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10 Ways to Attract Girls That Will Never Let You Down

Ways to attract girls like her

Being attractive to women isn't just about who you are, it's also about what you do. You can be the most confident, charismatic man in the venue, but if you don't know how to show her that quickly, you'll most likely still get blown out. So what's the secret to getting women to like you? What are the ways to attract girls that you're probably not doing?

In this article, we'll cover the top 10 ways (in no particular order) you can attract women and get them interested in you. Some of these ways are more subtle than others. And chances are, you'll need a little bit of practice to pull off each one. But once you get the hang of them, you can be the most charming, attractive guy in the room that girls can't resist!

10 Ways to Attract Girls

Attracting girls may seem intimidating at first. That's especially the case if you're shy, not that confident or just unsure of whether or not you're attractive to them. But in truth, girls have all sorts of tastes and they respond differently to different approaches. With that in mind, here are some of the tried and tested ways you can get a girl to like you. Try these out when you're out at the bar, in a club, in a coffee shop or any other place where you can meet girls.

1. Touch early, touch often

It's important to touch her as well as charm her with your words because touching can trigger her emotional attraction to you. Women mostly experience attraction emotionally, not logically.

Touching is a key aspect of flirting that clearly bridges the gap between lover and friend. The key to doing it successfully is to start small and innocent, then escalate at a pace she's comfortable with.

If she tenses up, you're going too fast, so you need to SLOW DOWN. Pacing is everything. When you get this right, you'll always know the right time to kiss her.

2. Slow down your speech

Practice speaking slower than normal. Combined with strong eye contact and assertive body language, this will do so much to make your communications sound more confident. This will help to make you a great storyteller.

When you speak too quickly, it sounds rushed and you come across as nervous. So, you're better off speaking too slowly, if anything.

While we're focusing on your voice, it also helps to speak with a deep voice and a downwards infliction at the end of your sentences.

3. Dress to impress

When you dress well, it communicates that you value yourself highly. It also shows that you know how to take care of yourself. And if you know how to read women, you know that this is something that's important to them.

How can she expect you to take care of her, if you can't even take care of your shoes? That might sound like a silly question, but a lot of women think this way.

It doesn't take much to buy clothes that fit you well, iron and clean them, and to keep yourself well-groomed. Yet, doing so will go a long way to making a great first impression on the fairer sex.

4. One way to attract girls is to approach without hesitation

When you see a woman you're attracted to, walk towards her straight away. You can even count backwards from five and to make sure you're heading towards her before zero. We're telling you to count backwards from ONE.

When you waste no time in starting a conversation, you come across as an assertive male who isn't afraid to go after what he wants. By hesitating, you'll usually either lose the opportunity or creep her out because she caught you staring.

5. Open with an energy level slightly higher than hers

If your energy level is lower than hers, you'll struggle to catch or keep her attention. Even if you use trigger words to get her to chase you, she might not even pay attention.

Perhaps you've experienced being the super-chill dude approaching at a hectic nightclub. Or the quiet nervous guy trying to interrupt her conversation with her friends. If you have, you'll know it doesn't work.

At the same time, an energy level that's way OVER hers will only serve to freak her out. Slightly above her energy level is the sweet spot.

6. Avoiding questions is one way to attract girls

This is a seduction, not a job interview!

A lot of guys resort to asking questions as a strategy to make a woman open up about herself, but it doesn't work straight off the bat. Firstly, this is because it's boring and it does nothing to differentiate you from any other guy. She's probably answered these same generic “getting to know you” questions 500 times before. She might just tell you she has a boyfriend.

Secondly, she most probably doesn't know you well enough to want to reveal this personal information yet. You're much better off making assumptions about her or statements about yourself. When she realizes you’re fun and interesting, she’ll start to open up naturally.

You can ask a few questions once she starts to invest in the conversation, but avoid turning it into an interview or an interrogation.

7. Project your voice

Be loud and proud. If she has to put any effort into hearing you, it could be curtains before you've even started. Ain't no woman got time for that! Even if she does hear you, a timid voice communicates weakness, or that you're embarrassed about what you're doing. Needless to say, this is going to make it harder to be excited about speaking to you. This is not the way to attract girls. In fact, it's a sure way to get them to avoid you.

A loud voice communicates that what you have to say is important and that you're excited to be sharing it.

8. Have something to say

A lot of women are initially very cold to guys who cold-approach them, so you can expect to be responsible for 90% of the conversation in the opening minutes of meeting her. It's difficult to blame them for acting this way.

After all, why should they put any effort into making the conversation interesting when you approached them, and they have no idea who you are (or if you're a cool guy) yet? If you can remain fun and confident despite their cold shoulder, they'll usually begin to open up and start trying to prove to you that they're cool too.

9. Always act like everything is going as planned

Bouncer moving you? Some other guy trying to butt in? Her friend being a cockblock? Act like you’ve seen it all before. Handle what needs to be handled and don't be flustered. This is easier said than done, but it gets easier once you've approached a lot of women and get to the point where you have seen it all before.

10. Having fun is the ultimate way to attract girls

Emotions are contagious. If you have fun talking to women, they'll typically enjoy talking to you! If you're nervous and really need a “result” from the conversation, they won't! This is perhaps the most important rule from this list. Never take yourself too seriously. It's just talking to girls!


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