Urban Cougar Review – Is UrbanCougar.com A Legit Site or a Fake?

2014 Older Women Dating Site Review logo of urbancougar.com

In our review of UrbanCougar we will see if UrbanCougar.com is a real site worth looking into or a fake. If you have read our Best Online Cougar Dating Site Review  you will know how important it is to do your research before signing up. It is sites like urbancougar.com that make it so vital to get the facts before proceeding.

Sadly, we once again have found a site that is incredibly suspicious and very likely a waste of time when investigating UrbanCougar.

Using the criteria we outlined in our Best Online Cougar Dating Site Review  we have done a thorough review of urbancougar.com.

There are a lot of things to watch out for when dating online and we have become experts at finding the signs. With that in mind here is our older women dating site review of urbancougar.com

Urban Cougar Review

Is UrbanCougar.com A Legit Site or a Fake?

UrbanCougar Review Warning Sign #1 – Suspicious adds

The first thing you see when you log onto the urbancougar.com homepage is an advertisement for a DIFFERENT dating site. If you walked into a pizza restaurant and saw a huge banner advertising their competitor wouldn’t you be a little worried? The same applies here.

Urbancougar.com is more concerned about getting you to a different dating website than signing you up. That is a HUGE red flag.

One add might be a fluke. Often advertising boxes display random adds. However, there are multiple boxes displaying the same website on the UrbanCougar homepage.

An older women dating site with faith in its product doesn’t advertise a competitor.

UrbanCougar Review Warning Sign #2 – All the highlighted “member photos” are men

They are not even trying here. Most sketchy dating sites will at least fill up their “member photos” section with fake profiles of hot women. Urbancougar.com didn’t even take the time to go that far.

On one hand I appreciate that UrbanCougar would be more honest than the average site. On the other it makes me wonder where else they are skimping on site design and security.

The UrbanCougar homepage has a section for “hot photos” (high rated member photos) and for “member photos” (random member photos). In total there is space for twenty seven member photos. How many do you think a legitimate older women dating site should have? Twelve out of twenty seven. Fifteen out of twenty seven.

How about one out of twenty seven!

On the homepage that is designed to get young men to sign up urbancougar.com is advertising a  3.7% female population! Good luck beating those odds.

UrbanCougar Review Warning Sign #3 – The site has a 2011 copyright

When you scroll through a site and see an older design that is acceptable. Maybe the members like that setup? When you scroll to the bottom of the page and see a three year old copyright it is a little more suspicious.

Basically, UrbanCougar has not been updated since 2011.

This isn’t always a deal breaker but in this case it’s a big problem. Sites that are popular and make money update their design.

The older women dating site competition is strong. If you are not working hard to make your site better it will die. It looks like urbancougar.com died back in 2011.

UrbanCougar Dating Site Review Verdict:

RIP urbancougar.com

This site is dead and won’t be coming back. If after reading this review you are still serious about finding an older women check out our Best Online Cougar Dating Site Review. All of the sites recommended are alive and well and the best places to find cougars to date.