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Chase Trigger Words: The Secret of Natural Flirty Conversation


Would you believe there are certain chase trigger words that can create such attraction in a woman that they actually start chasing YOU? It sounds too good to be true - and yes, you’ll need to have a base level of attraction already - but there are trigger words that can escalate her feelings towards you faster than normal.

In this guide, you’ll learn some examples of these trigger words. More importantly, you’ll also learn why they work and how to use them in a way that many women will feel unable to resist.

So, let’s get right into today’s lesson.

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What are Chase Trigger Words?

There are certain words that sexually confident men use, which the average guy tends to shy away from. These are flirtatious words that tend to spark sexual thoughts in her mind. Words like:

  • mischievous
  • adventurous
  • sensual
  • sexy
  • hot
  • feisty
  • devious
  • trouble
  • naughty
  • wild

Make sure to use these words shamelessly. Keep eye contact. Add a playful grin. No lowering your voice. No laughing or backtracking to break the tension. Your goal here is to build sexual tension and to attract girls.

Notice how all of these words are a bit flirtatious and naughty, without being too crude. We’ll explore why that’s important later.

For now, ask yourself: how do you feel about using these words when flirting with women?

New course

Perhaps you use them already? Maybe these words make you a bit nervous. Do you envision women getting turned on by these words or being offended?

The average man might replace these words with safer terms like “nice,” “sweet” or “attractive,” especially in this modern era of #MeToo and third-wave feminism, where the media is shaming men for being so forward about their intentions.

Still, attractive men are using these words often when flirting - and it communicates a lot of attractive aspects of their personality and can even trigger emotional attraction.

What Do Chase Triggers Communicate About Your Personality?

Trigger words communicate boldness, flair and sexual confidence. As much as some won’t publicly admit it, modern women will like you if you have these qualities.

If you are bold in your choice of words and actions when flirting, that communicates you’ll be confident and forthcoming when it comes to bedroom action as well. You better believe that’s what most women want. Here’s why...

She knows you won’t judge her

Women fantasize about sex just as much as men. You only need to glance at the sales figures for the “50 Shades Of Grey” series if you want proof of that.

The problem is: they tend to be shamed by society when openly showcasing their sexual desires.

This is an absolute nightmare for women. Many fear that being branded as “dirty” or “promiscuous” will ruin their reputation. This could potentially harm their chances of landing a high-quality partner, classy friends, a great job, etc. So, they hide these fantasies from the general public as best as they can.

To truly enjoy sex, surrender to her wildest desires and experience the best orgasms, a woman needs to be able to let go of herself.

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In most cases, she won’t be able to let go if she fears a man is going to judge her for being too sexual or for behaving a certain way in bed.

However, the use of chase trigger words helps to communicate that you’re not embarrassed to be a bit flirtatious. You’re comfortable with your sexuality and - most importantly - you’re not going to judge hers.

Also, because trigger words aren’t too crude, it communicates that you understand a woman’s fear of being judged, showing that you know how to read women.

You’re not being over the top (in public, at least) with blatant dirty talk because you know that she won’t respond well to that. Instead, you're a man who gets it, meaning she can trust you not to blab to other people about her wild side once you discover it.

You’re showing signs of being bold, fun and shameless

By using trigger words, you’re demonstrating a willingness to be bold and unfiltered. You’re using some slightly risque language without shame. This helps you to stand out as being a bit more interesting than the average dude.

It also suggests that you’d have no problem being assertive and shameless in the bedroom too. Most feminine women like to be submissive in bed and are looking for a man who isn’t afraid to ravage and assert himself on her.

When a man is shamelessly unfiltered in the bedroom, when he can let go, it makes it so much easier for his partner to let go too.

That’s the recipe for amazing sex.

But if you cower or at the use of trigger words or refrain from using them at all, what does that communicate? Most likely that you’re not going to be completely comfortable with dominating her or fulfilling her wildest fantasies...

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Chase trigger words are part of foreplay

It’s often said that foreplay starts from the moment you lay eyes upon each other. So, you can absolutely include the use of trigger words when you're telling her a story.

The brain is the largest sexual organ inside a woman’s body (yes, even when you are inside her). That’s why it pays to be subtle when flirting with her. You want to leave space for her to imagine what might be coming next.

By using trigger words, you are helping her to create sexual thoughts inside her mind. This will arouse her within moments of meeting you. At the same time, you’re not being so blatant that it ruins the mystery of the situation. You’re not making her look or feel like a hussy either.

She’ll thank you for that when you eventually release all that pent-up sexual energy together.

On the other hand, if she’s not attracted to you, these chase trigger words are (surely) subtle enough not to offend or upset her even if she has a boyfriend.

Of course, the words you use are only a small part of flirting. You can communicate so much more with your body language, your eye contact and the way you talk.

Still, the words you use can completely change the context of what you say, as well. So, consider trigger words as another weapon in your seductive arsenal.

Use them wisely 😉


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