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12 Ideas You Need To Try With Your Girlfriend (Having Fun And Building Attraction)

Not sure what to do with your girlfriend? Go on a picnic!

A great relationship should be filled with memories and experiences you can look back on and remember all the amazing moments you shared together. Coming up with new things to do with your girlfriend can be challenging, especially when you have exhausted every good idea after your first few months of dating.

Most relationships start off great. You are trying your best to impress her by taking her to cool places. But then the novelty wears off and you just don’t know what to do with your girlfriend.

Another weekend has passed and you end up doing the same stuff you did last weekend. Another Netflix series. Another takeaway from the same place you went to last weekend. You are slowly becoming more like those boring and predictable couples who have given up on creating magic in their relationship.

A common mistake most guys make is that they pull out all the stops to get the girl, but after a while they get lazy and stop doing the things that attracted her in the first place. They are then surprised to hear that she has lost interest in the relationship or worse, met another guy.

In a relationship, you have to keep giving it your best if you want her desire for you to last. This doesn’t mean you can never watch another Netflix series with her ever again. It just means you mix it up more often.

This element of surprise and anticipation is what keeps a relationship exciting and fresh. For a woman to stay attracted to you in a long-term relationship, she has to feel a range of emotions. And you give this to her by creating a range of different experiences together.

I am going to share my top 12 fun things to do with your girlfriend so you create a deeper bond through shared experiences and learn more about each other.

What to Do with Your Girlfriend When You’re Broke

Dating can be expensive. Taking her to another expensive restaurant or expensive cocktail bar can take a serious toll on your credit card if you aren’t careful. If you want to keep showing her an amazing time every weekend, you have to come up with creative dating ideas that don’t break the bank.

I remember a time in my life when I was broke and didn’t know what to do with my girlfriend. I knew she wanted to go out to the best restaurants and bars. I felt embarrassed because I just didn’t have the funds to take her there.

So I needed to come up with fun things to do with my girlfriend that were free or didn’t cost a lot of money. I had to give her an experience as good as going to a fancy restaurant but without the expensive bill at the end of it. So here’s what I came up with:

Learn how to give a massage

Women are crazy about them! It is very easy to learn the basics of how to give a Swedish massage and let me tell you, she is going to feel so good after you apply your newfound techniques on her.

I recommend you get some coconut oil, place it in the microwave for a few seconds and practice the massage strokes you learned. Your girlfriend is going to feel super relaxed and her desire for “more” will increase by the minute.

To make the ambiance even more erotic, you can add some scented candles and play some relaxing music. What girl doesn’t want a man who can make her feel so good with his hands? Seriously, watch the jealous look her friends give her when she tells them you know how to give a full body massage.

New course

Cook together

A man who can cook is sexy no matter what. Ask a woman what top 5 skills she would want her man to have and I bet you cooking is going to be there. There is something primal about a man who can cook up a storm in the kitchen and nourish her body with delicious food. When she sees you preparing a meal, it is going to trigger those primal attraction switches.

There is also something very therapeutic and relaxing about cooking with your partner. So dig up some delicious recipes, put on your favorite tunes, fire up the stove and get creative in the kitchen.

Bonus tip: invite your friends around or organize a double date and give them a “come dine with me” experience. Showing off your cooking skills and hosting skills to her girlfriends is going to gain you many brownie points.

Play a board game for two

Couple playing Jenga

If you are wondering what to do with your girlfriend when you’re bored because you have no money, then playing a fun board game for two is a great idea. Instead of turning on the TV and mindlessly staring at the screen together in silence, whip out a cool board game.

My favorite board games for two people are Uno, Connect 4 and Jenga. They are always fun and a great way to get both of you laughing and talking about childhood memories.

Stuff to Do with Your Girlfriend When You Can’t Hang Out at Home

Hanging out at home with your girlfriend might not always be an option, especially if you are sharing with housemates or living at home with your parents. In that case, you will want to find things to do with your gf without going to each other’s houses. Of course, most great date ideas require you to go out, but here are my top 3 tips for what to do with your girlfriend when you can’t hang out at home;

Book a hotel for one night

Women love to escape their everyday life and experience what it is like to wake up in a new environment. I’d suggest looking for a hotel with a good restaurant, in the countryside and with spa facilities.

There are some amazing discounted deals on sites like Groupon which won’t set you back too much. Or if you are on a tighter budget you can check out AirBnB.

In the end, it’s all about newness and variation. If you keep surprising her with new things, she will feel a range of different emotions. This is what keeps a relationship interesting and exciting. The important thing is that you took the lead and showed initiative.

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Picnic in the park

One of the nicest things to do with your gf is to put together a picnic and find a lovely spot to sit in your local park. You can spend hours relaxing together enjoying the natural beauty while you soak up the sun and enjoy a nice lunch together.

My bonus tip is to pack some extra veggies and if there is a pond in the park then go feed the ducks. There is something that feels so good about feeding animals. It will be another positive experience she can link to you.

Go for a hike

Couple going for a hike

I’m a big believer in the power of nature. So, going for a hike and exploring the outdoors is a great activity for a spontaneous couple.

You can do a quick Google search to find a popular hiking trail in your area. Not only will you have deep conversations as you walk side by side but you will be working up a sweat. Nothing feels better than the post-endorphin rush you get after a day of hiking.

Activities to Do with Your Girlfriend in the Morning

There is something magical about early morning dates with your girlfriend. It’s probably because most of us start the day off on the wrong foot. We are rushing around to get ready and panicking because we might be late.

I know it can be hard to wake up earlier in the morning but doing stuff together in the morning can make a huge difference to the rest of your day.

Early morning workout

What better way to get the endorphins flowing than an early morning workout? It’s a proven mood booster. Exercising in the morning will leave you both feeling revitalized and ready for the day. Even if she doesn’t feel up for a heart-pumping workout, even a morning walk can do the trick.

Have breakfast together

A breakfast date in the kitchen

Many busy professionals rush breakfast or completely skip it. Having breakfast with your partner is another great way to start the day. Taking a few minutes to sit together, chat and nourish your body with the right stuff to fuel your day can be a nice way to keep the love flowing in a relationship.

Watch the sunrise together

Now for those of you who want to go the extra mile and show off your romantic nature, then watching a sunrise with her is going to create an amazing experience together.

Find the best spots in your area to watch a sunrise. You will need to set your alarm. Pour some flasks of coffee to wake you up and bring some breakfast snacks to your chosen location.

I am a typical night owl, so I know it’s painfully early. But it will be a memorable, beautiful, romantic date that she will remember for a long time.

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What to Do with Her at Night

I know what you’re thinking. And while yes, some of the sexiest dates happen at night, there’s more to it than just laying in bed and going at it. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood, and that’s fine! On nights when you don’t know what else to do with your girlfriend, here are some ideas.

Go to an arcade

Embrace your inner child and take her to an arcade. You can shoot some hoops, play air hockey, maybe even a game of bingo. Either way, going to an arcade for a night out will create hours of fun for both of you.

Creating a little competition to see who can end up with the most tickets and tokens at the end of the night is a fun game to play. At the end of the night, you can then combine your tokens and get her a little gift so she can always remember the experience.

There are even some adult arcades now where you can go grab a beer and play your favorite childhood games. If there is one in your city, this can be another option.

Learn a new skill with night classes

Learning new skills together is a great way to keep your relationship growing stronger through the years. Rather than passively sitting in the same restaurant and talking about the same stuff, a new skill gives you an opportunity to learn something you can be proud of.

Dancing is always a great thing to do with your partner. Learning how to tango will make her feel sexier and it will get your hearts racing as you hold each other.

If that’s not your thing you could also learn a language, try out gardening, improve your cooking skills, learn yoga or try a creative craft. Just this idea alone could keep your relationship interesting and exciting for years to come.

Late-night coffee and city tour

One of the most intensely romantic dates I’ve ever had was when I was on a short stay in London. I met a girl the previous night and I had already booked a late-night bus tour of London for myself. So, I invited her to join me.

We picked up a coffee and explored London together on an open-top bus. There was something incredibly romantic about looking at a city lit up at night. We were in our own little love bubble as we watched a bustling city go to sleep.

Woody Allen once said, “I think a relationship is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies”. Hopefully, you’ve gained some fun ideas about what to do with your girlfriend so she becomes more in love with you throughout the years.


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