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10 Things Older Women Interested in Dating a Younger Man Must Know

There are plenty of things to know when dating a younger man that could get in the way of a long relationship

If you're interested in dating a younger man, there are several important things that you should know if you want your relationship to last.

Unlike dating someone who's older or even the same age as you, dating younger guys presents a few unique challenges that you may not be aware of. Learning what makes a younger man tick and what makes him interested in you will spare you a lot of frustration, which can help you have a more fruitful and happier relationship with him!

Things to Know When Dating a Younger Man

First of all, ignore all the haters! Dating a younger man can sometimes raise some eyebrows from other people, but that should never discourage you from giving it a try. That's because there are a lot of advantages to dating younger men who appreciate you for your experience, wisdom and maturity.

However, there are also quite a lot of differences. The most significant difference is that young guys are from a different generation. Due to the recent female empowerment movement, they see older women differently from the way older men do.

How differently? Well, many young men respect, admire and adore powerful women, seeing them more as equals, as opposed to older men who were taught to see women as more of an accessory to a good life. Thus, you'll usually have an equal partnership with someone who's younger.

That said, your interest in a younger man can also quickly turn sour. If you don't understand how he thinks or if you make some of the most prominent mistakes which I'll mention below, your relationship may end very quickly.

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1) You have more experience, so be patient

When dating a younger man, remember that you will usually have much more life and sexual experience than him. This means that you have to be more patient with him at certain points, both in and outside of the bedroom.

To avoid unnecessary frustration which can eventually ruin your relationship with him, having that extra patience is a must!

If he's not that great in bed yet, don't worry because his inexperience is only temporary and he's usually very eager to learn. Imagine all the fun you'll have when you take the time to teach him exactly what gets you off!

As a bonus, since you'll have more life experience than him, you'll usually be able to smell bullshit a mile away and spot many problems coming your way that he otherwise wouldn't. This will ultimately help your relationship and he'll appreciate you and your wisdom even more.

However, with all your experience comes some responsibility. You'll need to be a bit more humble around your younger lover and not put him down for his inexperience when he occasionally goofs up. He may feel unworthy or insecure if you handle it the wrong way.

2) You most likely have more money than him

This is another important thing that you need to know when dating a younger man.

Remember that he's still young and may even be in college. Or, he may still be learning the ropes of his chosen profession at the moment and not make that much money, so he usually won't be swimming in cash!

You'll have to take this into account if you expect him to take you on many expensive dates to fancy restaurants because a lot of the time, he simply won't be able to afford it. There's nothing wrong with that, though. If he's still figuring his life out, you'll just have to chip in if you want to go to expensive venues or be fine for a while without the posh wining and dining.

Eventually, as your relationship progresses and as he figures his life out, he'll make more money. But if he's in his early 20s, you'll just have to accept that he is probably broke right now.

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3) He has a lot more free time on his hands

Young men are usually not all caught up in work and family life. Most will not have any kids, as opposed to their older counterparts. This means that they'll have a lot more free time on their hands and you'll get a lot more attention from younger men.

So, don't be surprised if you get phone calls and texts more often than you're used to. Where he's inviting you to go to hang out or go to all these different places and venues with him.

It may even be exhausting at first if you're not used to going out often. But on the bright side, you’ll rarely get bored and will have a lot of fun together. That extra time and attention is another massive benefit of dating a younger man!

4) Don't whine about your past

A lot of older women make this mistake when dating a younger man.

He understands that you're older than him and that you've probably had many more relationships than he did. He also understands that those relationships probably didn't end well if you're now together with him.

That's all fine and good, but he doesn't want to hear about all the nasty details of how those relationships went sour, how bad your life was before he met you, and so on. Unless, of course, he specifically asks you about them.

More often than not, he thinks that you're wiser than him and have a better grasp on life and all of its intricacies. So, shattering that illusion by constantly whining about your past is one of the quickest ways to end your relationship with him.

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5) Do not try to mother him

Right now, he sees you as a lover. If you try to mother him too much, pack his lunch, do his laundry, kiss him on the cheek as a mother would do, then it could all end very badly.

Doing so can shift the entire dynamic of your relationship with him. He will lose a lot of sexual attraction towards you if he starts seeing you as a mother figure instead of as a lover.

This is another huge mistake that a lot of older women make when they date young guys, so avoid it at all costs. Fight your urge to become a nurturer and your temptation to help him with everything, at least at the very beginning of your relationship.

Even if his immaturity is evident and prevalent and you can’t help but feel like his mother, you should refrain from giving him guidance like a mother would. He doesn't want you to be his mother, or even similar to his mother.

6) Take advantage of your heightened sex drive

Women reach their sexual peak later in life than men do.

The best part about this is that a woman's sexual peak often coincides perfectly with a younger man's sexual drive if he's in his 20s. Take advantage of the fact that both of you want to go at it as frequently as possible and simply enjoy the ride.

A lot of younger guys want to have as much sex as possible, so give him that gift and he'll like you even more for it. It's something that a lot of women his age won't be able to provide him with because their sex drives haven't peaked yet. That's where you have a considerable advantage over most young women and you should use that power as much as possible. He will greatly appreciate it.

7) Don't start thinking about the future too early

When you're interested in a younger man, you’re much more likely to be present and in the moment because of his virility, lack of baggage and a fresh outlook on life. So, don't rush him with thoughts about the future and don't worry so much about where the relationship is going.

A lot of younger men are afraid of commitment. But if you keep spending time with him and he's always having a great time with you, he’ll stay around.

Let that naturally progress towards a more meaningful relationship, refrain from bringing up the "relationship talk” with him and simply enjoy each other and the stress-free experience without all the drama.

Conversely, if you prod him too much about where things are heading, he'll be reminded of his fear of commitment and will likely bail out on you.

8) Don't let the "weirdness" bother you

At times, when you're meeting his friends, family members or acquaintances, you may feel "out of place," especially if the age gap is significant.

Don't let that feeling turn into insecurity. Your younger partner has chosen you for a reason and if he doesn't feel weird introducing you to his younger friends, family, or anyone else - then you shouldn't as well.

Trust me, most of his peers are jealous, even if some of them may be weirded out a little bit. Don't pay this much mind because you're there to enjoy him and his company, so that's what you should focus on.

9) Don't compare him to older successful men

When you're involved with a young man, you may feel the urge to say certain things to compare him to some older gentlemen you used to date.

Maybe his table manners are lacking, perhaps he doesn't know what the dessert fork is for or maybe he has no idea how to put on a tie correctly. As long as you don't say things like "My so-and-so older friend does it like this and you're doing it wrong!", or "Why can't you do it like that, my previous boyfriend could do it with ease!" then everything's going to be fine.

Remember when I said that patience is essential? You're going to have to learn to be a very patient person if you want your relationship to work out.

And that is, unfortunately, the biggest downside of dating someone much younger.

10) Enjoy your time together

Remember, you started dating your younger partner for a reason. That reason is simple: dating a younger man is so much fun!

He will bring out your youthfulness if you let him. He'll also bring out your naughty side and make sure you get all the sexual satisfaction you desire if you want it. But most importantly, he will reignite your passion for life, show you that you're someone who's deserving of praise, appreciation, love and affection.

That is why you should take each day with your younger lover as it comes. The less you focus on the past and the future, and remain present with him, the more fun you'll have and the longer the relationship will last.

Hopefully, you're already experienced enough and have lived through enough drama with other, older men to last you a whole lifetime and you don't want any more of that!

In fact, your younger partner may even have a completely different worldview than you do - one that is more free and open. If you enjoy your time with him, you'll learn a lot of new things and get a new appreciation for life and its little pleasures!

There are a lot of great reasons why so many younger men are dating older women these days and vice versa.

They're great for each other! Plus, if the man's in his 20s and the woman is in her 30s to 40s, they'll both be at that unique point in their lives where they can't keep their hands off each other. This means more satisfaction, more connection, pleasure and fun!

There also tends to be much less drama than usual in such a relationship than if the man is older or of the same age. This makes everything much more comfortable and manageable.

In any event, if you play things right, it may be the start of something truly wonderful and fulfilling for the both of you!

Hopefully, all these tips will give you just the edge you need to have an amazing relationship with the young man you chose.


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