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How To Trigger Emotional Attraction Switches With Women


Emotional attraction triggers give you the best chance to make women attracted to you. Of course, women are individuals and will each be attracted to certain aspects of a man more than others. But, if you focus on these eight aspects of yourself, you give yourself the best possible chance of being attractive to one woman in particular.

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Below, you’ll learn the eight attraction switches and how you can develop each of them.

The Emotional Attraction Triggers

Unlike pure physical attraction, triggering emotional attraction in a woman requires a little more time, effort and knowledge about reading women. However, it's almost always worth it. When a woman is emotionally attracted to you, that attraction tends to last. It doesn't fade just because you got a different haircut or gained a bit of weight. Her attraction to you is based on who you are as a person and how you make her feel. With that said, what are these triggers and how can you use them to make women like you more?

1. Looks and health is the first emotional attraction switch

It’s a common sentiment in the manosphere that “looks don’t matter,” but they do. They’re not as important to women as they are to men, but they do matter.

When a man takes care of his appearance, that is an honest signal that he respects and values himself. It's a great way to get a girl to like him. So, maximize your looks as best as you can.

Dress well. Take care of your grooming. Build muscle or get lean at the gym. This will create a better first impression on the women you meet, and she’ll be more likely to give the time of day when you approach her.

Yes, you’ll still need to use your personality to win her over, but taking care of your appearance can give you that extra time to get your foot in the door.

When you take care of your health, you’ll not only look more sprightly, but you’ll also have more energy. This makes it easier to showcase your best self to the people you meet.

2. Social intelligence

The display of social intelligence is anything you can do to demonstrate you understand how people may feel or how they are feeling, without them having to tell you.

An obvious example of showing social intelligence is to approach people from the front, rather than startling them from behind. Also, being able to spot when someone feels uncomfortable, addressing it and changing your behavior accordingly add to your social intelligence.

When you show social intelligence, it makes women feel safe and comfortable around you. It communicates that you’re used to dealing with attractive women.

When you reveal a lack of social intelligence, this makes them feel desperately uncomfortable. You come across as a weird guy who doesn’t “get it.” She could become a bit afraid of what you might do next and even tell you she has a boyfriend.

The best way to develop social intelligence is to go and meet new people a lot. Stay sober so you can spot their social cues and interpret what they mean. After you’re done with your day or night out, make mental notes of what went well and what went badly. This way, you can improve next time.

The best part of having social intelligence is that you’re able to spot the subtle signs that women are attracted to you. Once you know how to spot these, you can progress the interaction to exchange numbers, take her on a date or lead her back to your place.

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3. Humor is one of the most important emotional attraction triggers

It’s not surprising that women like men with a sense of humor. The reason why is simple:  women experience attraction emotionally.

When you make a woman laugh, she feels good emotions. When she feels good emotions, she wants to stay around the person making her feel that way. And that's a great way to attract girls.

That’s why it’s a good idea to progress an interaction just after a joke has landed.

Maybe you’ll move to swap contact details, ask her to join you at the bar or invite her to the afterparty back at your place. Whatever you’re trying to do, women will check to see how they feel about doing that and respond accordingly. So, it makes sense to do it as she’s laughing.

If you’re not naturally funny, you can study your favorite comedians and what actually makes their jokes humorous. Comedy is a science at its very core.

However, a large part of humor comes from your vibe. If you confidently and unapologetically say things that make you laugh, other people will usually fall into your frame and laugh too.

4. Social status

Most women instinctively want to be with the King instead of the peasant. When she dates a high-status man, it makes her high-status by association. This is why women are attracted to successful men like celebrities.

If you don’t have high status in the world at large, you can still make life easier for yourself by building relative social status.

You can build a legend at your local bar, where everyone knows and loves you. Perhaps, you can become captain of your sports team. You can organize events at your house or at your school.

Any woman who enters these environments will notice that you’re the leader and see you as high-status.

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5. Wealth

Yes, there are gold diggers out there who will date men they don’t even like, as long as these dudes can fund the lifestyle they want. But most women gravitate to men with money because it’s a signal of other attractive personality traits. In most cases, you get rich because you’re ambitious, intelligent, socially savvy, a strong leader or all of these.

Wealth also indicates stability and the ability to provide a good lifestyle for a woman and her family. This is important to a lot of older women in particular. However, if you somehow manage to acquire wealth without any of the associated personality traits, don’t be surprised if you only attract gold diggers.

6. Confidence is one of the emotional attraction triggers you can work on right now

When a man shows confidence around a beautiful woman, that’s an indicator he believes he deserves her. If you can’t show this, there are few women that will give you the time of day. A great way to show confidence is by being a good storyteller.

Women can rely on confident men to lead them, look after them and show them a good time. Confidence is also an indicator of other attractive qualities. It’s rare for a man to have confidence based on nothing, after all.

7. Pre-selection

Pre-selection is a shortcut that women use to determine whether a man is attractive. When they see that other women enjoy hanging out with you, they’ll also want to hang out with you. At the very least, it shows women that you’re safe and unlikely to spike her drink or assault her on the first date. Don’t underestimate the power of pre-selection!

Some high-status women, in particular, will only date men familiar to their social circle. That's because they’re so worried about their safety and/or the reputational damage of being seen out with a loser. So if you want to build emotional attraction with a woman, ensure that you surround yourself with friends who also trust and like you.

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8. Congruence

Congruence basically means that everything “adds up.”

This is important because a lot of loser men will try their trick way into a woman’s panties through pure bravado. They’ll pretend to be this confident high-status man for long enough to get a first date, but then the mask falls off on the date itself - or even worse - after they’ve slept together.

That’s why many women will throw “shit tests.” They want to see if you remain cool and confident when they act a little bratty. They’ll also be watching with a keen eye to see if your behavior matches your words.

To be congruent, don’t change your behavior around a beautiful woman. Be unapologetically yourself. Use trigger words to get her to chase you.

A lot of women will be emotionally attracted to that, regardless of whether you tick all the stereotypical boxes of an attractive man.


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