13 Top Locations to Meet Single Cougars in New York

Smiling cougar in New YorkFinding attractive New York cougars in a large state can be quite daunting. This is even harder for the younger men interested in older women. Dating older women come with its own set of unspoken rules and regulations.

Most cougars in New York are confident, stable, and sometimes intimidating. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it. As a young man, there are a number of places where you can go to look for cougars in New York.

Top Locations For Cougars in New York

Where to look now:

Whole Foods has a lot of cougars in New York

There are more than 18 Whole Foods stores around New York City. This is often the most natural place to meet and interact with strangers. The easiest way to go about it is to start a conversation based on what she has in her basket. Lots of older women especially the ones who are searching are open to simple conversations.

The trick is to keep it light, casual, interesting, random and engaging. The Whole Foods around New York attracts all kinds of shoppers, a fair share of whom are cougars in New York. As long as she feels safe around you play along and keeps engaging.

You won’t find an easier place to meet older women than Cougar Life

If you have been having trouble meeting a cougar it might be because you are looking in the wrong spot. A ton of older women are skipping the clubs and bars and only searching for a guy online.

If you really want to maximize your chances you need to be where they are looking. Every year we test out and rank all the best sites for meeting cougars and compile a full review.  As you can see, Cougar Life has been the highest rated site out there specifically for meeting older women.

Give their free trial a shot and see the type of women that are single in your area. What makes it such a great site is that it focuses specifically on older women and younger men who want to bond and interact. It, therefore, eliminates the need to sift through different age groups the way you would do on most dating sites.

Lots of cougars in New York are queasy about visiting one of the cougar dens around the city. For this type, the online dating presents a safe and non-threatening alternative. Cougar Life site has some great offers for any young man seeking to indulge and engage with older women from around New York.

Hillstone is great

This lounge is located at 378 Park Avenue South New York, N.Y. It’s one of the snazzy jazz lounges that attracts lots of trendy and well-to-do cougars from around the city. Hillstone is part of a chain of restaurants around the city. It’s the best watering hole after a long day at work.

The place is spacious, and chic with a cushy dining room. It’s famous for its fabulously delicious menu and a wide array of cocktail drinks. The place is always packed with cougars and younger men trying to match off, right from the happy hour to the closing time at around 11 pm. If you walk in late then finding a spot at the bar may prove difficult.


This is one of the favorite cougar spots located at 211 Waverly Place New York, N.Y. It’s one of the hidden gems where cougars in New York prowl every evening. It’s not uncommon to run into a cougar or a company of cougars trying to have fun inside this chilled out place.

One of the big attractions of the place is the impressive Italian wine list. It’s also possible to take on the mouth-watering bar menu. However, the primary preoccupation of most patrons is to land a younger, fashionable man to have a good time with. This one of the easier places to walk up to and strike a conversation with an older woman.

Plunge (Gansevoort Hotel)

This lounge is allocated at 18 Ninth Avenue (At 13th Street) the Fourteenth Floor in New York, NY. The place is always packed and the sight of long queues outside is not rare. If you want to get in without the company of female friends then you might simply have to get there really early.

It’s the hottest cougar haven in New York City. It has a Sex & The City-esque crowd of pretty, older women sipping on expensive cocktails and looking around for dashing and fashionable young men. The mood is blatant, wily, and aggressive and so come with your A-game on.

McCarren Park

This public park is popular with young families, area hipsters, and cougars. The place offers lots of activities to engage people. It has dog runs, baseball, soccer fields, football, tennis courts, and more. You’ll also find playgrounds and resting places in Driggs Avenue and Lorimer Street. Lots of older women prefer these parks as the best places to relax during weekends. The outdoorsy types, love it because it’s the home of SummerScreen i.e. the alfresco film fest where the 90s films are played often. There are lots of people particularly older women in such of a training area, recreationally activities as well as

Lots of older women prefer these parks as the best places to relax during weekends. The outdoorsy types, love it because it’s the home of SummerScreen i.e. the alfresco film fest where the 90s films are played often. There are lots of people particularly older women in such of a training area, recreationally activities as well as company.

Bemelmans Bar

This trendy lounge is located at 35 East 76th Street New York, NY. It’s inside the Carlyle Hotel. It’s the one place that attracts the most beautiful cougars most of whom neither have kids nor the kind of baggage often associated with cougars. They simply haven’t found the love or companionship expected of most women their ages.

It’s a well-decorated bar that draws the most beautiful cream of the crop when it comes to cougars in New York . The place offers such great live piano music to go along with the company of cougars and the good looking young men. The place has a $25 cover charge after 9 pm.


This chic, high-end bar offers lots of entertainment and hangs out spots. Besides the bar, it also offers a sushi bar and private dining rooms. It has lots of Asian palette of flavors prepared using trendy French techniques. Some of the items on the menu include lobster, duck, lambs and of course cougars.

It’s opened from Monday to Saturday from 830-1530hrs then closes for two hours. It then reopens at 1730-2300hrs. The place has a bit of the Asian kind of reservation mixed with American party life.

Bryant Park Grill

This spacious cougar lounge is located on 25 W. 40th St. (Betw. Fifth and Sixth Avenues) New York, NY. This place has the Bryant Park Grill and the overflow at the Bryant Park Café. It’s always teeming with a huge crowd of after-work singles. The main attractions are the white wines and Coronas.

This lounge is tucked at the east end of Bryant Park behind the New York Public Library. Lots of cougars in town visits this hangout place in search of the young, executive midtown males who are catching a pint. You have to arrive early if you seek to get a spot at the patios.

Madame X

This is the one place that attracts those who seek thrills and one-night stand. It has sexy, red lighting as well as animal prints and sultry red velvet on the walls. Every aspect of this lounge is cultivated to ooze a wily, carefree, thrilling hook-up encounters. They have private party rooms if you aren’t interested in the bustling movement of the patrons inside the bar.

This place can accommodate you whether you came alone or with a group of hunting park seeking to get hitched with older women. Keep in mind that emphasis in this place is on sex so grab a drink, get some good food and start scouting.

230 Fifth

This cougar hangout place is located on 230 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 1000. This lounge is known for its tremendously expansive rooftop deck which offers dazzling and fantastic views of New York City. It’s the best place to sightseeing the expanse of the city at night. It’s also known for small but very pricey drinks.

It also has a hidden attraction as one of the hunting spots for cougars in New York. They are trendy, high-end, well versed and interesting to be around. You might have to look a little deeper as the hitching up is not as obvious as in other places.

Penthouse 808

This watering hole is located on the rooftop of Ravel Hotel. It’s also one of the finest places around New York to go on a cougar hunt. The rooftop offers spectacular views as well as older women who frequent the lounge. This place is frequented by the classy, older ladies who love to dress up and enjoy the live music, the cocktails, and the dancing.

Keep in mind that no casual dressing is allowed. Everyone has to dress to impress. The cougars in this lounge are the attractive, successful, classy, upper echelon type.

Don’t Tell Mama

This is an all-round lounge with comedy, cabaret, and a piano bar. It is the best place to find all the cougars who have it easy when it comes to dancing and having a good time. Their menu is varied and features fresh to plate food. The place has its rich history which part of the attraction for most of these cougars.

Lots of mainline celebrities began their careers in this lounge. The mood tends to be light, naughty, and even risqué meaning you won’t feel awkward hitting on an older woman. You simply have to dress up, put on your a-game and be ready to be flirtatious and dance a lot.


This exquisite evening hangout place is on 335 Bowery New York, NY. The best time to frequent the place is during the summers. That’s when the outside spaces are dotted with two person tables. At that point, most of the cougars prefer the bar inside. The mating game is often defined by cougars who are sampling formaggi or drinking red wine which is an invitation to flirt.

This place is often jam-packed with patrons and fine diners since it has no reservations. This means you’ll encounter lots of competition when you trying hitting up a cougar.

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