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The 8 Proven Spots To Meet A Single French Cougar In 2024

French cougar on a balcony smiling

Ah, France. A nation of refinement and good taste with sophisticated French cougars. French women are dedicated to good health and a fantastic diet including good wine and cheese, decadent desserts and the ability to keep a trim figure while enjoying all of the above.

They are also sexually frank and are not afraid to tell a man what they want. Younger men can learn a lot from French cougars. In fact, Paris was a city where young men were once trained in the arts of love by older women, as you can see in the film Cheri.

But as captivating as French cougars are, you might be wondering where to find them. It can take a while to connect with the right older woman, and French cougars aren’t typically in the usual places that are recommended for singles!

Rather than spending hours staying at random bars in search of a French cougar, you can cut to the chase by going straight to the places that they frequent. The mature ladies here are ready to mingle and they might even be on the prowl, which makes your job much easier.

Check out our list of the top destinations where you’ll have a good chance of coming across a single French cougar. We’re excited to hear how it goes for you, so go ahead and leave a comment!

French Cougar Venues Worth Your Time

Give these a shot first:

Montreal is the top spot outside of Europe for French cougars

Here’s what every guy looking for French cougars should know: the best place to find them outside of Europe is Montreal. Although Montreal is part of Canada, the main language here is French, and there are more than 100,000 French expats in the city. There’s a constant stream of people migrating every year, enchanted by the career options and the cheaper cost of living--French older women included.

Montreal is also quite a beauty to visit, so there are a lot of benefits to making a trip here! Aside from admiring attractions such as their famous botanical garden and the Notre-Dame Basilica, you’ll also be right in a French cougar hotspot. As charming as the city can be, you’ll be more captivated by the gorgeous older ladies that you’ll encounter.

Montreal also has a rowdy nightlife. So make sure to drop by the bars and scout for a cougar there. Vin Vin Vin in Petite Patrie will satisfy your craving for wine, while Kabinet has all sorts of creative concoctions you can treat an older lady to. For a tamer setting, there’s La Vieille Europe, a classy grocery store specializing in meat and cheese.

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When you're not looking for a long-term commitment and just want to take French cougars to bed, AFF is what works best.

It is well worth any guy's time to spend a few minutes setting up a free profile and checking out the options you have in your area. The women who are most motivated to actually meet up tend to use this site. So you won’t run into many fake profiles or women just looking to collect compliments from guys. Looking at you, Tinder.

If you’re a busy guy and you just want to cut to the chase, you need to check out AFF. It’s the best app we’ve seen for guys who just want a casual relationships. There’s even a free trial for new members so you can check them out totally risk-free.

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Share your love for food with a cougar through French cooking classes

French cuisine is widely known all over the world, and it’s not a secret that the French love food. So if you’re a foodie, you might hit it off with a French cougar. Around 80% of the people in France cook their own meals. So it’s likely that French cougars will enjoy romantic dinners at home or cooking together in the kitchen.

You can meet more French cougars by attending French cooking classes. There’s so much to learn about it that the themes of these classes can range from bread baking to wine pairings. These also tend to attract French cougars who want to get in touch with their heritage or sharpen their cooking skills.

Socializing in cooking classes comes easily because you often have to work through recipes as a group. It’s also pretty fun, and people might be cracking jokes together or chatting once the food is prepared.

Take the opportunity to catch the attention of a French cougar that you’re attracted to. She’s likely to appreciate your mutual interest in food. Give her a great first impression, and the two of you might end up flirting away.

eHarmony is another good option if you're looking for a long-term relationship (try it here)

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We know how challenging it can be to find attractive older single women out in real life. You know, mature women who actually know what they want? Most cougars live busy lives. They tend to have active careers and full social calendars. So where are they finding the time to meet men? We’ve found that the majority of them turn to online dating, and eHarmony is the best site we’ve found for when you’re ready to meet women ages 35 and over who want a relationship (their great trial makes it easy to get started right away).

We have yet to find another option that makes meeting a lot of French cougars faster or easier!

We’ll admit, the signup process is a little more involved than it is on other sites. But this is a good thing because it weeds out the users who don’t take their dating lives seriously. Women who are only mildly curious generally won’t make it through the signup questionnaires. So you won't waste your time on dead-end matches. It also allows you to show off your best traits while matching with women who are truly compatible with you.

One of our favorite ways to show that eHarmony really is the best option for meeting older relationship-ready singles, is to share some of their figures:

  1. Over 33 million active members use the site and 15 million matches are created there daily.
  2. 75% of ALL marriages that start online begin on eHarmony (yes, this is insane!).
  3. 69% of men and 71% of women meet their spouses on eHarmony within a year.

The proof is in the numbers, guys. eHarmony even guides the communication process – a process that’s designed to help you succeed from the beginning. For guys who tend to get nervous around women, this really helps you get comfortable with your matches in the early stages of dating (before you even go for your first date!).

If you’re still not convinced that eHarmony is the best option for meeting relationship-ready cougars, why not give the trial a shot? You’ve got nothing to lose, so don’t miss out any longer. No other site compares.

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Taking French lessons can boost your dating potential for French cougars

If you want to snag a French cougar, being curious about her culture will earn you extra points. And she’ll be doubly impressed with men who can understand a bit of French! You don’t have to be a fluent speaker. Just knowing basic phrases or showing the desire to learn can set you apart from other guys potentially chasing her.

French is an interesting language to learn anyway, so you might want to try attending a French language class for newbies. Although these can last for a month or more, you can start small by going to a sample class or a half-day workshop. Classes are usually offered at French cultural centers or French festivals, which means you might already be interacting with the ladies from day one!

A major benefit of going to French classes is you’ll get to know other people who are interested in French culture--and they can introduce you to single French older women that they know.

Finally, French is so elegant that it’ll make you more charming to any kind of woman in general. You can always get closer to a gorgeous French cougar by asking her to help you practice!

French cougars tend to favor upscale bars

The French joie de vivre and appreciation for the finer things in life keeps them out of the dive bars frequented by others with less commitment to quality and style. These are especially good spots to find cougars for a date or as a date spot itself. Minimalist bars with a wine list as long as your arm will usually attract the discerning French cougar.

Life is too short to waste on cheap swill in their opinion. So you’ll have a much better chance of finding them sipping champagne in a high-class environment. If the menu includes good food and a dedication to cuisine as well as drinks, it’s even more likely that you will run into an older French woman in that location.

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Enjoy French dining with a beautiful older lady

Everyone misses home from time to time, and French cougars are no different. If there is a very good French restaurant in your city, this is an ideal place to keep a lookout. French cuisine is very particular and delicate. Many restaurants today offer extremely heavy meals, and these can seem bland or tasteless to the French.

Any restaurant with an authentic menu will attract French cougars and offer taste over quantity. It’s also a good way to learn the items on the menu and understand some of her background when you do meet her. Women love it when men take an interest in them and their country of origin. That's because it shows an appreciation for their culture.

French cougars are regulars at the gym

France has a health-conscious culture, and French women usually exercise every day. They walk or run to keep in shape, but they also attend the gym to play sports or swim. This passion for health means that you’ve got a good chance of meeting single French cougars at the gym.

It’s also important that you invest time in your own health and fitness in order to impress a French cougar. Their appreciation for health extends to their partners and a commitment to physical fitness is a good start for attracting them.

Apps Dating Coaches Actually Recommend To Meet French Cougars

Give your dating life the boost it needs by using a dating app that will help you meet the older woman of your dreams. These three apps are some of the most effective ones you can use, even if you're a regular guy:

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Cheese shops can bring you closer to a French cougar

If you live in a larger city, odds are there are artisan cheese shops available in your area. This does not mean hanging around in the generic cheddar cheese section of your grocery store but rather going to a separate shop dedicated to cheese. Cheesemongers are not all that common in smaller towns, but with the push in specialized foods that has emerged in the last few years, there have been new shops springing up everywhere.

These shops will offer international cheeses that are not available elsewhere. Since France is famous for its cheeses, these shops tend to stock many different varieties. French recipes often call for specific varieties of cheese so it’s likely that you’ll meet women shopping for these items.

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Hot French cougars love wine shops

French women are huge fans of wine. Don’t be fooled and think any old liquor store will do. French women know their wines and therefore frequent the classier wine shops. Sometimes these stores will offer wine tastings and it’s a good idea to attend.

Not only will you improve your chances of meeting a French cougar, but over time, you’ll learn about wines and meal pairings. It’s a great way to impress her! Learning the difference between good wine and a bottle of cheap plonk will help you when you encounter older French women interested in dating younger men.

Hang out at the park to increase your chances

During the summer months, French women carry their commitment to physical fitness and general livelihood to the outdoors. They enjoy walking and running to keep fit and experiencing the outdoors. Fresh air is important to them as a part and parcel of the good life.

You’ll often find them walking dogs because the French are also enthusiastic dog owners. This might also give you something to talk about if you have a dog of your own and you encounter women walking in the park.

Remember to be friendly when you approach women in public. And do not make a fuss if they indicate they don’t want to talk at that time. Your respect for women will go a long way to making them think you would be great to talk to.

Connect with elegant French cougars at art galleries

The French have a great passion for art. An enriching visit to an art gallery opens the mind and teaches visitors about creativity and the human condition. If you are going to attend an art gallery, make sure you are interested in the art on display. Plenty of older French women attend gallery exhibitions, especially when it features French artists. Brush up on your art appreciation knowledge and you might engage her in a conversation!

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Book a trip to France

Of course, the most obvious way to meet older French women is to visit France! French women in general do not care as much about age differences in their lovers as people in other cultures. So a trip to the home county will not go amiss. This is also a good way to learn about a new culture and experience all the cuisine, history and art firsthand.

Paris is for lovers! So you’ll have one of the most memorable experiences of your life if you visit the city of lights. You may even find that you love the place so much you’d like to live there permanently. So you’ll find the older woman of your dreams if you become a French citizen.

Remember to always be unfailingly polite. French women adore politeness and sophistication in a man. It’s important to be sure your conversation and advances are welcome when you approach women anywhere. If you’re kind, intelligent and capable of carrying on a conversation that shows you are a person of value, you will find a French cougar to share your life within no time at all.

If you're looking for additional guides for meeting cougars check out these as well:

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