2019 AffairDating Review - Will It Be An Adventure Or A Scam?

Homepage for affairdating.comPersonally, we're pretty big fans of online dating around here. When we learn about a new site like AffairDating.com, we're immediately interested. Every new site has the potential for exciting new hookups and relationships. 

No matchmaking tool is foolproof. When two people come together there is always room for error. Still, one of the advantages of online dating is that you can gather information before you begin. Your date isn’t decided by the stars or some magic spell. It’s chosen by you, based on someone’s picture, description, and other attributes.

Sadly, not all online dating services are helpful. In fact, some of them can be downright nasty. Their sole mission is to get your money and even your personal information. These dating sites are more charlatan than matchmaker.

That’s why we spend so much time on our extensive review of the few hookup apps that actually work. We want you to know what you’re getting into before you take the dive. In our AffairDating review, we’ll look at a site that promises adventure and fun.

AffairDating Review - Will It Be An Adventure Or A Disaster?

AffairDating.com ReviewFinding a mate has never been an easy endeavor. The history of matchmaking is long and complicated. In some Hindu cultures, marriages are arranged by an astrologer. In many Ashkenazi Jewish cultures, there is a Shadchan who plays matchmaker for the community. Other cultures use priests, relatives, or political leaders to arrange marriages between people.

Even in modern Western societies, we still use all kinds of tools to meet a mate, some more helpful than others. We have singles nights at bars, personal ads, and blind dates, just to name a few. Of course, today, we're interested in online dating.

One quick note before jumping into the review, if you are still worried about being able to create and maintain attraction with the women you meet try out our detailed video series on attracting desirable women.

My first impressions of Affair Dating

Upon navigating to AffairDating.com, I came upon a promising landing page. Awaiting me was a beautiful woman and bold lettering proclaiming that the site was “A free dating service for gallant adventures and fun.” The website definitely had a professional design.

The site’s logo was simple enough, with the name in all white next to what looked like a bouquet of hearts or a teardrop of flames. It wasn’t the most appealing of graphic designs, but it was just the logo, hardly anything to get too focused on.

If the overall aesthetic was promising, albeit unremarkable, the promotional below the main picture was more problematic. Here is part of it, typos and all:

"Your marriage doesn’t bring you a desired satisfaction? Arrange a date out to inspire you ordinary life. It’s the most secret and comfortable way to find other like-minded people. Save your time on browsing online dating websites and get started with Affairdating.com."

The text continued on for a few more sentences, none of them much better. It had the feel of something written in another language and converted to English using Google Translate. Not every dating site needs to be based in an English-speaking country, but if they’re a legitimate company, you’d think they’d invest in hiring a native translator.

My first impressions were mixed, to say the least

If you are serious about a hookup use Adult FriendFinder

We are kind of jumping to the end of our Affair Dating review here but we wanted to save you a little time. Affairdating.com is just not very good at all, especially when you compare it to the gold-standard of hookup sites Adult FriendFinder.

As we mentioned earlier, we spend a ton of time ranking and reviewing all the top hookup apps and Adult FriendFinder is the best one out there for most guys (unless you are super handsome and then go with Tinder).

You can try AFF for free, they have 50 million active members, the largest number of women 30+, and are way easier to use and find success with as a normal looking dude. I don't know what else you would be looking for?

We recommend them as the first stop for guys looking to find a hookup.

Affair Dating is not free

After I signed up for an AffairDating account, things didn’t get much better. Their whole site looked jumbled and empty at the same time. There were scattered advertisements, menus and popups, but few member profile pictures. It felt like I had showed up to a birthday party, with balloons, cakes, and decorations everywhere, but no one else had bothered to show up.

I did a search to view more members, but only three people showed up in the search. When I tried to scroll down further to see more member profiles, an upgrade page appeared. After clicking away from that page, I noticed a huge, gaudy bar at the bottom of every page I visited screaming, “ATTENTION! Upgrade your account to get unlimited communication and use other Full Membership benefits!”

When I did click on one of the few member profiles I could see, I wasn’t able to view all of their information because I hadn’t yet paid. I tried to send a message, but it said I could only send one free message on the site.

This was unacceptable. When a site advertises itself as free, I expect it to truly be free. Sure, there will generally be a “premium” upgrade option, something that allows you to appear first in searches or upload extra photos. But all of the basics should be free. A free user should be able to browse profiles, send messages, and look at other members’ photos.

A wasteland of profiles

At first, I thought maybe I could only see three profiles in my searches because I hadn’t paid. Turned out, it was much worse than that. Best I could tell, there actually were only three profiles in my area.

Could that possible be true? I decided to see how many profiles I could find somewhere else, in a more populous area. I did a member search for New York City. Twelve profiles appeared. That's right, only 12 profiles in a city of nearly 9 million. That wasn’t a good sign at all.

Member counts aren’t everything in a dating site, but if there are only a few people on the site who live near you, your odds of finding someone you want to date drop precipitously. You should expect whatever dating service you use to have at least as many members as your high school class.

Affair Dating isn’t current on social media

I was officially skeptical of AffairDating’s claims of adventure and fun. I decided to look for other information about them. Often times, social media pages are a good way to see what’s going on with a company or a website. Most dating sites also have an Instagram page and a Facebook page.

Well, on the positive side, AffairDating had a Facebook page; on the negative side, the last post was from 2015. After seeing that, I began to think maybe this site was no longer active. That would explain why they had so few members. If that were the case, though, why keep the site up and still charge new members?

Pure “entertainment”

Whenever I start to sour on a website, I look for the fine print. The Terms and Conditions page will tell you what a site is really about. Often times, the true intentions of a service can be found in the legal agreements they make with users. What I found about AffairDating was not great.

First, they said, “we provide on line [sic] entertainment and social services through our websites and mobile applications enabling you to contact and engage in interaction with other users....” In other words, they aren’t a “dating” service, just an “entertainment” page. Although, that was debatable.

Ultimately, AffairDating.com isn't a tool to help you find a mate. Yet, that's exactly how they present themselves. People come to this site for love, or maybe just a hookup, and all they’re going to get in return is a dubious form of entertainment. If you want that, I would suggest Netflix. At least you know what you’re paying for.

There was yet another red flag in the terms and conditions: “We will automatically broadcast custom messages created by any user, or selected from a default list of template messages.”

This is a supposed “service” they provide, but really all it means is they send bogus messages. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want automatically broadcasted messages filling up my inbox. If I get a message from a woman, I want to know that she wrote it specifically to me. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of my time.

Oh, but it gets worse.

Third-party cam providers are the worst part of dating

This was one of the most alarming things I read in AffairDating’s fine print:

"We have commercial partnerships with third party cam providers (“Cam Providers”) which we market to our site users. We do not guarantee or verify the Cam Provider . . . Models affiliated with the Cam Provider may create a profile on our websites."

Basically, AffairDating.com will display ads that look like profiles, but if you click on them, they’ll link you to sketchy, unverified third parties.

When you read “third parties”, think computer viruses and popup windows. Think, “Scam.” Legit dating sites don’t want to send you to other providers. They don’t want to waste your time and energy like that. They make their money by helping you get a date.

When a site has an army of third-party cam providers, you know they are not actually in the matchmaking game.

Affair Dating will steal your data, too

I read one more thing in their terms and conditions that was officially the last straw. It concerned my data: “In accordance with our Privacy Policy . . . your data may be transferred as it is considered to be an asset of ours.”

That’s right, they consider your personal data, from your messages to your photos, to be their “asset.” They will use it however they want. That’s a little too adventurous for my blood.

Affair Dating is neither adventure nor fun

My hopes started out high, but after completing this AffairDating review, I have to say it plain: this site isn’t worth a second of your time. Seriously, this site is useless. They have almost no members, they use third-party cam providers, and they’ll steal your data.

By their own admission, AffairDating is only an entertainment site. I can assure you, I wasn't entertained. Thank you, next.

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