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6 Ways Older Women Show Younger Men They Are Interested Online

An older woman showing a younger man she's interested online

It’s no secret that many younger men are attracted to beautiful cougars. Older women can be confident, sexy and even more attractive than younger girls. If you’re asking yourself what are the ways older women show younger men they are interested, you probably have a thing for more mature women. And you probably also know how hard it is to meet one who’s also interested in you.

Meeting cougars in real life might be difficult. It’s likely that you mostly hang out with people your age. So you're around older ladies only in formal settings, like your workplace. Needless to say, messing with your older coworker or boss isn’t a good idea!

Luckily, today’s dating apps make it possible to connect with a huge pool of singles, regardless of their age. By mentioning in your profile that you’re looking for an older woman, it’s possible to find one who could be interested in a relationship with you. Despite (or because of) your young age!

The only downside to dating apps is probably that, on them, it’s a little more difficult to assess whether a woman truly likes you or not. In real life, you can watch her body language to tell if she’s attracted to you. Online, all you have are her messages, emojis and photos.

However, don’t worry, because this guide will teach you how to decipher an older woman’s messages in order to learn if she’s truly interested in you. You won’t waste time reading and re-reading her texts looking for a sign that she likes you!

How Older Women Show Younger Men They're Interested Online

As we previously said, online dating is a great tool for men who like older women. More and more people are jumping on board and using it to meet their future spouse.

It’s a pretty straightforward process. Narrow your search, find the woman you like, send her a message, and wait. But how do you know if she’s interested in you?

If you pay close attention, you can pick out behaviors that show her interest in you. They're specific and designed to let you know she’s ready to move to the next stage.

These are signs that you will see if you are using a high-quality site. If you are spending your time on a low-quality site it can be a lot harder to meet real women. To make sure that you’re not wasting time on a site that won’t give you results, check out our list of tried and true dating sites for meeting older women.

Once you find the ideal site for your cougar hunt, here are the 7 ways older women show younger men they are interested online:

1. She asks you personal and meaningful questions

An older woman who’s truly interested in you won’t waste time with small talk. Instead, she’ll ask you personal and even intimate questions to get to know you better.

She may ask you questions about your relationship with your family or about your likes and dislikes. She may want to learn if you have some hobbies or interests in common with her. Alternatively, she might encourage you to talk about your pet peeves and small flaws to gauge whether you could be compatible with her or not.

Here are some questions that older women might ask. These questions help them understand if a guy would be a good match:

  • Have you ever dated older women before? If she asks this, she wants to know if you’re ready to face the stigma surrounding cougars and their young boyfriends. She wants to be absolutely sure that you're okay with a relationship with an older woman. This is especially true when the age gap is quite big.
  • How did your previous relationship end? She'll likely bring this up when you’ve been exchanging messages for a while. She wants to learn about your relationship patterns and check if you have unresolved issues with any of your exes. This is a telltale sign that she wants a long-term relationship with you.
  • What do you think a healthy relationship looks like? She’s trying to understand if your relationship values are the same as hers.

Whatever the topic she tries to tackle, remember that she wouldn’t ask if she wasn’t interested in you as a potential partner. Knowing these things is one of the things older women need before they date a younger man. Older women don’t have time to lose on bad relationships. So if she really likes you, she’ll go out of her way to understand if you could be the one for her.

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2. She replies quickly to your texts, possibly with a lengthy and meaningful message

Most older women have very busy lives. They usually have a well-established career, and it’s not uncommon for them to have children to raise or elderly parents to care for. However, if you can show her a good time despite her busy schedule, it's one reason an older woman will like you.

Additionally, when flirting with an attractive lady on a dating app, you have to remember that she receives dozens of messages every day. So if a hot cougar isn’t really into in you, she will take forever to reply or she won’t reply at all.

On the contrary, if you notice that she always replies quickly, it’s a very good sign! It means that she’s curious to learn more about you. She doesn't want to waste time. If you keep flirting with her online, she’ll probably tell you that she’s into you pretty soon.

Another sign of interest that you can spot online is when a woman replies to your texts with lengthy, meaningful messages. Again, an older woman has no time to exchange short messages about the weather with a guy she doesn’t really like. If she wants to get to know you better, she’ll use texts and messaging apps to ask you thoughtful questions and talk about personal topics.

3. Older women show younger men they are interested by shamelessly flirting

Older women aren’t usually shy, and they don’t play mind games at all. If she likes you, she’ll likely show her interest in a blatant way. This is something that younger men like in older women.

If you are flirting with her over social media sites and you haven’t published your relationship status, she’ll likely ask you whether you’re single or not and if you’re seeing someone else at the moment. This is a surefire sign of attraction!

Also, pay attention to how she uses emojis. A girly woman in her 20s may use heart emojis with everyone, from her boss to, you guessed it, the guy she just friendzoned.

Most older ladies, instead, tend to send heart emojis to guys only when they’re truly interested in dating them. To be absolutely sure that she likes you, check how frequently she uses the heart emoji on her public social media profiles. If she drops hearts in almost every comment and post, the emoji she sent you probably isn’t a sign of attraction.

Instead, if you notice that she uses heart emojis sparingly, consider yourself lucky: It’s very probable that she likes you and that she’s trying to flirt with you.

The same applies to other flirty emojis, like the face with heart-shaped eyes and the kiss mark. When a woman wants to bring the conversation to a sexier level, she could also use the fire emoji!

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4. She initiates contact with you

Our society teaches us that when it comes to dating, men should always make the first move. But does this principle apply to the internet world as well?

According to a survey conducted by the dating site The League, one out of three relationships born on the website started with the woman initiating contact. This is even more true when we talk about older ladies who are generally more confident than the younger ones.

Additionally, women know that making the first move on dating apps is rewarding. According to a study conducted by OkCupid, “women are 2.5x more likely to get a response than men if they initiate.”

If a beautiful cougar invested the time and energy to make the first move by sending you a thoughtful message, you can rest assured that she likes you!

5. She sends you pictures of herself

When a woman sends you pics of herself, she wants to show you her beauty. It doesn’t need to be something sexy: she could just send you a close-up of her eyes or a photo where she sports a new, flattering haircut.

Sometimes, a woman sends a guy she likes some selfies where she wears a new piece of clothing, asking him for fashion advice. It’s simply an excuse to let the man see her beautiful curves even if he’s not there with her!

Other times, an older lady might send you a selfie that shows what she’s doing or her hobbies and interests. This means that she’s into you enough to share a piece of her daily life with you. Maybe she’s also trying to spark the conversation to see if you have some interests in common with her.

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6. The most obvious way older women show younger men they are interested? When she initiates the first date!

As we previously said, older women aren’t shy. On the contrary, they may be way more confident than someone your age. We also said that they have very busy lives. So they don’t like to waste time chatting endlessly with a potential partner without ever seeing him in person.

An older woman is wise enough to know that the real connection between two potential lovers begins offline. If she really likes you, she won’t wait for you to work up the courage to ask her out. But she’ll make the first move as soon as she feels enough attraction.

For this reason, if your older date asks you out for a coffee or a run at the park, you can be absolutely sure that she likes you. Only time will tell if she’ll consider you the right partner for her. But it’s a very good start!

Despite some stereotypes, most older women aren’t very mysterious. They don’t like to play games and will let you know if they’re into you. As you can see from our guide, the ways older women show younger men they are interested are pretty obvious.

All you have to do is pick up on the clues and make your move before someone else does. With plenty of great dating sites available to meet older women, the odds are already in your favor!


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