Why Older Women Like Younger Men - The Top 10


main photo of why older women like younger menA recent study on online dating has shed some light on why older women like younger men so much. The study showed that the average woman tends to reply to a man that’s 5 years + her junior. But why the shift in relationship dynamics?

Why do older women like younger men?

The Top 10 Reasons Why Older Women Like Younger Men

Here are the most common reasons and why they are important. If you have spent any time talking with single older women or on one of the top rated sites for dating older women you might have thought of a few of these yourself.

It’s Science

It’s a simple fact that as you grow older, fertility declines and a woman’s body goes into panicky survival mode. To ensure that a woman has the maximum chance of still reproducing, her sex drive gets supercharged. Whilst her libido skyrockets, the libidos of men her age are all moving toward little blue pills. A younger man who’s still very sexually active is the answer to this physical need of the older women.

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Take it Easy

Studies have shown that except for the fact that older women and younger men are sexually more compatible in terms of libido, younger men want more casual sex and older woman are more willing to have casual sex.

Bring on the Excitement!

Excitement is also why older women like younger men. Young men are still energetic, and they still enjoy discovering new things.  Older men physically can’t compete with the vitality of a younger man. And older men are pretty set in their ways; they have already discovered all they wanted to discover and have settled into a routine existence which a lot of older women find excruciatingly boring.

Looking Good!

It comes as no surprise that younger men are physically more fit and attractive than older men. Older women who take good care of themselves and are looking for a man who does the same. Unfortunately nature is against older men, and a carpet on your back or nose hair is not something they would like to be seen with.

Feeling Good

The fact that an older woman is romantically tied to a younger man is a big ego boost to her. She is reminded that a good looking guy who could have his pick of the younger woman chose to rather be with her. Some also enjoy the jealous looks of older men when out with a younger guy and some even thrive on the disapproving looks of those who frown upon the age gap.

In the Driver’s seat

Control is another reason why older women like younger men. As they are the older counterpart and have more experience, it’s often the case that the older woman takes control over the situation. Whether it is more of a subconscious decision is debatable, but younger men are more than happy to be “mothered” by their older partner.

For a lot of older women who might’ve had some bad experiences in the past, this is the perfect solution 

No Status Needed

Times have changed a lot and gone are the days where the woman sat at home, washing laundry and making dinner for her successful man. Unfortunately, older men aren’t always on track with the changing times.

It seems that younger men are not easily intimidated by an older, more successful partner. In fact, most like being the spoilt one for a change. It’s also a much bigger compliment when an impressive woman is with you because she wants to be and not because she needs to be.

About Not Meeting the Parents

Older women have either made a conscious decision not to marry or they’ve already been down that road. They are in no hurry to get a ring on their finger or settle down. Younger men are also less likely to be searching for this kind of serious commitment too soon. The fact that there is not a lot of pressure on them is another reason why older women like younger men.

Knowledge is Power

Another reason why older women like younger men is because of a feeling that they are busy “teaching” the ways of the world to the younger men. Let’s face it; they’ve had years of life experience and it’s inevitable that they have certain skills that the younger men don’t. The younger men are also not complaining, especially when it comes to a learning curve in the bedroom.


Many older women dating younger men say that they never intended to go that route; they were never actively searching for that big age gap and they simply naturally gravitated toward them due to their personalities. Well, we don’t know how true that is – lightning doesn’t strike twice. If you keep dating younger men, you are clearly looking for certain characteristics that only they have which might entail all of the above.

Why older women like younger men is a question that has been discussed at numerous tea parties, within the halls of the academia, at clubs after a cougar and her cub walks in or when it’s highlighted in Hollywood society. There are a lot of theories, but these are the top 10 generally accepted by all parties involved. We hope you’ve gained some insight into why older women like younger men. If you are looking to find and attractive older woman or younger man don't forget to check out our list of the highest rated sites for dating older women and younger men.

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  • jim

    I have noticed over the past year that my wife appears to stare at young men say in their mid 20's. These guys she seems to check out have all the same features. Not so much do they have to be great looking, but tall, very thin and it appears a certain style of clothes. Old, tight low rise jeans and either leather or Levi jackets. If he has a good body but is not wearing the style of clothes mentioned above, she has no attraction. Im 42 wife is 34 and I guess by what I read in this article, it is common for a very good looking older women in good shape to be attracted to the young guys in good shape and who can wear the tight jeans to show off his body. I sure would like some feed back.

  • Alician power

    All you have to do is be young at heart , be mature with your relationship , be adventurous with her do things you guys never experienced , be more sexual with her plan romantic trips with her surprise her with flowers and gifts work out for your body STAY IN SHAPE !! Always smell good dress sharp , you know I don't understand why older women want younger men if young men are not mentally mature and don't have a pot to piss in, older women want them for sex and younger men want them for there money

  • MelB

    jim, if your wife has recently started staring at young men with a particular body type and style of dress (she doesn't look at them if they're not dressed a particular way? that's a little odd) - I'm gonna go out on a limb and say her eye is caught because they remind her of someone in particular.

  • MelB

    Alician power, why ask why older women want younger men when you answered it yourself, and the article lays it out pretty plainly. They want sex with a younger, more virile body and the ego boost it gives them to still be able to turn that guy on.

  • Steve

    This article makes me feel like, if I'm say in my mid 40s but still in great shape and not bald etc, and not interested in being a sugar daddy for the gold diggers in their 20s and 30s then my dating pool is basically women in their 50s and 60s. That's... depressing.

  • Mike

    I met a woman on a dating site who happens to go to my Church. She's divorced and wants a guy 0-5 years younger than her. I'm 4 years older. It sucks because we are very compatible but she's hung up on her age requirement. I wonder if she's not seriously looking or wants to be the boss of the relationship which seems to be more common. But she kind of dresses like a younger woman so I don't know if it's the fountain of youth she's seeking or if she's superficial. But other than being in good shape, which I suspect is more genetics, she looks her age and she's really not pretty. So I expect her to be looking for a long time. And she has the nerve to judge me.

  • Charles B.

    I am a guy who just turned 52 and have never been married, just always valued my freedom. Over the years I have dated lots of ladies, some much older. I have always been more for how a woman looks than her age. Of all the gals I have been with, I must say that one much older woman was on top of the list. She was 18 years older and a fantastic lady with class and looked just a couple of years older than me. She knew more about pleasing a man in bed than any woman I knew and had absolutely no inhibitions. I can understand why many younger men prefer an older woman, they have valuable experience in bed and most are not reserved when its time to use it.

  • Mark

    When I was a teenager, one of my best friends mother was absolutely fantastic ! I think she knew that I was very interested. At that time she was 35 and could pass for 25 easily. She was very flirty and she loved showing of her fantastic body. She caught me looking several times and each time, she smiled that beautiful smile as if to give me permission to enjoy. This lady has always remained my "Dream woman !" Now at 55 she still is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and I still would love to have her!

  • Dino

    It's just pure lust.that's the driver

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