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Where To Go On A Date With A Woman (8 Places That Always Work)


You should want your dates to be memorable. One of the best ways to do that is knowing where to go on a date.

While you should always be dressed appropriately and have proper manners to have a successful date, it’s far from everything. The location of any date can set you up for disaster or success from the start.

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Where to go on a date women will love

A run-down restaurant with bad food is sure to kill whatever moves you were planning on making. Something too fancy for your date can make her uncomfortable by putting too much pressure on her. That's just a huge waste especially if you took the effort to go quickly from your first phone conversation to your first date.

Of course, if you’re still trying to find that beautiful woman to take out on a date, we’ve got you covered. We’ve actually put together a complete course on how to find, meet, and attract beautiful women. It’s that dating profile that could give you some clues as to where you should be booking your reservations.

All of it really depends on your date, her interests and desires. But there are some can’t-miss notes you should be taking to ensure you stand out on your dates. Let’s take a look at the best spots to go on a date and what makes them so special.

Take her dancing

If you both enjoy music and dancing, a great idea for a date is a spot where you can dance together.

A bar with live music or a dance club is fine. You can even attend a dance class together to learn how to salsa, cha-cha or swing dance.

Taking your date dancing will guarantee a fun and exciting experience because you’ll be physical with one another right from the start. And physical contact is one of the most important parts of a successful date.

Another side benefit, dance clubs are actually fantastic places to meet other women looking to hook up fast. So if your date doesn't work out there are a lot of other options out there for you.

The more you’re touching each other, the faster she’ll become comfortable with you. This will eventually make it substantially easier to take things to a more intimate level. No need to wonder too much how many dates to go on before you can have sex.

So if you’re already a great dancer, then take her somewhere with great music and show off your skills. On the other hand, if you’re a complete beginner, that’s fine too. Dance classes can help you improve your skills while having a fun time.

This type of date is perfect because physical activity also releases happy hormones like serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. Add to that the oxytocin that’s released from touching and it makes up that romantic heat every date should want.

New course

Play a fun game

Instead of doing the same old stuff like grabbing a coffee and just talking, take her to play a fun game. It can be any game like miniature golfing, pool, or even bowling. Innocent, lighthearted and good fun makes for a fantastic atmosphere for your inner children to connect. These are also good tips for a fun first date.

A date like this has a lot of benefits. First, it alleviates pressure that people often feel when going on traditional dates. Second, you can easily have lots of fun together because these games can often be goofy and silly as well as competitive. All of this leads to ample opportunities for flirting, lighthearted teasing, banter and touching -- a recipe for a good time.

Plus, if you happen to be better than her at this stuff, you can always propose to teach her. Show her how to hold the golf club or the pool cue. Direct her movements and fix her posture. Coach her on her technique as you stand right next to her.

This will make the date become a physical encounter between the two of you, similar to if you took her dancing. She’ll quickly become very comfortable with you being near and touching her.

Combine all that with some light flirting, laughter and silly antics. She’ll definitely have a great time with you and remember this date for a long while.

On a date like this, you can even take things further and bet on the outcome of the game. Raise the stakes and play for something interesting. Depending on the comfort level, anything from a kiss to a full-body massage for the winner can segue a great date into much more.

Whichever way you look at it, playing a game together is a fantastic date idea that’ll help you seduce her too.

Head to a theme park or carnival

Another awesome idea of where to go on a date is a theme park or carnival.

Places like these are high-energy environments with lots of stuff going on at once. Plus, they’re always full of fun, silly and exciting activities you can both do together.

Theme parks, in particular, are amazing because they can give your date a hefty dose of adrenaline. Which is an awesome thing because adrenaline is proven to increase attraction and arousal in people.

In other words, due to the overwhelming emotions women can experience at theme parks, they’ll start liking you more than usual. Not many guys know this so use this knowledge to your advantage. Just don’t be reckless and take things too far!

Oh, and don’t forget to hold hands when you’re taking part in the fun rides!

At a carnival or theme park, you’ll have endless topics to talk about because of all the weird sights, smells and sounds. You’ll be able to play some silly games together as you join all the festivities and events. You can also enjoy all the weird things you see as you take fun photos.

Carnivals are perfect for making a date memorable because they’re definitely not an everyday occurrence. There’s just so much stuff to do at once, you’ll probably be able to spend the whole day together. This will also help you build massive rapport and connect with your date. Because the more time you spend together, the more opportunities you’ll have to really bond with each other.

Go to an outdoor or indoor waterpark

I love this date idea to bits. When I’m thinking about where to go on a date with someone, it always pops up in my mind for many reasons.

First and foremost, you’re both going to be kind of naked. That is always a great start and an awesome way to really get comfortable with one another’s bodies.

You’ll also have lots of fun activities to do together. You can go on various slides, compete in a race, splash around and let your inner children play.  This, again, leads to physical activity with plenty of opportunities for touching, playful teasing and so much more.

Also, there always tends to be a warm jacuzzi or bubble bath in a waterpark. That is the perfect place to later sit and unwind. You can put your arm around your date and maybe even make out, provided your date went well and you had a lot of fun together.

Water parks include the best parts of a memorable date. The best part is they help with seduction pretty much more than anything else.

I even hooked up in the bathroom of the men’s changing room after a date at the waterpark. Things started to get seriously intimate when we were later winding down in the warm bubble bath after all the fun we’ve had. And because you’re both essentially almost naked, there’s ample opportunity to create sexual tension. By admiring each other’s bodies, you can easily become more intimate.

Also, if you happen to be fit and have a great body, this is sure to impress your date. On regular dates, there’s almost zero opportunity to show off your physique naturally. A trip to a waterpark can change that.

Seriously, waterparks are among my absolute favorite date ideas and they also often lead to sex on the first date. No need to worry about what to do after the first date!

Where to go on a date with a woman who’s seen it all

If you know your date is someone who’s seen it all, then you can be extra crazy with where you take her.

The following ideas are often overwhelming to the average person. In fact, most won’t want to do these things on the first date. But if you know the woman you like is spontaneous, adventurous and craves some adrenaline in her life, then they’re a perfect choice.

I’m talking about going bungee jumping, white water rafting, paragliding, driving on a racetrack, and yes, even skydiving.

Each one of these packs such a massive adrenaline punch for anyone who’s brave enough to do them. They won’t be able to help themselves but remember such a date for the rest of their lives.

Seriously, the emotional punch is often so strong and overwhelming you may even end up getting laid on the first date.

Finally, for the less spontaneous person who just says, “Hell naw!” to such over-the-top and possibly dangerous ideas, a trampoline hall or a climbing gym can be just as memorable.

These incorporate some awesome pre-seduction moves like touching, a physical activity and loads of fun. It also has a hefty dose of danger and adrenaline, if you happen to like that sort of thing.

In any event, not many women will want to go on these kinds of dates. But those who do will definitely think you’re unique and different from other men. These dates will really help you with connecting with them by showing off your memorable, adventurous side.

Share in her interests and passions

The absolute best location for a date is someplace that has her interests or passions.

If she loves painting, a paint-and-sip event would be brilliant. If she loves motorsports, doing a little go-karting can never go wrong. For a classic-film buff, finding a theater that plays older movies can be a real treat.

Like the rest of these ideas, the point is it’s something she’ll find interesting. It’ll get her more comfortable on the date and make things significantly easier on you if you don’t have much to say.

Better yet, it shows you actually paid attention to her. Every single woman on planet Earth loves a guy that listens to what she had to say and remembers it for later. That alone will get her positive attention.

Fun and interesting places are where to go on a date

No matter where you want to take a woman on a date, it has to at least be interesting, fun or exciting for her. And it might also mean you don't need to wait too long before the first and second date.

Sure, simple dates like sitting at a cafe, taking a stroll on the beach or having a picnic at a park are great as well. But it’s pretty difficult for someone who’s not that good at seduction to make a simple date an unforgettable experience. You have to be extra sure of conversational skills to pull off a typical date.

Plus, simple dates don’t really have the wow factor that’s necessary for the experience to really stand out. If you’re not able to woo women well yet and you take them someplace boring, it’s going to make your life harder.

Taking your date to places that are exciting and interesting makes seduction easier. The location and things going on will do most of the work for you, leaving you lots of opportunities to turn up the heat.


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