10 Quality Places For Tucson Hookups We Love in 2020 (Bars & Apps)

Tucson Arizona woman trying out hookup appsIn a city of just over half a million people, it isn't easy to find Tucson hookups without wasting a ton of time or money searching. But have no fear! You are in the right place. We’ve got a list of the best hookup bars, apps and sites in Tucson right here.

Whether you’re looking for something upscale in El Montevideo or a little grittier in Fairgrounds, or you just want to meet someone from the comfort of your couch, this guide to the best Tucson hookup bars and sites is for you. From college bars near the University of Arizona and local dives in Vail, to an app to help you meet older women and one designed specifically for easy hookups, we have everything you need to get laid in Tucson. You don’t have to be a Southwest University of Visual Arts alum to be a Tucson expert, you just need this list of Tucson hookup spots.

Take a look at our recommendations and get out there and find a little casual sex in Tucson! If you have a favorite local Tucson hookup bar or app that we left out, mention it in the comments.

Great Tucson Hookup Spots (Bars & Apps)

Before listing the best hookup bars in Tucson, we’re going to start off with the best hookup apps. Meeting people all hours of the day and night can definitely open up your options. So let us help you find the perfect Tucson hookup app today.

Find someone here, and meet them at one of our suggested bars for a great evening. We’ve reviewed plenty of the best hookup apps and sites, so we can confidently recommend the best ones for you.

After using these hookup apps, you’ll be ready to head out to the best hookup bars in Tucson. You should have no problem meeting and attracting women.

Sky Bar is for tasty cocktails and opportunities to get laid in Tucson

Sky Bar is for tasty cocktails and opportunities to get laid in Tucson


Every night, Sky Bar sets up telescopes on the patio. Astronomers are on hand to tell you a little bit about what you see and help you with selfies. Here’s your chance to test out some of your cheesiest pickup lines about falling from the heavens with a little ironic humor. And is there anything more romantic than a cocktail under the stars? How about a few cocktails during a supermoon?

Sky Bar was voted Tucson’s best cocktail menu and open mic night in 2018, so be sure to join them on Wednesdays to experience one of the truly unique hookup bars in Tucson.

Adult FriendFinder has given most guys the best success finding Tucson hookups (try it free)

Hookup app Adult FriendFinderIf you haven’t had much success on Tinder because you aren’t in the top 10-15% in the looks department or aren’t in your 20s anymore, why not change things up with Adult FriendFinder? They have been helping people like you hookup for over a decade and are the most established hookup site in Tucson. If you can't get laid in Tucson through this site you need to check out more of our articles on creating attraction!

A lot of people come to us for recommendations on what app to try first and we usually tell them Adult FriendFinder. Having a ton of users who are completely focused on sex and an app that is extremely easy to use leads to getting good results. When even normal guys are getting good success you know you are in the right place.

AFF has been the proven option we've seen for finding hookups, especially for guys who haven't had great success elsewhere.

We’ve spent a lot of time each year reviewing all of the best hookup apps and sites out there and have found Adult FriendFinder to be the best one for the past few years. Anyone searching for someone over 30 who is also over 30 will have the best luck on Adult FriendFinder. If most people had to choose just one hookup site, it would be this one, which makes it one of the best Tucson hookup apps.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
Using this link to Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.


Playground is the best bar to get laid in Tucson

Playground is the best bar to get laid in Tucson


Playground is known for their events, practically designed to help singles meet other singles. Join them on Wednesday for their “Geeks Who Drink” trivia or Tuesday for their rooftop Yoga Hour when the ratio of women to men is sure to be great.

Expect a DJ most nights, with dancing and a crowd on Saturday nights. Ladies night is Friday. All of this makes Playground one of Downtown Tucson’s best hookup bars, attracting tons of singles any night of the week.

Cougar Life is the best site if you are a younger man looking for a woman over 35 (try it free)

Cougar Life hookup app

If you are tired of dating younger, less mature women, you need to take a look at Cougar Life. We have reviewed numerous sites for meeting cougars, and Cougar Life has been the best for finding a Tucson hookup for quite a while.

It is very popular in Tucson, as it is the largest app of its kind, with over 7 million users. When out at bars, oftentimes older women are reluctant to approach younger men and younger guys aren’t confident enough to talk to these same older women. Because Cougar Life is dedicated to bridging the generational gap, it removes the stigma often associated with this dynamic.

On Cougar Life, you’ll know that these women are interested in you, and can approach them confidently. If confidence is an issue for you, though, take a look at our video series on how to date older women to help you overcome this hurdle.

Cougar Life is also great if you are over 35 and interested in meeting a woman your age. Don’t shy away from this popular app if you aren’t specifically looking to date an older woman or if you aren’t a young man.

There are quite a few cougar bars and other places to meet Tucson cougars worth checking out but Cougar Life is one of the best.

Try Cougar Life For Free


R. Bar is an intimate place to get a drink before a show and find a Tucson hookup

R. Bar is an intimate place to get a drink before a show and find a Tucson hookup


You may have to search for this alleyway gem, but once you find it, you won’t be disappointed with all the opportunities to find real hookups. If you love music (and the color red), this is your place! It has a creative assortment of cocktails and an extensive beer and wine selection as well as some of the best music in town. Downstairs has a bit of a club feel while upstairs is a little mellower, so there is something for every mood.

R. Bar is adjacent to the Rialto, so the crowd varies based on the scheduled show. Pick a band that suits your taste and you’ll have a great night. Sundays are karaoke night, which makes for great conversation. The environment is romantic and the crowd is usually friendly and approachable, making R. Bar one of the best bars to get laid in Tucson.

Tucson Hookup Bars and Hookup Sites Worth Your Time

Now that you’ve read about and tried Tucson’s best hookup apps, we thought we’d share some of the best places to meet single men and women in real life.

Red Garter Bar & Grill is the best dive bar for Tucson hookups

Red Garter Bar & Grill is the best dive bar for Tucson hookups


If you are in the Palo Verde area and in the mood for a down-to-earth dive, head over to Red Garter Bar & Grill. This is not a fancy place, so come for the burgers and beers, a good game of pool, and friendly conversation.

If the conversation isn’t flowing, there is always darts, arcade games and poker tournaments to keep you entertained. The game is always on, and Red Garter has one of the best jukeboxes in town. That should be enough to set the mood for a late night hookup.

Tinder is the best app for the young and hot

Hookup app Tinder

There are tons of users on Tinder because everybody has heard of it and almost everyone has tried finding Tucson hookups with it. It definitely caters to a younger crowd, though, with the most successful users being under 30. So if you're young and good looking, Tinder is where you can get laid in Tucson.

The most attractive people will have the greatest success on Tinder. But beware, some women are only there for the attention rather than actually meeting up for casual sex in Tucson. Tinder can be hit or miss for guys that aren’t the best looking. Ladies, on the other hand, should have considerable success hooking up using Tinder. But it might mean that you have to lower your standards a bit.

Despite its (deserved) reputation as a hookup app, Tinder has been moving in the direction of a more traditional dating app exclusively for the young and hot. So, if that is you and that is what you are looking for, give it a shot. But if you are a little older or don’t have the best looks, there are other apps for you.

Try Tinder For Free

Tap and Bottle is a great place to meet other beer and wine lovers

Tap and Bottle is a great place to meet other beer and wine lovers looking for Tucson hookups


With a name like Tap and Bottle, you are obviously going to a place known for their craft beer and excellent wine list. So, order a pint or a glass, and set yourself up to meet other single women and men. It has the feel of a local hang, so the crowd and bartenders are usually friendly and chill. They also have regular live music and a Wednesday night “sweat + sip” event (perfect for fitness fanatics, or those looking for one).

If you aren’t in the downtown area, get over to Tap and Bottle North, their newer location. It has the same relaxed vibe and great drinks. Both spots are where you can get laid in Tucson without a ton of effort.

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