7 Ways To Tell If A Girl Likes You Online To Look Out For

These seven ways to tell if a girl likes you will give you the knowledge to know better.

Are you here to learn about all the ways to tell if a girl likes you online? Then strap yourself in because I’ll reveal the seven most reliable signs that women show you online when they really like you.

You’ll be able to tell if someone is genuinely interested in you and wants to meet you for a date or if they’re just playing you. I’ll also give you some general tips on how to talk with women online to increase your chances of getting a date.

There are many ways of telling whether a girl likes you online

Haven’t you been in this spot before?

You’re talking with a particularly attractive and interesting woman online for several days or even weeks. Everything seems to be going great; the conversation is engaging, you’re finding out a lot about each other and you have multiple common interests. But for some reason, you have no clue whether she likes you or if she’s just talking with you to pass the time. You also have no idea if she’d want to go on a date with you or if she’s possibly even dating someone else right now.

So how do you tell if a girl likes you online then?

Well, you either ask her certain questions to find out. Or you take a moment to notice if she’s done or said certain things to you. Things that clearly show her interest in you but which you may have missed or weren’t even aware of.

That’s because it’s up to you, the man, to eventually ask her out. Since most women will rarely make the first move, you have to learn how to intuitively understand when they like you, both online and offline. So that you can then make the most of the situation and don’t miss out on great relationship opportunities.

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These seven ways to tell if a girl likes you online will help you out:

1) She gives you her contact info without asking

If you’re talking with a woman online and she gives out her contact information without you asking for it, that’s a huge sign. It means that she’s pushing for a date herself, without her actually having to explicitly say this.

If it’s on social media, she may give you her number. If you’re talking on an online dating site, she may give you her social media details or her number as well. It doesn’t matter because as long as the conversation progresses to a more convenient medium solely by her efforts, then it’s a massive sign of interest.

She may play it off as giving you her contacts “just in case.” Don’t hesitate to ask her out after a bit of talking and connecting because she’ll most likely say yes.

2) Notice if she’s asking about the women in your life

This is one of the easiest ways to tell if a girl likes you, both online and offline. That’s because when a girl takes an interest in the women you have in your life, she’s scoping out the competition.

Plus, not many women want to date a guy who’s actively dating several women at the same time. Unless they’re completely down with that and are fine with not being the only girl you’re seeing, which is rare.

So, go through your messages with the women you’re talking to online and see who asked you about any female friends. If someone asked you whether you have a girlfriend or not, then it’s a dead giveaway that they’re interested. They want to see if you’re available or taken.

3) Her messaging you first is one of the ways to tell if a girl likes you

Women will rarely message someone online for the first time if you haven’t been talking before. Unless, of course, you’re doing some work or studying together or she has some other business with you.

So, if a girl messages you out of the blue first, then it’s a huge sign that she likes you or at least finds you very interesting.

This often happens on social media, for example, when they’ve seen your picture somewhere and thought you looked cute. Or maybe they saw you were friends with one of their friends and thought you looked interesting.

This is even more significant if you get a message from a girl first when you’re on a dating site. That’s because most attractive women on dating sites get so many messages from guys that they never have to send the first message themselves. So if they do, it’s a clear sign that you’ve caught their eye and that they’re interested in you.

4) She answers quickly and messages you constantly

Unless you’re great friends with a girl online or have some work or school together, there’s no reason for her to constantly message you unless she likes you.

People don’t usually talk much with someone who they aren’t interested in. Which means that if you notice a particular girl who’s been constantly chatting you up, she most likely has it in for you.

Also, if she’s the one who’s starting the conversation first all the time, it means that you’re constantly on her mind. In fact, she’s probably waiting for you to ask her out sometime. So if you like her as well, get her number and set up a date because she’ll most likely accept!

Finally, you should pay attention to how fast she's answering all of your messages. If she always replies within several minutes and you don’t have to wait long, then she’s really into you.

5) She goes through all your pictures and comments or likes them

This is one of the ways of telling whether a girl likes you online that’s pretty easy to notice.

Basically, if you see that she’s either commenting positively or liking and giving points to most of the pictures you have online, it means she likes you. That’s because people don’t just go around liking and engaging with the content of others without any reason. More often than not, it signifies that they like the person or at least think that they are very interesting.

And this doesn’t just stop with pictures either. For example, if you’re talking on Facebook, she may be interacting and liking or commenting on all of the posts that you make.

Just make sure she’s not a stalker first and then chat her up and ask her out. She’ll most likely accept because you’re already interesting to her.

6) She sends you sexy pictures of herself

This one’s pretty obvious unless you’re so deep in the friend-zone that she’s using you to “test” her naughty pictures before she sends them to someone else.

However, if that’s not the case and she regularly sends you some sexy or naughty pictures of herself, she obviously likes you. Also, if it’s a nude picture, then that’s pretty much the biggest sign that she wants to become more intimate with you.

Just don’t send her any dick-pics in return unless she explicitly asks you for them. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your chances faster than you can say “I don’t understand why she blocked me!”

Believe it or not, even if women send you some nude pictures, it doesn’t necessarily mean they want you to send them a picture of your penis in return. That’s just crass and shows that you’re a little bit clueless. In fact, contrary to popular belief, sending dick pics is often a complete turnoff for most women. Unless they’re just interested in a hookup and absolutely nothing else.

7) She’s using tons of emoji

Since it’s difficult to show emotions and feelings through text, people often use emoji.

Notice what emoji she’s using and how often and in what context. If it’s a blushing, winking or kissing one, then she’s obviously trying to flirt with you. Hearts and similar emoji are also a great sign.

There are so many different emoji available, so you have to pay attention to which ones she prefers. Safe to say, if it’s very positive and flirty ones instead of negative or angry ones, she’s into you.

Now you know some of the most reliable ways to tell if a girl likes you online.

Basically, if a woman pushes for a meetup herself or alludes in any way that you two should get together, then you’re good to go. She may give you her contact information or send some sexy pictures of herself without you even asking. She may ask you about the other women in your life or message you first and do it constantly.

If you notice these and similar signs and then take the opportunity to ask her out, she’ll probably ask you what took you so long.

It may take you some time to start noticing these signs. But now that you know what to look out for when talking with women online, you’ll miss fewer opportunities to start dating.

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