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How To Get Her Number Online With Ease

How to get her number online main

How to get her number online is a question that we have all faced at one time or another. It doesn't matter what site you are on. You want to take your line of communication from the online world into the real world as quickly as possible.

As quickly as possible that is without sacrificing any of the attraction you have built with your initial emails.

You will be tempted to ask for her number quickly since messaging back and forth can be a chore. Sometimes that works. More often you will need to send a few messages back and forth before she feels comfortable sending you her personal information.

When you think about how to get her number you should really be thinking about how to make her both attracted to you and comfortable that you are not a creeper.

Easier said then done right?

Fortunately, we are here to show you how to get her number online with a few straightforward steps.

It isn't magic. This isn't Hogwarts. These steps will show you how to get her number online in a system that you can use over and over again.

How To Get Her Number Online

Step #1 Get your profile in order

How to get her number online - get your profile in orderHow to get her number online starts with your online presence. Even if you are Nicholas Sparks (he wrote the Notebook) you are not going to have much success if your profile looks like crap. Your words are going to be colored by what she thinks of your profile and pictures.

You can find a detailed 10 Minute Profile Creation Guide Here.

If your profile is interesting and you have good pictures your written words will be even more impactful. We have all seen girls swoon or laugh at terrible stories that a man she is interested in says.

This is no different!

You don't need her to fall in love with you from your profile but you do want to at least get her interested. If you can't get her attention with 500 words describing interesting things and experiences about yourself how to get her number online is the least of your problems.

New course

Step #2 -A Great First Message

How to get her number online - Write a great first messageAn on-point profile isn't going to do you any good if she never sees it. Even if you are a great looking guy the odds that a woman will proactively message you are slim.

Hot older women, and hot women in general, are bombarded with messages online! They don't need to go looking around. The men come to them. This is especially true on the top hookup apps that work out there.

You need to be the one making the first move with online dating!

You need to be the one sending the first message. You want to show that you are a confident and interesting guy who will take the lead.

You really have no other choice. Online dating sites are full of lonely angry men who are waiting for women to make the first move.

We cover the first message in-depth in our First Message Guide With Examples.

Step #3 - Building Attraction And Trust

How to get her number - Trust and attractionOnce you message her and she responds you have already cleared the biggest hurdle in how to get her number online. Getting the first response is a big indication in online dating that she finds you somewhat attractive and interesting and wants to know more.

Good job!

Now the steps for how to get her number online get less straight forward. How many messages do you send before asking for her number? How long should the messages be? How long should I wait before sending a reply? These are all questions that pop into your head when thinking about how to get her number online.

The simple answer is that it depends!

Every woman is different. Every woman is going to take a differing amount of time before they feel attracted and comfortable with a man they met online.

As you get more practice it will become easier and easier for you to tell when the right time is. In our experience the sweet spot for how to get her number online is after three to five messages.

After just one or two messages you don't really have time to build attraction and you can look pushy or needy.

If you wait longer then five or six messages you can turn into an online pen pal.

There are always exceptions to these rules. Some guys can get a number in the first or second message with online dating. Thats great! Unfortunately in these cases the women are much less likely to respond to their texts or calls.

Why is that?

Lack of attraction and trust! After a woman gives you her number she still has to remember why she did and text you back later. If she only has one or two messages to go off of she might forget you or decide that she just wants to play with you.

Meeting a woman online and getting her number is not the end game. If it was then learning how to get her number online would be a much sexier topic.

A quality number is what you want and that will take a little work.

So how do you build attraction and trust?

Easy. With practice. Being confident, engaging, and funny through online dating sites is a learned skill for most.

Focus on topics that are fun to talk about like travel, dreams, food, hobbies, and the like. If you have common interests that's even better.

Focus on being confident, assertive, and funny. Most of the men online who are trying to learn how to get her number online default into best friend mode.

They think that complimenting her repeatedly and showing that THEY LIKE HER is the way to build attraction. She knows they are interested. That's why they (and dozens of other guys) messaged her.

You need to stand out. Show her why she should be interested in you! Not why you are interested in her!

Every guy out there can develop qualities that are interesting and attractive if they want to. It just takes a little work.

If you can present and interesting profile, get her attention with an engaging first message, and then have an interesting conversation with her over the course of a few messages you will be in the top 10% of men online.

Once you have built a nice level of attraction and trust getting her number is easy and nearly full-proof.

My favorite line is the following:

"It has been great getting to know you online over the past few days. Why don't you send me your number and we can conversation like normal people."

Simple. To the point. A little funny.

It is so simple and straightforward that it is really hard for her to say no to if there is any attraction and trust.

How to get her number online is not rocket science. Online dating is just normal dating with a few quirks. The key is always building attraction and trust. If you can do that you can get away with a lot of mistakes while you learn.

If you are still searching for the right site to find attractive women online check out our Best Dating Sites Review. We rank the top dating sites out there based on our objective criteria and personal reviews.


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