CougarDate Review – Is Cougar Dates Online Worth Your Time?

Is CougarDate a site you should check out?CougarDate is one of the newer cougar dating websites to pop up in the last few years. As we have done many times before we investigated this site in-depth to decide if it worth your time or just another scam site. Should the site exceed our expectations (spoiler alert, it didn’t) we will include it on our list of the highest rated sites for dating older women along with the other legitimate sites out there.

If you are a guy in your mid-20s or 30s and single, you probably want some female companionship. You can meet women a number of ways, such as at a nightclub, at a social event or through online dating. If you aren’t sure you want to try online dating, you can take comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone. Online dating is big business and CougarDate is among some of the most common options.

The Ultimate CougarDate Review For You

More and more males are looking for love through online dating sites, especially when they want an older woman as their companion. You need to do your research and avoid the bad sites and CougarDatesonline is a site that should be avoided.

This website has been in business for a good few hours and claims to be the number 1 site in the CougarDate niche, however going by our review this not seem to be the case. So without much ado, let’s take a look at some sad facts about CougarDateOnline:

Fake pictures are common on CougarDate 

Many online dating sites have problems with people posting fake pictures of themselves. This problem occurs partially because women over 40 years old don’t feel good about themselves. They want to attract younger men, but they don’t feel like they look good enough. What do they do? They post a fake picture.

However, you can go to other sites and find legitimate photos. does not have many true pictures. To determine whether the picture on your online dating site is real, you can copy the URL from the dating website and paste it into Google image search. If you get a number of the pictures back, it is fake. If you get no results or just one, the picture is probably legitimate.

We were honestly first impressed by some really ‘hot’ photos found on the website, but were taken aback when a majority of these images turned out to be fake. And who’s pretending to be these women? your guess is as good as ours!

Fake profiles follow fake pictures

If you are a woman over 40 who wants to do online dating, you probably would give yourself a false identity. If you go to the trouble of posting a false picture, it’s just another step to create a fake persona. Some women like portraying a fake persona. They like being someone different in the bedroom and on dates.

Young men who aren’t aware of the games women play should be wary of these fake profiles. According to the New York Daily News, one in 10 profiles on online dating sites is fake. These fake profiles aren’t giving a false picture, they are trying to steal your money or identity.

More than $50 million have been stolen through these fake profiles. About two-thirds of the fake profiles say they are widows. These are the ones to avoid if you can.

Wrong ages are listed on CougarDate

Cougars are not women in their 20s, yet the site lists pictures of women who are 25, 27, etc. You shouldn’t believe everything you read about cougars looking for love.

Women portray themselves falsely

According to Chelsea Cristene, author of “Is This Really What White Women Want?” women post ideas about themselves that are taken from romance novels or romantic comedies. They highlight their domestic skills, such as cooking and cleaning, and their desire for a knight in shiny armor to rescue them.

When, in fact, this is not the case, Cristene said that men tend to downplay vulnerability or a softer side. They boost their physical strength and looks. They give women a higher income than they really get. Also, the cougar dating sites allow anyone to join even if they are younger than cougar age. While some sites have accurate information, you want to be careful who you are friending.

Not enough women profiles listed

Because the cougardatesonline site is meant to attract younger men to older women, you would expect a lot of women profiles. Some people created profiles and never getting hits. One woman reached out to 20 men and heard nothing back. Others searched profiles but found they needed more choices available.

So basically, this is a waste of time if you are looking for serious dating. The profiles available are either fake or not active – so what is the purpose?

Make you feel rejected and alone

Although some dating sites are good, online dating has the same problems as meeting people in bars. You get rejected. When you are rejected over the Internet, it makes the sting hurt more than if you get rejected in person.

You feel like you put your best foot forward only to be shot down by a younger man. is one site that can make you feel lost and rejected. If you feel uncomfortable, you will want to delete your online profiles. However, if you pick the right site for your dating goals, you probably will get better attention.

This is a major problem with this website, we actually used for an extended period of time to be able to get a true picture of the site and all we received was dejection with little to no response from the women we wanted to date. It this wasn’t a test, we would’ve been in a corner sulking.

Poor website design deters people is not designed well. To be a successful online dating site, you need to have a good website. The site is not attractive to the casual user. It is designed more like a used car lot. “Come. Join us. Get started.”

At a used car lot, you would hear, “We have deals. We’ll get you in your car today. Don’t wait.” When you are trying online dating, you don’t want to be pressured into joining. You want to make an informed decision. Therefore, you want a site that gives you the information you seek.

You want to know accurate information. You don’t want to have a site screaming at you to join. You also want to sure that you aren’t being scammed. However, one good thing is the fact that the website is available in multiple languages.

The CougarDateOnline App Is Also Pretty Bad

CougarDate has its own app but it clearly is not doing anybody any favors. We did try using it but the sad layout was a deterrent and couldn’t hold our interest for long. Plus, the problems seen on the website are same as the problems seen on the app – poor design, fake profiles and a difficult layout. And not to mention, it takes hours before the system approves your account. A pain!

Listen to Users

When you are considering online dating sites, you should see what others are saying about them. For example, the reviews of Users were unhappy that they couldn’t join, especially if they were young men looking for an older woman. They were upset that the process wasn’t great.

They were disappointed with some of profiles and facts. The site has a rating of 3.5 of 5, which means it’s not ranked the lowest, but it’s not the best either. One user complained it was designed by a fifth grader and was cheap-looking. Another user was upset that the application is free to install but after that, you have to pay to use it.

Remember that online dating is beneficial but you want to make sure you choose the right site (like those found our on Top Cougar Dating Sites Review). Clearly, cougardatesonline is not the right site for young men looking to date older women.

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