff job interview!

Pre-Dating usually rents out a bar, restaurant or lounge to hold their events. The location usually depends on the theme of the event and the number of participants. During each “Pre-Date,” you get to chat with a handful of women to see if you click. If sparks fly, you can exchange contact information. You might even hit it off with more than one woman there. Now those are better odds than trying your luck out at any random bar!

The top Colorado Springs cougar dating app is eHarmony if you want long-term relationships (try it now)

eharmony.com homepageFor a lot of cougars around the city online dating has completely taken over when they're looking for single guys. They just don't have the time or energy to spend going out several days a week hoping to meet the right guy. Based on what we've seen, eHarmony is the site they most often use and the one we had the best success with.

We love online dating because it takes away so much of the awkwardness and fear associated with randomly approaching cougars in public hoping that they're single and open. With our busy schedules and the busy schedules of the cougars, we were trying to meet, bringing things online saved us a ton of time. There are a few things about eHarmony that really makes for a great experience:

  1. The number of single cougars in the Colorado Springs area (with 30,000,000 active members you will have a lot of options)
  2. How easy it is to meet the type of women we were looking for
  3. How eHarmony actually makes the process easier

From the moment you start the proven trial, you'll be able to tell that eHarmony is different. They start off by asking you a good amount of more in-depth questions that allowed us to show off our best traits and not just a few photos. They really get to know what you're looking for and match you up with those women who are also looking for guys just like you.

They're so good at matching up the right people that nearly 75% of all marriages that begin online start with eHarmony. This site isn't just about marriage but that's an amazing track record!

The women on eHarmony take things way more seriously. It isn’t just a way for them to get a little attention or validation, they want to meet men (they wouldn't make it through the signup if they were just looking). When you're messaging compatible women who are ready to meet up it's not hard to get results.

Every guy looking for a Colorado Springs cougar should give their proven trial a shot, especially if you're looking for more of a relationship. This is the easiest way we know to change your dating results.

Cougars go to shopping centers to splash some cash

The exterior of The Promenade Shop featuring Montana Grill


Cougars love to do a bit of shopping, whether it is to spoil themselves or their cubs or both. Head to local shopping centers, particularly those with high-end designer shops and boutiques. Try The Promenade Shops At Briargate or the Chapel Hills Mall. These are prime cougar dens, and you’ll be able to find older ladies spotting the best sale of the week.

Compliment them on their purchases. It’s not only an excellent way to break the ice, but it also shows you have a good eye for shopping. Colorado Springs cougars love a guy who knows what a “quality bargain” is. Then who knows? Soon she could be out there shopping for you!

For more recommendations check out more great guides to meet cougars:

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