Proven Tips For How To Last Longer In Bed (Even With Hot Women)

Man who doesn't know how to last longer in bedEvery man knows the importance of being able to satisfy a woman sexually, which is why it’s important to know the secret to how to last longer in bed for men.

Below, I’ll show you how to last longer in bed naturally as well as give you tips on doing it without using a condom.

The question of how long should a guy last in bed is also important. And the answer to it might surprise you, so read on!

How to last longer in bed for men who want to satisfy their lovers

First of all, you get better at lasting longer in bed if you have lots of practice. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive review of all the apps you can use to hook up with women.

Second, I’ll answer the pressing question a lot of men have on their minds: How long should a guy last in bed anyway?

Ideally, you should last as long as it takes to satisfy your partner. According to a 2008 study by American and Canadian sex therapists, that’s usually between seven to 13 minutes. No, it’s not a full hour, as porn or romance novels would have you believe!

The vast majority of women will be satisfied when you hit that magical window. That’s great even for guys who don’t have experience. When you know a few tricks and have some practice, you can last for the full 13 minutes.

Many women describe sex that lasts only a few minutes as disappointing because that’s not nearly enough time for them to get in the groove and fully orgasm.

When you can last for at least seven minutes, this can be ample time for her to get turned on enough to orgasm.

But if you really want to satisfy the vast majority of women, try to aim for the magical seven to 13 minutes. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t take way too long. Having sex for up to an hour can get boring, especially if you do the same motions.

With this pertinent question out of the way, here are some effective tips on how to last longer having sex.

You need to try this

The number one tip on how to last longer in bed naturally

Since we’re focusing on satisfying the woman first, here’s my best and most effective tip on how to last longer in bed the natural way:

When you’re in the middle of having sex and you feel like you’re almost ready to blow your load, pull out. Then lay your partner on her back, spread her legs and stimulate her clitoris.

We all know that the vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation to reach a mindblowing orgasm. This is why pulling out and stimulating her clitoris is beneficial for both of you. It gives you a rest while you focus on her pleasure.

Use anything you want: your mouth and tongue, your fingers, or even a sex toy if you have one.

She won’t hold it against you because you’ll be giving her intense pleasure while you’re taking a break. You’re also letting your erect member get some rest and relaxation, getting you ready to finish her off.

If you’re skillful enough with your mouth or your fingers, she’ll be ready to orgasm as soon as you enter her again.

This will extend your time in bed significantly since she remains aroused and you’re able to recuperate. This keeps her in the zone as you lead her to orgasm.

Remember, great sex isn’t just about thrusting in and out with your penis. It’s about making the whole experience amazing for both of you. So always feel free to take a breather while you stimulate her.

Use a condom

One of the most useful and, frankly, quite obvious tips is to use a condom.

You should be using one all the time anyway if you’re with someone you don’t know very well. But apart from that, it’ll also help you last longer in bed by quite a lot.

Condoms ensure your penis won’t get as much stimulation as it otherwise would. This will then help you last at least a few minutes longer. And if it doesn’t, then choose the extra thick variant.

You can also choose condoms that contain lidocaine. Condoms with lidocaine are specifically designed to lessen the sensations you can feel on your penis. This can help to keep you from finishing off too early.

With that said, you may take things too far with this approach and start feeling so little sensation, you’ll lose your erection. So if at all possible, try to experiment with different condom variants until you find the one that hits the spot.

But what if you’re interested in how to last longer without a condom at all? video course

Other techniques for how to last longer without a condom on

One of the most popular ways of lasting longer in bed for men without a condom is through strategic masturbation. That's basically masturbating a few hours before you have sex.

We all know that after you orgasm, it can take a while before you can orgasm again.

This is particularly useful on a date with a beautiful woman for many reasons.

First, you’ll be much less nervous and worried during the date because masturbation releases tension and relaxes you. It makes you more likely to act like yourself. And you won’t try too hard to impress her because your mind is not clouded by your desire to sleep with her.

Second, you’ll be able to last much longer in bed if your date ultimately leads to sex. If you need help with that, you can check out our article on how to successfully seduce a woman on your date.

Usually, when men masturbate the same day they’re going to have sex, they’ll last at least twice as long during intercourse.

That said, the secret of how to last longer without a condom by using masturbation is to make sure to blow your load within 8 hours of getting laid. Because it won’t do you much good if you masturbate just as you wake up in the morning and then have sex in the late evening. Your system will have recharged fully by then, and you won’t get the desired effect.

However, some men don’t like to rely on masturbation when figuring out how to last longer having sex. The masturbation trick doesn’t work for everyone, and that’s okay because there are other tricks like...

Go at it several times and don’t fret about it

Another great tip for how to last longer in bed for men is to have sex two or more times in a row. Take a break in between, but keep her aroused so as not to break the mood.

The truth is most women won’t mind if you finish quickly during sex, as long as you express your eagerness to continue in a little while.

Having sex with someone, especially for the first time, can be a very emotionally overwhelming experience. So it’s perfectly understandable that guys can get too excited and orgasm too soon.

To make up for this, focus on her pleasure for a while as you wait for your erection to come back. For most men, this can take anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes. So in the meantime, give her a sensual massage or some oral sex until you’re good to go.

Maintain her level of arousal throughout your break, so she’s ready to get back in the groove when you are.

Train yourself with kegel exercises

If you want to last in bed as long as you want, train your body with kegel exercises.

This is pretty much the only true answer of how to last longer in bed naturally.

Pelvic floor muscle exercises, otherwise known as Kegel exercises, train your pubococcygeus muscle. It’s the muscle that supports your bladder and rectum and helps control the flow of urine.

To train your muscle, clench the muscles you would use to prevent the flow of urine. Remember not to clench your anus or abdomen, and focus solely on your PC muscles. Then try to clench them for three seconds at a time then releasing for three seconds. Do 10 reps of this exercise several times throughout the day to strengthen your pelvic floor.

For this particular guide on how to last longer in bed for men, these exercises improve a man’s orgasm intensity while significantly helping with premature ejaculation.

Once you’ve trained your pelvic muscle enough, you’ll be able to control how long you hold your erection when you ejaculate.

In fact, men who are incredibly proficient at this and have trained their PC muscles to a certain extent can even learn how to have multiple orgasms. They can even have orgasms that last for several minutes.

Not only will you last longer in bed, but you’ll also really impress your partner with how well you can maintain your erection.

More tips on lasting longer in bed for men

Some other general tips to help you last longer during sex can be to switch positions when you feel like you’re about to finish.

You can also try using the cliché method of thinking about your grandmother or something just as un-sexy. But if those things still turn you on, then you might have a different problem.

Besides, sex is all about being in the moment and losing yourself to the experience completely. Thinking about something not related to your experience can make your partner wonder why you suddenly look distracted.

Another thing you can do is to try something new in bed. Various kinks and fetishes can spice things up in the bedroom. They can also help you focus more on pleasuring your partner than on finishing too soon.

Now that you know the best ways of how to last longer in bed naturally, you can let go of the anxiety of finishing too soon. You can also find new and creative ways of pleasuring your lover too!

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