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How To Turn A Woman On With Words (Without Feeling Sleazy)

happy couple after he learns how to turn a woman on with words

Arousal is a tricky thing. As a man, you know sexual thrill can occur anytime, sometimes simply by the way a woman speaks to you. That’s because the smallest, simplest thing can turn you on. The sound of a woman’s voice or the mention of some new lingerie she bought might be all it takes.

So, does it go both ways? If you’re wondering how to turn a woman on with only words, you’ve come to the right place. When you know what you’re doing, it’s relatively easy to heat things up with dialogue alone. And, don't worry, there are ways to avoid feeling sleazy about it, too.

How To Turn A Woman On With Words

Is it possible to get a woman all hot and bothered without even touching her? And if so, is there a way to do it without sounding ridiculous? Men and women are inherently different creatures. Beyond that, every person is unique. What gets one woman going might not do it for the next. 

That being said, there are some general tips to keep in mind. If you want to know how to turn a woman on with words, these seven steps will help you succeed.

1. Set the tone of the conversation

The first step in learning how to turn a woman on with words? Learning to set the tone of the conversation. Keep in mind that the specific situation will depend on who you're talking to. Conversations with a girlfriend, casual hookup, a crush, or a person you just met will all be different.

In any case, you can set the tone by being intentional with your first few lines. You might say something like, “I’ve been thinking about you all day” or “I love the sound of your voice.” No matter where you are, building this sexual tension will tell her you desire her and make the situation feel intimate right away.

You don’t want her to think you’re creepy by saying things like this out of the blue. However, if you already have a romantic connection or sexual relationship, these lines will set the mood for a stimulating conversation. Other things you could say are, “I was distracted at work thinking about your smile.” Or “I can’t get you off my mind.” You might even try whispering it into her ear for a more intimate effect. The point is to make her feel special and wanted.

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2. Make her feel good

The next step is to make her feel good. Yes, you’ve already been doing this a little bit with your opening lines. But if you want to turn a woman on by talking to her, words of affirmation are ideal.

When it comes to making women feel good, compliments go a long way. You may say something like, “I love your hair like that,” “You drive me crazy in those jeans. You can also try “You have the hottest voice,” or “You’re so sexy in that outfit.” Not only will these lines make her feel good, but they’ll also convey that her attractive qualities turn you on. For women, sometimes just knowing you excite a man can, in turn, be arousing.

Keep in mind that showering her with one compliment after the other might come off as odd or even desperate. Make sure to pace yourself and fit the compliments into the conversation naturally. If she asks you how your day was, tell her how your day was. Then add that seeing her is the best part. 

Also, asking her questions about how she’s doing is good, too. This will allow you both to ease into a sexier conversation. Regardless of the words you choose, you want to make her feel like she’s the only woman in the room. If she is the only woman in the room, make her feel like she’s the only person on your mind. 

3. How to turn a woman on with words by asking the right questions

To keep the conversation flowing, be sure to ask the right questions. It’s OK to include some questions such as “Were you thinking of me today?” On the other hand, leading with too many yes-or-no questions might stunt the conversation. 

Instead, say something like, “Tell me about your day” or “What kind of trouble should we get into this weekend?” It will give her an opportunity to talk and allow you to build on what she says. On top of that, it will show her you’re interested in what she has to say. If she gives you short responses, keep asking her meaningful questions. 

Respond with intrigue, be playful and keep the banter going. Joking around, flirting and light teasing can be very effective here as long as she is receptive. When you make her blush and laugh, it’s probably a good sign of where the conversation is headed. You want her to feel comfortable and desired, so adjust as you go to achieve this effect!

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4. Tell her where you’d like to take things

Once you've created sexual tension and she feels at ease, you can tell her where you’d like things to go. The idea is to build anticipation and make her think about having sex or taking things to the next level. 

If you’re out in public, you could say, “I can’t wait to get you alone.” “It’s hard to resist keeping my hands off you” or “I can’t stop picturing that sexy body unclothed" also work. Find your own way to show her you crave her.

Depending on the context, these lines might make sense. That being said, if you just met or have never hooked up with this woman, it might be a little forward. You could also say something along the lines of “Just being around you turns me on.” Or “Even the lightest touch from you drives me crazy.” Again, if she feels like she’s turning you on, there’s a good chance it’ll turn her on, too.

To crank it up a notch, tell her you want her sexually too. You can say something as simple as “I want you.” Whether you get the chance to be alone following the conversation is not necessarily the point. It’s more about expressing what you’d like to do, given the opportunity.

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5. Go into detail

After you’ve made it clear that you’d like to get her alone, you can go into further detail. As long as she’s receptive to what you’ve been saying thus far, now’s the time to get specific. 

What exactly do you want to do to her body? Would you undress her slowly and caress her breasts? Do you want to kiss or lick every inch of her? Are you dying to go down on her? Would you flip her over and take her from behind? Do you want to make her tingle with pleasure? Tell her!

It’s OK to be a little graphic and include some dirty talk. Just make sure you’re aware of her reactions. If she’s not feeling it, take a step back and reevaluate your approach. 

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6. How to turn a woman on with words and body language

In addition to saying all the right things, you’ve got to be strategic with your body language. Don’t worry––there’s not much to it. Turning a woman on with words and body language is pretty simple.

First of all, the impression on your face is crucial. During every step of the process, including opening lines and flirting, try to keep a smile on your face. I’m not talking about a permanent grin, but more of a playful smile. Show her you’re having fun and that it’s a pleasure to be around her. If the look on your face is too serious, she might get a weird vibe from you. At the same time, a creepy smile could be equally detrimental. Find a balance and smile often. 

Besides smiling, eye contact is a critical component of body language. When you look into her eyes, she will feel like you take her seriously and want to be around her. Eye contact also makes you appear more sincere and confident. Similar to smiling, you don’t need to stare her down without breaking your gaze. But steady eye contact throughout the conversation is essential.

Maintaining good posture is another body language move that shows assuredness. You might also try turning your body toward hers, leaning in and tilting your head in her direction. This will enhance the intimacy of the conversation. 

Of course, when you flirt, you can touch her lightly. Try brushing her arm, gently tapping her side while joking flirtatiously or tucking her hair behind her ears. Talking in a low voice and whispering in her ear also help you in turning a woman on with words. Soon enough, you will spot signs that she's horny, and that's good news for you!

Let Your Words Drive Her Wild

At this point, you should have a sufficient idea of how to turn a woman on with words. Anticipation is sexy. A lot of women enjoy foreplay more than the actual act of sex. Believe it or not, conversation is a critical part of foreplay.

As I mentioned above, everyone is different. Some women might be able to get aroused through sexy conversation, and others may not. Also, not every woman will be turned on by the same words. So, you’re going to have to do some improvising as you go and tweak your approach. Be yourself and have fun!


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