2020’s 10 Popular Spot to Meet Single Women Seeking Men in Memphis

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With more than 650,000 residents, Memphis is a sneakily large city. It can feel like a small town if you keep hitting up the same spots every week. In fact, though, this city has tons to offer with countless ways to meet new people. If you’ve been wondering where all the single women seeking men in Memphis are, we’re here to tell you.

Too many people give up on finding someone special and settle for night after night of routine and safe bars. Maybe they feel like they peaked when they were in college and the dating scene has passed them by. We don’t buy it. Love isn’t just for care-free University of Memphis coeds. If you have the right tools, you can find it too.

From Southaven to Bartlett, single women in Memphis are looking to meet you. You’re not stuck out in Earle; there are opportunities all around you. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best Memphis bars, clubs and much more. This is where locals make the connections that really matter.

Take a tour through our list below and give your social life a boost. If we’ve left any great ideas off our list, let us know in the comments. We’re always trying to stay up to date on the best recommendations.

Find Single Women Seeking Men in Memphis Down Below

We like nothing more than helping people find that special someone, no matter their age, background or desires. Keep reading to find out where all the Memphis single women are.

Bar DKDC represents everything Memphis does right

Bar DKDC is a great bar to meet single women seeking men in Memphis


In a city that prides itself on food and good times, Karen Carrier’s Bar DKDC has plenty to be proud of. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant or a bar, this is an ideal spot for new connections. The fun energy of its charming décor is reflected in both its eclectic menu and excellent drinks.

Of course, there are a lot of great restaurants and bars in Memphis. What really sets DKDC apart is the atmosphere. With space for musical acts to perform and comfortable seating all around, it makes for a fun night out. Whether you’re meeting for a date or out looking to meet someone new, this is the spot to be.

Adult FriendFinder is the easiest way to find Memphis' single women who just want to jump in bed (try it free)

Guys who are tired of meeting women who only want a long-term relationship need to give Adult FriendFinder a shot. Unlike Tinder, which is really only good if you're a very good looking dude, AFF actually gets results for regular guys. We haven't found an easier way to meet a lot of single women who are just looking to keep it casual.

This site is for us normal folks who have tired of the shallow experience of Tinder and the like. In particular, it’s the best platform for connecting with people of all ages looking to get some action. For men or women, it’s the best site for arranging casual relationships and friends with benefits. With over 90 million members there are going to be a lot of options for you.

Women on Adult FriendFinder know exactly what they want, so there’s no need to beat around the bush.

On our annual rankings of the best hookup apps and sites, AFF regularly dominates. With its global popularity, it’s the site most people would pick over any other. Get it today and search by distance, cup size, and even sexual kink. Once you’ve tried it, we bet Adult FriendFinder will be your new best friend.

Lucchesi’s Beer Garden is where single women seeking men in Memphis hang out

Lucchesi’s Beer Garden is where single women seeking men in Memphis hang out


Some call Lucchesi’s Beer Garden a “hidden gem,” but based on its popularity, it’s not hiding very well. Located in East Buntyn, Lucchesi’s isn’t just one of the finest beer gardens in the city. It’s also one of the best places to meet single women in Memphis. The simple reason for that is, it’s where they like to go for a drink.

Beer gardens in general are great places to meet someone. That’s because they tend to be spacious, relaxed locations where you can actually hold a conversation. Instead of constantly fighting for a drink and yelling over crowds, you can make a genuine connection. Try one of Lucchesi’s 150 craft beers while you’re getting to know that special someone.

Cougar Life has beautiful Memphis women over 35 by the gallon

Getting online is one way you can be sure to find single women seeking men in Memphis. The many apps and sites out there create a safe and casual environment for first encounters. That’s especially true if you’re into women with a bit more experience. If you’re tired of the flirty but flighty 20-somethings, meet women over 35 on Cougar Life.

Cougar Life is the largest and easiest app for initiating connections with older women. Its 7 million users is a big reason it regularly tops our annual list of best cougar apps and sites. It’s not just that it has a lot of users. Cougar Life is a high-quality site for men of all ages to meet single older women in Memphis.

If you’ve been out in this city, you know there are plenty of older beauties around. So why are they so hard to get with? Because they’re sick of the bar scene. It’s mostly a waste of time for women over 35. Beyond the risk of rejection, there is the stigma older women face if they’re seeking casual connections.

That’s why so many women are on Cougar Life looking for younger guys as well as men their age. If you’re hoping to meet someone tonight, this site will make it happen. You’ll even be notified as soon as someone looks at your profile. Check it out and find out why experience is always more fun than youth.

Classic Hitz has the soul of the city

Classic Hitz has plenty of Memphis single women


The classic club and lounge is what most people think of when they go out to meet women. You have the live music, the busy bar and the scores of lovely ladies floating back and forth, looking fine. Unfortunately, most clubs are too expensive or too grungy to be of any good for actually meeting women. Enter Classic Hitz and Classic Soul.

This lively bar gets crowded with dancers, drinkers and anyone in Memphis wanting a good time. It’s a place where there are always people having a good time, whether they’re dancing or just chilling with friends. It’s also a spot for women to let loose and have a blast. Since they’re there, you should be too.

The Rumba Room is all about that Latin groove

The Rumba Room is all about that Latin groove that single women in Memphis love


If what you enjoy about the club scene is the dancing, skip the lounges for the Memphis Rumba Room. Billed as a salsa nightclub, the Latin vibe extends beyond the dance floor. They offer a menu of Latin food, and the drinks will make you feel like you’re on an island. Of course, the best part: the women.

Is there anything sexier in the world than a woman who knows how to shake and groove? There’s a reason Jennifer Lopez is still topping lists of the sexiest women at 50. We’re not saying you’ll meet the next JLo at the Rumba Room, but we’re not not saying it either. Get your dance shoes on and find your Latin rhythm.

More Hot Spots for Single Women in Memphis

We realize the spots we’ve mentioned are pretty popular, so maybe you’ve already tried them. For even fresher ideas for meeting single women in Memphis, look below.

Blue Suede Ballroom will put a spring in your step

Blue Suede Ballroom will put a spring in your step and get you in touch with single women seeking men in Memphis


Did all that talk of dancing up above get your heart beating faster? Do you constantly trip over your own feet? Maybe it’s time you got some lessons and discover your own rhythm. Blue Suede Ballroom is happy to teach you how to move with style. From Latin moves to traditional ballroom, and most everything in between, they can help you out.

Beyond helping you not embarrass yourself at the club, dance classes are perfect for meeting women. That’s because in any given class, there is almost always going to be more women than men. That puts you at a great advantage. Even if you are a bit clumsy on your feet, you’re all there to learn. It’s low pressure and a lot of fun.

Planet Fitness welcomes all the active single women in Memphis

Planet Fitness welcomes all the active single women in Memphis


Another great way to stay active and meet women is the gym. Not only will you get fit, but you’ll be placing yourself in a social situation where casual interactions are normal. You can take classes or just work out on the machines. Either way, you’ll be surrounded by a bevy of attractive women.

Our personal choice is Planet Fitness because the facilities are clean and not overrun by meatheads. It’s not an aggressively intimidating place like those CrossFit spots, but the clientele is still young and outgoing. Once you’ve started a routine, initiating a conversation with another regular will be simple.

The Hub is a café that makes you feel at home

The Hub is a café that makes single women in Memphis feel at hope


Memphis has a great bar scene, but you probably don’t want to be going out every night. It gets expensive and starts to seem like you have a drinking problem (which, of course, you don’t). Still, what are you to do when you feel like a relaxed, social outing? Obviously, you hit up the coffee shops.

We’re big fans of The Hub in Briarcrest because their whole vibe is welcoming and friendly. It’s the kind of place where single women seeking men in Memphis like to hang out. The coffee is delicious and the seating is clean and comfortable (no bed bug-infested bean bag chairs). Trust us, the coffee house is where connections happen.

eHarmony has 20 years of experience in making true connections

Speaking of connections, there may be no greater tool for that purpose than eHarmony. Created over 20 years ago, eHarmony is a website that shows why internet dating is here to stay. With over 33 million users, it’s the most popular site in the US and Canada. It’s also the site with which we’ve personally found the best results.

Over the years, eHarmony has gained a reputation as a premier dating site by building smart algorithms. It uses detailed questions and full profiles to help you match with only the strongest connections. When you’re sick of the games and looking for the highest quality Memphis single women, you need eHarmony .

Let us throw some statistics at you. eHarmony has 15 million matches daily and is the site that is responsible for 75% of all internet-initiated marriages. Roughly 70% of all users meet their eventual spouses within a year, and the gender balance is nearly even. Impressive, right?

eHarmony gets those results because they’ve taken 20 years of data to ensure connections are the real deal. It’s not a site where women are just bombarded with messages and dick picks. If you match with someone and send a message, you’re actually going to get a response. Believe us, we know how rare that can be on other sites.

If you’re ready to settle down, eHarmony is ready to make a love connection.

Pre-Dating keeps your love life moving

Pre-Dating keeps your love life moving with all the Memphis single women you'll meet


There are countless single women seeking men in Memphis. And just like you, they get frustrated by all the disappointing bar nights and bad first dates. Nobody likes to spend night after night trying to meet people only to end up alone. That’s why the concept of speed dating was created. It increases your odds while decreasing your time investment.

Pre-Dating is a national company that arranges speed dating nights in Memphis. Don’t picture the rom-com version of a speed date where you meet nothing but wacky characters. Like you, speed daters are normal people who want to cut through the BS and find love. Give it a go; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy and fun it can be.

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