7 Dirty Things to Say to a Girl to Turn Her On and Make Her Want More

He is whispering dirty things to say to a girl

It’s absolutely possible to say dirty things to a girl without her running for the hills and telling the world about the latest #MeToo scandal.

In fact, when you go about it the right way, dirty talk can be a great tool to flirt with a woman and have her excited to jump into bed with you.

Most women have dirtier minds than men. Plus, they tend to get a lot more turned on by dirty ideas. The emotions surrounding sexual desire can be just as exciting to them as the act itself. That’s why porn for women tends to focus a lot more on the plot. It’s also why the 50 Shades of Grey books sold millions of copies.

The difference is: women aren’t as free to openly share their sexual fantasies. When they do, society shames them for being “unladylike,” so they’re forced to keep these thoughts to themselves.

This might sound look a bad thing on the surface, but it’s great for guys who know the truth about women’s naughty desires.

If you can be the guy who earns a woman’s trust, then shamelessly initiates dirty talk with her, she’ll be so excited. Finally, she’s found a man who won’t judge her for sharing her filthy mind!

Of course, if the dirty talk goes well, you could well be reenacting these kinky fantasies in real life.

Below, we’ve listed seven dirty things to say to a girl, why it works and when to say them.

Ground Rules for the Dirty Things to Say to a Girl

Before we get into the list, it’s important to establish some basic ground rules. First off, follow these basic rules when thinking up dirty things to say to a girl.

If you don’t follow these rules, you'll creep her out instead of turning her on.

Ease into it

With any type of flirting, it’s never a good idea to rush from 0 to 100 straight away. Instead, take it slowly to see what she’s comfortable with. Perhaps you    can kick things off by talking vaguely about “naughty thoughts.” If she asks what type of thoughts, that’s a green light to explain your desires in more detail. Make sure she’s contributing to the dirty talk--or at least enjoying it--before you get too explicit.

Be shameless

Don’t be embarrassed about any of the dirty fantasies you share with a woman. Be proud. If she senses any shame, she’s going to be far less likely to open up about her sexual desires.

The most important rule about talking dirty to a girl: no judgment

When she opens up and starts talking dirty to you, DO NOT tease or shame her. If you do this, she’ll convert back into an “innocent princess” who doesn’t want to talk about or experience any naughtiness with you in the bedroom. For most women, the fear of being slut-shamed outweighs any desires they have for kinky sex.

The good news is: once you’ve gained a woman’s trust and followed these three steps, you can ramp up the dirty talk pretty quickly.

Remove all filters. You’ll be surprised how many women get turned on by the filthiest sex chat.

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7 Ways to Talk Dirty to a Girl to Turn Her On

Here are seven ideas to get you started.

1. Let her know how she makes you feel

Women love to hear how much they’re turning a man on. So don’t hold back when explaining how horny she’s making you. They’re often excited by the idea of a man being unable to control himself because he’s so overcome with lust. This makes them feel powerful, as well as sexy.

Be as descriptive as possible. Begin by telling her what it was that you noticed about her, then how it made you feel.

If you’re sexting, talk about the last time you laid eyes on her.

“That dress you wore last night had me lost for words. All I could think about was pinning you against the wall and ripping it off you.” 

“That picture you sent this morning had me listing all the things I want to do to you. I literally had a hard-on in the office.”

“Your ass looked so good in those yoga pants. I couldn’t stop imagining myself thrusting into it as hard as possible.” 

However, if you’re face-to-face, go ahead and let her know how you’re feeling in that exact moment.

It takes more bravery to talk like this to a woman’s face. But this can work in your favor. If you’re strong enough to maintain strong eye contact and a cheeky smile, she’ll often melt at your feet.

2. Whip up some irresistible foreplay ideas

The idea of patient and affectionate foreplay can be just as exciting to a woman as getting rammed until her head spins. Plus it’s easier to get creative with it too.

So, tell her exactly what you have in store for her before the main event. You can never be too descriptive when doing this.

If you let a woman know exactly what you want to do in precise detail, it’s going to be easier for her to picture it--and get extremely turned on while doing so.

Ideally, you dream up a scenario where she can lie back, relax and enjoy being treated like a goddess. What woman would say no to that?

“Just bought some fancy Belgian chocolate. You can eat it while I eat your pussy.” 

“Before you touch me, my lips are going to touch every inch of your body.”

“You’ve had a rough day. Tonight, I’m going to show off my massage skills until you’re begging for my hands to explore elsewhere.” 

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3. Say dirty things to a girl to dominate her

Let’s not pretend that women don’t like the idea of being rammed until their head spins.

If she’s a feminine woman, she probably loves the idea of surrendering to her man and being dominated in whatever way he sees fit.

For many women, this is the most divine sexual experience. When she trusts a dominant man to take care of business, she can submit to him and focus on losing herself in the glorious moment. This is sexual polarity in its purest form and can lead to some of the most intense orgasms for men and women.

So, when you’re talking about screwing her brains out, this is the best angle to go at it from.

You can talk about pinning her down, bending her over and having her scream your name. If she’s into it, prepare her to be spanked, choked and made to beg for more. Again, you’ll be surprised how many women are totally into this.

And don’t you worry . . . if she’s the one who wants to dominate you, she’ll let you know pretty quickly.

4. Introduce your newest plaything

Women adore it when their man is proactive about organizing their pleasure. If you’ve gone out and bought something new to play with, it’s going to help them feel extra special. Who doesn’t like surprises, right?

Your choice of plaything will depend on both of your personal tastes. Maybe, for starters, it’s some fancy edible massage oil. To spice it up further, how about investing in a rabbit vibrator, a butt plug or some Ben Wa balls? If she’s bi-curious, maybe you make the effort to find another woman for her to play with.

There are plenty of reputable sex toy websites online that have a huge range of items at reasonable prices. Make the most of them!

“I’ve picked up a new toy for you to play with. Multiple orgasms guaranteed.”

“Happy Friday. I bought you a naughty present. Bring your sexiest underwear.”

5. Reveal your dirtiest fantasy

If you’re into BDSM, let her know. If you want her to dress as a naughty nurse, tell her!

Start off by introducing the idea. Mention it in passing or when you watch a show the depicts your naughty fantasies. Try to see if she’ll be open to it. If she is, go into detail about what you’re into. Get her to join in your revelation by asking what she thinks and what she’d like to do.

Revealing these fantasies builds trust between men and women--and if you don’t ask you won’t receive!

6. Reminisce on your greatest hits

If the pair of you engaged in something particularly frisky in the past, get in touch to tell her you’ve been thinking about it.

One of the dirtiest things you can say to a girl revolves around an experience you shared. She probably still thinks about your naughty tryst every once in a while. So why not relive the memory by reminding her and telling her that you’d like to do it again.

You can bet this will cause her to want it too. And this could lead to a conversation for what your next naughty adventure is going to be.

7. Probe her mind by talking dirty

Women love dirty talk because it allows them to escape reality. What’s more, it lets them embrace their mischievous side. It always feels good to be a little bit bad!

Your job as the man is to help her enter this fantasy world.

As well as sharing your dirty thoughts with her, encourage her to share hers.

“What are you thinking of doing to me?”

“How did it feel when my tongue was caressing your pussy?” 

“What’s your naughtiest fantasy ever?”

Women will absolutely have answers to these sorts of questions locked in their heads. Sometimes, because of social conditioning, they’ll need some gentle prodding to reveal them to you.

If you can take the first step and show your woman you won’t judge her, she’ll eventually be really excited to talk dirty back to you.

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