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5 Tips on How to Tell a Girl You Like Her (Even for Shy Guys!)

Expressing your feelings to a girl can be intimidating. You might not be sure if it’s the right time to tell her, or you may lack confidence in your approach. Whether you want to slip in a subtle hint or make it obvious, we’ve got you covered. This guide will show you how to tell a girl you like her in a way that’s congruent with your personality.

Telling a girl you like her should be done on your terms, which is the reason this guide contains various methods. Choosing the one aligned with your personality will make you confident and deliver a message that’s devoid of awkwardness.

But should you tell a girl you like her? You don’t have to outright say it, but it can be communicated with your body language and in a way that attracts her — flirting. Knowing when to tell a girl you like her is also important. Doing it too soon may scare her away and doing it too late could turn her off and place you in the friend zone. All these details and more is what you’re about to learn.

How to Tell a Girl You Like Her: The Subtle Hints

Using subtle hints to tell a girl you like her isn’t only for introverts. It can be used as a strategy to pique her interest without being overt. Even if you’re confident, some girls are shy and prefer to take it slow.

Regardless of how you tell a girl you like her, remember to do it only after you’ve attracted her. She needs to show that she likes you before you do it.


One of the things that make teasing a girl powerful is that it creates attraction while showing her you’re interested. Girls know you’re interested in them if you’re flirting. Teasing is definitely flirting if you’re jokingly making fun of her.

It’s a thin line between teasing and hurling insults. Your remarks should be playful but communicate that you’re confident in making light fun of her. That separates you from most guys who tell her what they think she wants to hear.

Whereas they put her up on a pedestal, you knock her off it and catch her.

Different girls respond to various degrees of teasing. Start off easy to test the waters and turn up the heat throughout the conversation if you notice that she’s responding well. An example of light teasing if she owns a cheap phone is, “Poor thing. You grew up in the backwoods I see. I’d let you play with my iPhone, but it’s not an usPhone.”

Using text or social media

Texting a girl you like a cute line

Text and social media allow you to be creative about giving a girl subtle hints that you’re interested.

Use funny memes in a text. As an example, text her, "This is what I’d do to you if you’re like her", with a meme showing a guy kissing a girl next to a lake and then pushing her into the water because she’s a bad kisser. This type of meme reveals your intentions of kissing her while building attraction by making her laugh.

If you want to use social media to slip in hints, separate yourself from the herd. Don’t be like the guys who like her photo and tell her that she looks like a princess.

Tease her about her photos by commenting, "I like your lonely. It’s not a selfie without me in it. It’s a lonely."

How Do I tell a Girl I Like Her? Tips for Guys Who Aren’t Shy 

Many women prefer a man who doesn’t beat around the bush and makes his intentions known. Some women assume that you like them just because you’re friendly to them. And they get annoyed if you don’t get to the point.

You can be direct about showing your interest in her without verbalizing it.


Placing his hand over hers to show her he likes her

Touching a woman to attract her requires you to place your hand on her confidently. Being timid with physicality will make you feel awkward and will likely prompt her to think you’re creepy.

You don’t want to overwhelm her with too much touching from the start. Take it slowly by putting your hand on her shoulder, and then gauge her reaction. Even if she is comfortable with it, pull your hand back. This is especially effective if she wants you to touch her. You give her a little taste and then take it away.

If she pulls away when you touch her but still remains engaged, it’s her way of telling you to take it slower. Take a step back and build more attraction and comfort (she needs to feel comfortable with you) before trying again.

You can set the tone that you’re comfortable with touching a woman when you meet her. During your conversation when you say, “Oh, yeah, I just remembered,” briefly touch her for a second. Your touch will come off as a complement to your confident communication.

Confident men don’t have a problem with touching women. If that’s not you, practice physicality. It might be awkward in the beginning, but you’ll become comfortable with it through repetition and learning from your mistakes.

Be patient with physicality but ensure that you're progressing. Her being comfortable with you touching her shoulder should lead you to hold her hand and then….


Actions speak louder than words. The best way to show her you like her is by kissing her. To ensure reciprocity, you need to make her highly attracted to you. That minimizes the possibility of her pulling away.

There isn’t a specific time period that needs to pass, but attraction is crucial. Your intuition will guide you, and practice common sense.

You can kiss a girl in a nightclub after a few minutes of meeting her. It’s happened to me several times, and it works because that environment puts her in a fun mood and makes her open-minded.

That strategy might not work during a daytime approach, even if you are highly attractive to her. She might be worried about other people watching or feel that you need to work harder before you’re rewarded.

If you want to be absolutely certain that she doesn’t mind you kissing her, be close to her when you ask if she has a boyfriend. She understands that’s a codeword for, I’m about to kiss you.

Direct Approach

Asking her out

Be bold if you want to tell her that you like her. When you approach her, tell her that she looks absolutely stunning and you couldn’t resist meeting her. Asking her on a date requires you to use the word ‘date’ and not an insinuation such as, “Do you wanna meet up for a chat?”

Use unique compliments. Instead of telling her she looks beautiful, let her know you enjoy the way she tucks her hair behind her ear while smiling. The compliment should be pertinent to her and not generic.

Your body is an attraction-generating tool. Use it by squaring up with her and getting slightly into her space.

Eye contact is powerful. Engage her with your eyes but make sure to smile so that the long stares don’t make her uncomfortable.


Knowing how to tell a girl you like her in a way that separates you from all the guys vying for her attention makes you stand out on her radar.

The above tips not only reveal how to show a girl you like her, but they teach you to be more confident and convey your feelings in an attractive way.

Make sure that you keep things moving forward. After teasing her, move on to physicality if you’ve built enough attraction and comfort. The quickest way to end up in the friend zone is by not making a move.

The worst thing that can happen if you show a girl you like is that she doesn’t reciprocate. You didn’t lose her because you never had her. But not trying will leave you with nothing but regret.

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