The 10 Top Portland Dating Sites For Those With Specific Tastes In 2019

With these 10 amazing Portland dating sites, you'll find love

Portland is the Mecca of the alternative dating scene. It’s a city full of unconventional and alternative lifestyles. So, throw away the old dating rules because, in this town, anything goes. It’s why it can be difficult to find the right type of person for you on a generic site. We’re here to give you the best, specific Portland dating sites for what you’re looking for.

Portland dating sites that work

To each their own as they say. The dating sites in Portland are a great representation of its demographics. You will find everything ranging from traditional Christian dating to covert, attached dating. If you are single and in Portland, you’re in for a great time!

Portland’s professional and Elite Singles

There are literally 33 colleges within 50 miles of Portland. You can rest assured a good portion of the graduates remain in the city. Leaving it with an abundance of young, well educated, professionals in the dating world.

If you prefer intelligent conversation and high IQs, then check out It’s Portland’s premier website for brains with over 80 percent of the user base carrying at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Cougar Life is for the confident woman looking for younger man

Being a cougar is the ultimate status as a single woman. Older men want to date them, men their age want to date them and now even younger men are on the prowl for them.

If you are a younger man trying to catch the eye of a Cougar, your best choice is to frequent (which you can check out for free).

After reviewing over 100 cougar dating sites we can say they are the top cougar dating site in Portland for men and women three years in a row. Here you don’t have to guess if she likes them young, you already know!

If you are just looking for a quick hookup Adult FriendFinder’s free trial is the best option

If you don’t really want a relationship at the moment but are still looking to have a good time you should check out Adult FriendFinder (which has a free trial). There are other sites out there that are geared more toward hookups but this site is going to be the best bet for most people.

We put together a review of the proven hookup apps every year and they have been among the best for a while. With over 50 million members they are without a doubt the biggest. When it comes to finding a quick fling you want to have as many options as possible to make it as easy as it can be.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship this isn’t the site for you. If short-term is what you want give Adult FriendFinder a shot. They have been around since 2006 and are by far the most established and used site for this.

The golden rule at Christian Cafe

Do you want to date and marry like-minded Christians? Others who follow the same golden rule in dating as yourself, “Love thy God first and most”? Many Christians share the same values and center their lives around their church, and it is vital to them that their relationships reflect the same. That’s where comes into the picture, to help match you with like-minded followers.

Although research has found Portland to be one of the least Christian cities in the US, with only 30 percent identifying adherents, it has caused Portland dating sites like Christian Cafe to dominate the Christian dating scene. Christian singles are utilizing online sources to find their true soulmates.

For the men who love big, beautiful women

Despite its totally organic and tree-hugging scene, Portland managed to make it in the top 100 of America’s “most overweight” cities. This means you can find a good amount of big beautiful women online at the free dating sites in Portland.

In fact, many people find that dating plus sized women has many benefits over their skinny competition, such as personality traits, warmth, and affection. For all the admirers of the big and beautiful looking for some serious dating the number one website to frequent is

Over 50 and single? eHarmony Is the place to be!

Dating in your 50’s is much different than dating in your 20’s. It is often easier to date someone who is closer in age as you’ve most likely lived through similar experiences, possible marriages, children, careers, etc. All the age-appropriate stages of life.

More and more mature men and women are turning to Portland dating sites such as eHarmony as a viable way of meeting new people in their age brackets. Online sites allow you to meet people who share your same values and goals without having to hit the local bar scene.

Gay dating sites in Portland? Find your match at Match

Great news, Portland! You scored 2nd highest in the US as a metro area with the greatest gay population. Coming in at 5.4 percent, your demographics are rocking the Portland dating sites!

One of the most popular online meeting spots for gay dating is It’s place where you don’t have to guess one’s sexuality. You can find exactly what you are looking for. Their unique algorithms are designed to help you meet gay people in your local area that you are completely compatible with.

Attention: Established Men looking for young, beautiful sugar babies

Hey men, does the thought of winning-and-dining a beauty appeal to you? And women, do you love the allure of being taken care and spoiled with lavish gifts and dinners? Portland has a huge SugarDaddy-SugarBaby scene for those who want or desire this non-committal type of relationship that comes with all the trimmings.

The dating sites in Portland such as are the perfect place to shop for this type of arrangement. Terms are crystal clear: Established men are connecting with beautiful women to provide them with a luxurious lifestyle and companionship. No strings attached.

Ashley Madison is for men and women looking for a little extra on the side

If you are like the average Ashley Madison client, you are married, but needing some attention. Or maybe you have some needs unmet. Whatever the reason,’s free trial is the most undercover and secretive of all dating sites in Portland. It’s home to all those who like and desire what is known as “attached dating”.

Attached dating is when married, committed individuals are looking for discreet connections. Whether it be casual chit-chat, friendly gatherings or intimate meetups, online sources such as Ashley Madison are definitely the place to go if you need an “understanding” of some sort to fulfill your unmet needs.

Other local Portland dating sites and friendly matchmaking services

There is an alternative to online dating that has worked well for many singles when it comes to finding that special someone. Utilizing Portland’s local matchmakers and dating services has provided thousands of couples with the happy endings they always wanted, yet couldn’t find.

Often individuals are too busy or not to computer savvy for online dating. Or, maybe they hate meeting candidates at the local bars or clubs. This is when hiring a matchmaker is ideal! Matchmakers get to know you on a personal level, and using their skills, make the perfect connections. Just sign up with a local dating service, and let them do all the work!

With 25 years of dating service under their belts, Portland Singles has become the city’s premier matchmakers. Using compatibility as the foundation for their matchmaking, they have created a unique 72-point compatibility test which allows them to map out each individual’s relationship goals and expectations. This has greatly increased their success rate for finding long-term relationships.

Bad dates can and will happen to good people. The key is to eliminate as many as possible. At Fern Date, they understand that an “effortless connection” often starts with a little bit of work. And they are willing to do whatever it takes to make your dating life easier. They will doll up your portfolio with new pictures and reword your bio. They make matchmaking an art and science, which it truly is!

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