8 Ways Older Women Show Younger Men They Are Interested Online

Older women show younger men they are interested all the time, but you have to be able to pick up on the signs.

Online dating is a great way to meet older women. More and more people are jumping on board, using it to meet their future spouse.

It’s a pretty straightforward process. Narrow your search, find the woman you like, send her a message, and wait. But how do you know if she’s interested in you? When you can't rely on body language, it can be confusing trying to read the signs she’s sending your way.

Older Women Show Younger Men They Are Interested Often

If you pay close attention, you can pick out behaviors that show her interest in you. They're specific and designed to let you know she’s ready to move to the next stage.

These are signs that you will see if your are using a high-quality site. If you are spending your time on a low quality site it can be a lot harder to meet real women. To make sure that your time isn't being wasted check out our tried and true dating sites for meeting older women.

Here are 8 ways older women show younger men they are interested online.

They Ask Questions

If she’s asking a lot of questions, she’s interested. It’s one thing for her to share information about herself. But to collect information about you is an indicator that she wants to know who you are.

Pay particular attention to the types of questions she asks. If she’s asking about the weather, you may want to keep looking. But most older women won’t waste their time with small talk. If she’s asking personal questions about your life, then she wants to know more about you. She wouldn’t do that unless she’s interested in investing time in you.

They Pay Compliments

Older women are selective with their compliments; they don’t just let ‘em fly. If she tells you she thinks you’re funny or loves your sense of style, she’s interested in learning more about you. Compliments are great clues because they tell you exactly what she noticed about you. You can use that information to play on your strengths. Don’t feel pressured to respond with a returned compliment. A simple, “thank you” is fine until you’re ready to pay her a genuine compliment back.

Older Women Show Younger Men They Are Interested By Responding Quickly

Older women have busy lives. On top of that, they’re inundated with messages online (an average of three per day). One study showed older women send out fewer messages and wait longer to contact a guy. So if she’s responding to your message within one or two days, you can assume she’s excited to communicate with you. If it takes her a few days, she may still be excited. Pay attention to her pattern. If she’s regular (unless she has something going on), it means she is making time to communicate with you.

There are things you can do to increase the chance she’ll respond. Focus the message on her, ask a lot of questions, and check your spelling. Here are some tips to get you started.

They Say They’re Interested

Older women have a reputation for being candid. There might come a time that she tells you she’s interested in you. Many older women have learned that mixed messages are trouble and it’s better to be forward. Every woman is different, but don’t be too shocked if it happens. Pick your jaw up off the ground, respond accordingly, and set up your first date post-haste. Or, if she beats you to the punch and asks you out first, be a gentleman and kindly accept (assuming you’re interested in going out).

They Answer Questions

It seems evident that if an older woman answers your questions, she might be interested. But one could argue she’s bored and needs something to pass the time. But if she answers your questions with open-ended responses, you’re in a good place.

If she answers your questions with follow-up questions, she wants to keep talking.

But, if you're getting backstory or personal information in her answers, she’s interested.

If you’re getting “yes” or “no” responses, you might want to reframe your questions.

Ask questions she can only answer with lengthier responses. That way she’ll have to put the time in (which she'll do if she’s interested), or she’ll ignore the question. Either way, you’ll have less ambiguity.

Their Message Is Lengthy

Since older women have busy schedules, they don’t have time to write novels to every guy who messages them. They only have time to write lengthy responses to the guys that interested them. If you get a lengthy response, it’s because she’s interested enough to send it. Keep in mind; it took her longer than it appears to write that message. She had to log on, sift through all the other guys, send out polite declines to each one, then come back to yours. Then she had to take the time to answer your questions thoughtfully. Each word in that message took three times as long as it looks.

The polite thing to do is to respond in kind. Send her a message that’s at least as thoughtful as the one she sent. It doesn’t have to be as long but should have as much consideration behind it. She’ll be able to tell.

They Flirt With You

After a few messages, older women will start flirting if they’re still interested. She may tease you about your day by making jokes. Or she may use emoticons to express flirtatious emotions she’d express if you were with her in person. She may compliment you more, or give other indicators it’s time to move the conversation offline.

This is a good time to suggest a first date. You can use her teasing as a launching point. Be bold. Go where every man has gone before.

They Contact You

If an older woman contacts you first, you know she's interested. Older women are initiating online interactions more often than in previous years. If you get a message from an older woman online, consider yourself lucky. Even though it’s becoming more common, it still doesn't happen all that often. So if you do see a lady you want to chat with, don’t wait around. Send off that message and see what happens.

Despite some stereotypes, most older women aren’t very mysterious. They don’t like to play games and will let you know if they’re interested. All you have to do is pick up on the clues and make your move before someone else does. With plenty of great dating sites available to meet older women, the odds are already in your favor.

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