9 Proven Portland Hookup Apps, Sites And Bars To Make 2020 Awesome

Portland Oregon hookup bar full of peopleCities don’t get much more beautiful than Portland. Sure, the mountains, rivers and parks are nice to look at, but we’re talking about all the sexy people. Whether you’re using Portland hookup apps or heading out to the bars, the talent in this town is downright ridiculous. That’s why we love it here.

Unfortunately, getting laid in Portland can be easier said than done. Even with Portland State and Reed College bringing an influx of attractive singles every year, everyone has dry spells from time to time. We’ve all had those nights were the bars are empty and even the apps seem to be vacated. It can be pretty discouraging.

The problem for most people is they’re hitting up the wrong bars and using the wrong hookup apps in Portland. If you know where to go and which sites to visit, you’ll have way better odds, no matter if you’re in Forest Park or Centennial. This is a city of nearly 700,000 people, not some backwoods stop like Bend.

That’s why we’ve created this list of our favorite Portland hookup apps, sites and bars. Read on and watch your lonely nights disappear. Comment down below to let us know how they work for you.

Get Results with These Solid Portland Hookup Apps & Hookup Bars

Hookup apps and websites have made one-night stands easier, but there are still plenty of ways to go wrong. Never fear, though; rely on these Portland hookup apps and sites and you’ll be plenty happy.

Pépé Le Moko is an intimate and sexy--the best bar to get laid in Portland

Pépé Le Moko is an intimate and sexy--the best bar to get laid in Portland


Situated in the Ace Hotel on 10th Avenue, Pépé le Moko is an intimate bunker-style bar with a European flair. It’s an underground bar with mood lighting that will make you and your companion feel like you’re the only two people there. It’s a pretty small bar, so it can require a wait, but that just helps intensify the connection once you’re seated inside.

Visitors love the cocktails, and that makes sense because Portland is a cocktail bar heaven. They have a small menu of bar snacks and international small plates, but you don’t come to Pépé for the food. The atmosphere is all about seduction, making this spot one of the best Portland hookup bars.

Hooking up in Portland is easiest with Adult FriendFinder for most guys (try it free)

Hookup app Adult FriendFinder

Sometimes when you’re looking for a quick fling, you want an app for a specific niche. Other times, you want something that offers as broad a user base as possible. If you’re currently in the latter camp, then you need the best hookup site in Portland, Adult FriendFinder. AFF is, indeed, a friendly app, one with over 90 million active users.

For most people out there (especially guys) Adult FriendFinder is going to give you the best results and is the first app you should try. You really don’t have anything to lose by checking it out and could give yourself a lot of new options. We have seen the best response from women using it and are pretty confident you will too.

On our annual lists of the top hookup apps and sites, AFF consistently appears in the #1 slot. It’s been around for over two decades and has been one of the top sites of its kind for more than half of that time. Most of its users would be just fine using only AFF from now on, it’s just that good. It helps that, unlike some other apps, AFF has no problem being nothing more than a hookup app.

We think that the vast majority of guys will find unbeatable success in finding a hookup on AFF.

People of all looks, ages and preferences are on Adult FriendFinder, with an especially high number of people in their 30s. This is an essential Portland hookup site, and one that you should definitely have in your stable. For the easiest connections with the most diverse user base, there really is no other better option.

Try AFF For Free


Jones Retro Dance Club has plenty of character

Jones Retro Dance Club has plenty of character and is perfect for Portland hookups


Portland doesn’t do anything like other cities. Even their dance clubs need to be a little eccentric, which is exactly how we’d describe Jones Retro Dance Club. With an affinity for all things old school, the DJs at Jones keep the night fun and propulsive with a mix of jams from the 80s and 90s (no Lady Gaga on this dance floor).

Cover prices are very reasonable, and though drinks are a bit pricey, that doesn’t scare away the crowds. In fact, this place is packed with gorgeous women every weekend (it’s only open Fridays and Saturdays). The throwback jams also bring out the over-30 crowd, so if you have a taste for older women, this club has to be a regular stop for you.

Portland guys are connecting with older women 35+ on Cougar Life pretty easily (try it free)

Cougar Life hookup app

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of older women around these parts. Women over 30 make better partners, in life and in bed. For guys in their 20s who are interested in hooking up with a woman over 35, you need to sign up to Cougar Life immediately. This is by far the best cougar hookup app out there.

There are a few reasons for Cougar Life’s superiority over other like-minded apps. For one, it’s got over 7 million users, which is a huge number for this type of app. There are tons of women on here, which helps make it the highest quality cougar hookup app. This isn’t just an Oregon thing, either. Guys of all ages are using this app in cities across the US.

Our annual review of the best cougar apps and sites always finds Cougar Life at the top of the list. It’s an app that fills a real need, because a lot of older women feel judged when they approach a younger man at the bar. Some people still think it’s weird. There are no judgments on this app, though, so older women feel free to prowl.

Whether you’re a guy in your 20s, 30s or are even older, Cougar Life is a must-try app. If you’ve never been with an older woman and fear you don’t have the skills to wine and dine her, we can help. Our course on dating women over 30 will give you the tips you need to connect with confidence. Sign up and have some fun out there.

After trying out all the solid cougar bars and other usual locations to meet a cougar in Portland we highly recommend it.

Try Cougar Life For Free


Teardrop Lounge is cool and sexy

Teardrop Lounge is cool and sexy and perfect for Portland hookups


Found in the Pearl District, the Teardrop Lounge helped establish Portland’s cocktail craze when it opened in 2007. For fans of mixed drinks with style, this lounge has a lot to offer when you're looking for local hookups near you. Their cocktail list is long (with a glossary to help you navigate it) and includes both classic and original concoctions.

Bring a date here and they will definitely be impressed, not only with the excellent drinks but also the cool vibe. If you show up alone, that’s no problem. Just grab a seat at the bar, order a cocktail and let the relaxed atmosphere help you jumpstart a conversation with a stranger. The night can go anywhere when it starts at Teardrop.

More Top Portland Hookup Bars And Hookup Sites

After you’ve become a hookup app Jedi, you’ll undoubtedly feel like trying your skills in person. When you do, you’ll want to hit up these hookup bars in Portland.

Landmark Saloon will transport you to the Old West

Landmark Saloon will transport you to the Old West and get you laid in Detroit


As we’ve said, Portland is an eclectic place. As proof, head to Landmark Saloon, a country-themed bar in Southeast Portland that looks like someone’s house. Go inside and you’ll find an honest-to-god saloon-style bar that regularly features live music. If you don’t want to drink inside, they also have a great outdoor space with a firepit and food cart.

In many ways, Landmark is the best bar where you can get laid in Portland. It’s a little quirky, a little folksy, and entirely welcoming. You’ll find all kinds of people here having a great Saturday afternoon or drinking late into the night. In terms of Portland hookup bars, they don’t come much more relaxed or fun.

Look good and get laid in Portland with Tinder

Hookup app Tinder

Over the last few years, one app has become synonymous with Millennial hookup culture: Tinder. It’s hard to find anyone under the age of 40 who hasn’t tried this app at least once. It’s become a genuine phenomenon, and yet, for a lot of users, past and current, Tinder doesn't help you get laid in Portland as quickly as you'd hope.

The uncomfortable fact is, Tinder is basically designed to work for the best looking people. Women should be fairly attractive, but guys have to be downright hotties to have much luck with this app. We’re talking about being in the top 10% of looks. Less good-looking guys get lucky from time to time, but it can be a depressingly unproductive experience.

If you’re a woman and within the right age range (most successful users are between 18 and 28), you’ll have some fun with Tinder. Maybe you’ll only use it to give yourself an ego boost, but if you do decide to meet up with someone for a quickie, you’ll have plenty of options. There’s a reason this app is all the rage among Portland State sorority sisters.

It seems like Tinder is becoming less of a place where you can get laid in Portland and more of a place to find your next relationship. We don’t know how much that will change the experience for users, but if you’re good-looking enough, Tinder will always be one of the best Portland hookup apps.

Try Tinder For Free


The Lovecraft Bar is the best bar to get laid in Portland if you're into horror

The Lovecraft Bar is the best bar to get laid in Portland if you're into horror


People want us to “Keep Portland Weird,” so we really couldn’t end out our list without mentioning one of the most idiosyncratic bars in the city. The Lovecraft Bar is a horror-themed nightclub named after one of the masters of the genre. This is a truly strange place with pentagrams and other ghastly images all around.

A horror bar might not be what you think of when you’re looking for a hookup, but trust us, this is a unique gem. Sure, the crowd can be a little intense at times, but they’re also open-minded, up for anything and ready to have fun. If that’s not what you look for in a hookup bar in Portland, you’re probably in the wrong town.

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