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How To Know If a Girl Is Playing You Online Or Is Super Interested In 6 Easy Steps

Dating sites are some of the easiest ways to find a partner in this day and age. But with it comes the occasional fake. We teach you how to know if a girl is playing you online with six easy steps.

If you want to learn how to know if a girl is playing you when you're talking online, then I'll help you out.

I'll show you what red flags to look out for to find out if certain women may be leading you on. I'll also give some tips on how to avoid similar problems in the future so you don't waste your time with these women.

How to know if a girl is playing you requires a sharp eye

Many guys have problems with certain women who lead them on and then never meet for a date. This problem is particularly widespread when you're using online dating sites and apps like Tinder. While we've personally reviewed dating sites and compiled our list of the best ones -- including the ones with the most genuine profiles -- you'll occasionally get someone that's less interested in getting together than playing you. However, if you know what signs to look out for, then you can easily avoid these women and stop wasting your time.

Some women do this because they want the attention. Others crave validation and want you to give it to them, only to disappear when they get it. There are also women who simply like screwing with guys because it's amusing to them and you should definitely steer clear of them if you spot one.

That said, even though these signs are pretty reliable, sometimes if you see one or two of them, it does not necessarily mean she's playing you. She might genuinely be busy and have other important things to do so she must postpone meeting you. You never know what may be going on in another person’s life which prevents them from meeting and dating you at the moment.

So, be careful not to judge women too harshly or do it too soon, even if you see some of these signs. But if you see a clear pattern of certain women playing mind games with you, then it's time to let them know you don't like being manipulated and then cut contact with them.

Here are six easy steps to see if a girl is playing you online. If you are still struggling with your overall ability to attract an older woman there are a few great books that really lay out a great roadmap to get there.

1) Look at her profile

When learning how to know if a girl is playing you or interested in you, take notice of her online profile first and foremost. If it looks like a gag profile, where she uses obvious jokes or the whole thing just seems too ridiculous to be taken seriously, then it's a huge red flag.

It means she's probably there to kill some time and make fun of people and isn't interested in actually meeting anyone.

It's even worse if it's a completely fake profile, with pictures of women that are obviously taken from the internet along with some random bio. This means the person behind the profile is probably just there for attention and wants to play some mind games with guys.

You can safely stop talking to someone using a fake profile because in 99 percent of cases it won't lead to anything.

2) Notice if she's asking you for stuff before you've even met

If she asks you, a complete stranger, to do something that only close friends would do for one another, then it's a huge red flag.

Doubly so if she's asking you for money, gift cards, phone refills or something similar before even meeting you. She's just interested in "milking you for some cash" and you'll never meet with her in person, no matter what she promises.

Too many men fall for this so be very aware of women who ask you for some service or cash when you just met them online.

There's a simple way to test them, which results in most of these exploitative women disappearing. Simply say "Sure, I'll help you out, once we meet in person and you show me you're a cool, interesting and kind person." This will get rid of anyone trying to scam you.

Under no circumstances send any money because they’ll just disappear and you’ll get played.

3) How to know if a girl is playing you? See if she's always bailing on plans

Another huge sign of how to know if a girl is leading you on after you've gotten her number online is if she's constantly bailing on all the plans you've made.

You may have had a nice conversation with her, connected on a deeper level and think that she's someone you'd love to go on a date with. She says the same thing and seems eager to meet you. But then, once you make actual plans for a date, she either cancels them or never shows.

If you confront her about it, she'll say that something came up and that she's really sorry. But once you set plans again, she bails one more time. And this keeps happening every time you want to meet her and you both agree on a time.

This is a massive sign that she's never going to meet you and that she's playing you.

4) Notice if she's going from hot to cold in an instant

One minute she's very eager to get to know you and find out everything about you. She replies very quickly, puts a lot of detail into her answers and is very talkative. She'll practically set up the date herself and tells you when she's free and ready to go out with you. She describes how awesome your date will be and that you'll probably get lucky later.

The next minute she's gone completely cold. Suddenly, it takes her a long time to answer you. Her replies are often just one or two words and she barely puts any effort into what she says. All the talk about setting up a date is gone and she says she can't meet you because she has something else to do or doesn't have the time anymore.

That is a classic sign she was playing you all along and just wanted to get validation and attention from you. Now that she got the validation she craved, you're no longer interesting and she doesn't want to talk to you anymore.

5) See if she'll give you her phone number or social media info

This is a great way to filter out women who are actually interested in meeting you from those who are only playing with you.

Obviously, you don't do it right off the bat because most women won't give out their contact details before they find out if you're trustworthy. You have to have a decent and interesting conversation first, to connect and see if there's any chemistry. Before giving out any numbers, women want to see who you are first and make sure if you're not some weird stalker.

But if you happen to have multiple great conversations together and everything seems to go great only to refuse to give you any contact information, that's a red flag.

You may even be talking about meeting later and setting up a date. But when you ask for her number or social media info to contact her, she always refuses.

Now, she may be someone who's legitimately wary of people and doesn't trust strangers at all. But that happens very rarely and she'll often tell you as much. Most of the time if she always refuses to give you a way to contact her, then she was never planning on meeting you. She either just wanted to kill some time and chat with someone without any intention of meeting, or she's just playing with you.

6) Ask her about what she wants

This is the final and most crucial step of learning how to know if a girl is playing you online.

If you feel a particular woman you're interested in is playing you online, then just confront her about it. I know, it may sound a bit wimpy, but you're actually being assertive and showing you value your time.

You can even say something to that extent: "Listen, I think you're great. But I don't like playing games and don't want people to lead me on. Are you serious about meeting up later?"

Saying something like that effectively puts them on the spot. Only the biggest sociopaths would lie here and continue to lead you on. Sincere and even slightly decent people will either tell you the truth or stop messaging you. Either way you'll have filtered out the women who were trying to play you online without any intention of meeting you.

Now you're better equipped regarding how to know if a girl is playing you online or if she really likes you. If you take these steps and apply them to most women you meet on the web, you'll have an easier time skipping the ones who aren't serious. Just remember that there are always exceptions to the rule. If you're unsure, just ask!

But make sure to not do it in a needy or desperate way that makes you look like a puppy. Because if she was really playing games with you, that'll make you even more vulnerable to her manipulation.

Instead, ask her in an assertive and calm manner by just stating the facts. That you don't like playing games and would like to know where she stands regarding meeting you. If she's sincere, she'll let you know if she's interested. If you haven't had any luck, try one of these tips to improve your chances of getting a date.


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