17 Great Spots To Find Single Cougars in Boston in 2020 (including cougar bars)

A view of various places to find cougars in BostonAnyone who has spent time around town knows that finding attractive single cougars in Boston on a regular basis can be tough. You see Boston cougars walking on the street or heading into yoga class but where you can you meet them consistently?

We have put together a solid list of our favorite Boston cougar bars as well as other places where we have had a lot of luck meeting. We wanted to make this useful for guys of all ages so we have recommendations for younger guys as well as guys who are cougar age themselves.

The dating scene in Boston can be a lot of fun with the right guidance so check out our recommendations below and meet that Boston cougar you are looking for tonight.

Top Spots To Pick Up Cougars In Boston

Here are some of our favorite places where we have met a lot of cougars in Boston. There is a lot of great info and tips that we share that can really turn your dating life around. You will not find an easier or better solution to improving your ability to attract cougars anywhere.

Howl At The Moon is a great Boston cougar bar to start with


Howl At The Moon is a great Boston cougar bar to start with

If you have been going after cougars in Boston for any period of time you know that they LOVE dueling piano bars. It is something about the competition, nostalgia, and fun atmosphere that just attracts them like a magnet.

Howl At The Moon is a great place to kick off your search. The drinks are decent and the cover is fairly reasonable most nights so you won't break the bank.

There are a lot of birthday parties and bachelorette parties that come through Howl so don't be surprised if you find that there are often a lot more women than guys here. There is a pretty good mix of women that come through but there are definitely a lot more Boston cougars than other bars.

Finding a Boston cougar for a quick fling on Adult FriendFinder doesn't get any easier (try it free)

Homepage for Adult Friend Finder

If you just want to find a more mature lady for a roll in the hay Adult FriendFinder is going to be your best bet. You might think to try Tinder but the odds are really stacked against you there. There really isn't a lot of cougars in Boston that use Tinder, it tends to be almost exclusively women under 30.

It’s hard NOT to recommend that guys at least check out Adult FriendFinder (you can try them for free with the links above after all). We have seen a lot of guys find success using it and most of those guys have been pretty average in the looks department. With that kind of success and how little time it takes to use there really isn’t a downside.

AFF is the only legit option out there to meet a lot of single cougars who just want to take you home!

In contrast, Adult FriendFinder has been around since 2006 and has a LOT more older women using their app (they have 50,000,000+ active members). Tinder has also kind of evolved into a more general dating app while AFF is still very much about skipping the 3 dates and jumping into bed fast.

Cougar Life is great if you want more than just a short-term thing but Adult FriendFinder (which you can try for free) is a better option for more physical relationships. Check them out and see the type of women looking for fun nearby.

Try AFF For Free


The Bar at Bar10 is a Boston cougar oasis


The Bar at Bar10 is a cougar oasis

Inside the Westin Bar10 is one of the higher class cougar bars in Boston. The Westin is a pretty nice hotel and Bar10 tends to attract a mix of guests looking to cut loose and relax as well as locals looking for fun. If you are looking for a cougar on a business trip for some short-term fun this is the place to be. When you want to find a single cougar, especially a classy lady it's a great place to look.

The drinks here are pretty strong and the food is decent if you stick to the appetizers. Compared to a lot of places in the area this spot is more subdued so talking is pretty easy. Not to mention, if things go REALLY well you are just a few steps away from a hotel room.

Cougar Life is the simplest way to meet cougars in Boston who want more of a relationship (try it free)

Homepage for Cougar LifeWhen it comes to meeting a lot of cougars in Boston quickly, especially those interested in dating younger guys, there isn't a better option than Cougar Life (which just so happens to have a free trial). Older women are often just too busy to spend a lot of time in bars and clubs so many of them have been looking online to meet guys. In fact, a lot of them are ONLY looking online these days.

If you're not spending at least a little time on Cougar Life you're going to miss out on a lot of opportunities!

There are a lot of dating sites and apps out there (and we've tried just about all of them in our cougar dating site review) but none of them really deliver as well as Cougar Life does. There are a few reasons why we think it works so well:

There are a lot of cougars in Boston using it

There are more popular apps and sites out there but they just don't have the cougars. Cougar Life has over 7 million active members and EVERY SINGLE WOMAN on this site is a cougar. There is no reason for a non-cougar to even consider signing up!

Instead of scrolling through hundreds of profiles hoping to find an attractive single cougar, especially one interested in dating both younger and older guys, they are all right here. It saves so much time and frustration!

These cougars actually want to meet up

If you've spent any time on other apps you know that a lot of the women that use them are really just looking for attention. They don't want to really meet a guy in person but they're happy to collect compliments and stroke their ego.

When you use a more specific option like Cougar Life you avoid a LOT of those time-wasting women. You only use a site like this if you're serious about meeting guys and not just leading people one.

It makes a huge difference in the response rate from your messages and the number of dates you can actually setup.

A really good mix Boston cougars who want short and long-term

Cougar Life does a great job of attracting women interested in both short-term fun and a real relationship. The other top sites out there can be great but tend to attract a very specific type of woman.

If you haven't tried it out yet give Cougar Life's free trial a shot. You have nothing to lose and you can't expect to get new results without changing up your approach. Guys who really want to find a cougar aren't going to be able to do better elsewhere (in our experience).

Try Cougar Life For Free


City Bar keeps it upscale with martinis and cougars in Boston


City Bar keeps it upscale with martinis and mature women

When looking for that classy lady, one of the best Boston cougar bars to visit is City Bar. This casual chic cocktail establishment has two locations to choose from. The first is in Boston’s historic Back Bay, while the other is in Boston’s historic Back Bay and vibrant Waterfront.

City Bar often attracts older women who are looking for the perfect place to wind down after work, grab a drink before dinner or stop off for a nightcap. This spot has the perfect ambiance to socialize in stylish comfort and draw in that cutie at the end of the bar.

Whether it’s a unique martini, classic cocktail or a single malt, cognac, beer and wine – City Bar’s got it all! So put on your classiest outfit and head on over tonight!

Homepage for EH

eHarmony makes meeting cougars in Boston for long-term relationships really easy (try it now)

You are probably reading this article because you have been having a little more trouble finding single Boston cougars than you have in the past. You are definitely not alone in this.

We've noticed that a lot more women have been avoiding bars and clubs and only looking online to meet men (especially if they are interested in dating younger guys). This can make it tough to maximize your chances if you aren't spending a little time online as well.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Being able to meet other singles 24/7 while only spending a few minutes a day is pretty great. So where should you go? By far our favorite site for meeting cougars in Boston has been eHarmony (which you can try right now) for a few years now.

eHarmony does an amazing job of attracting single women over 35 to their platform. They have the combination being established and trusted that more mature women find very appealing. With over 30 million ACTIVE members (not just people who have signed up, people who are regularly using the site) you are going to have a lot of options.

Plus, because of how they structure their signup process, only women who actually want to meet up with guys are here. All the time wasters and attention seekers go elsewhere for their ego boosts. That means the wasted time and frustration you might have had with other sites and apps is gone.

Being able to message women you're confident are looking for guys just like you and getting a lot of responses is an amazing feeling!

They are really the best option out there when it comes to meeting single older women in Boston. We have spent a lot of time testing and reviewing all the best cougar dating apps and can confidently say they are the first one you should try. Spending a few minutes a day can yield WAY more dates than hours in a bar if you have a little practice.

Try eHarmony here and see what we mean.

Try eHarmony Free


More Of The Best Boston Cougar Bars

Boston has plenty of bars where you can meet mature women who are looking for some fun. Whether you're looking for a girlfriend or someone who prefers to keep things casual, these spots have you covered.

Bar Boulud – Boston is your French inspired cougar bar in Boston


Bar Boulud – Boston is your French-inspired cougar bar in Boston

If you are looking to enjoy some French culinary feasts while searching for cougars in Boston, Bar Boulud is the place to be. Located in the heart of Back Bay on Boylston Street, this bar offers wonderful seasonal dishes to entice an attractive lady.

For those of you who enjoy a great wine list while conversing, try out Boulud’s wine cellar that puts a focus on wines from Burgundy and the Rhóne Valley. This bar’s décor will also help set the mood for your spontaneous date as well.

The interiors include dramatic vaulted wood ceilings and walls made from French wine crates. For that comfortable and intimate experience while searching for your lady love, try out Bar Boulud for a unique dinning experience.

RumBa is your hotel bar full of Boston cougars


RumBa is your hotel bar full of Boston cougars

Located at the Intercontinental hotel, Rumba Hotel Bar is a real winner among cougar bars in Boston. This sophisticated rum-themed cocktail bar is definitely a cougar pleasing venue.

CD image

Women love its distilled rums, deliciously bold appetizers, and hip-moving mixes of Latin and Caribbean music. If you’re looking to romance an attractive older woman, you’re likely to find her in RumBa’s private Champagne Lounge.

This gem is located behind sliding mahogany doors and serves the bubbly in an atmosphere inspired by the Moulin Rouge. With its inviting colors, glass fireplaces and two bars, you’re sure to get lucky while celebrating Boston's rich rum history.

Abe and Louie's is a historic bar full of Boston cougars


Abe and Louie's is a historic bar full of Boston cougars

This is another fantastic bar in the heart of the city that is famed for being a place to meet cougars in Boston. This historic Boston cougar bar was founded in 1965 and with its classy decor and lively atmosphere is a top spot for Cougars to hang out in.

Here you can enjoy a meal of fresh seafood, or a great steak and wash it down with a cocktail or decent glass of wine. After the dinner service as the drinks flow the place tends to get a little more rowdy and that is where the Cougar crowd starts to settle in.

Phoenix Landing reigns among cougar bars in Boston with great nightlife 

Are you a lover of older women and 80s, 90s and early 2000's top 40s hits? Look no further!

Phoenix Landing is where you need to be on a Friday or Saturday night to find that attractive woman. While the crowd is known to be in its early to mid-twenties, there are many cougars who enjoy the attention they get from those younger guys.

Beyondages.com video course

Patrons love this bar for its efficient service, chill atmosphere and vibrant dance floor crowd. Just be forewarned that the lines for entry may be long.

The Living Room for a caffeinated Boston cougar

A great bar in the city, and one of the well-known spots to pick up Cougars in Boston is The Living Room. Many older women often frequent this busy sports bar to unwind with a drink after a long day at the office and to check out the younger men often vying for their attention!

You need to try this

They are easy to spot, usually with a group of 2 or three friends and circling the bar picking out the men that they like! Be bold but sophisticated in your approach, make an effort with what you wear, and soak up the lively atmosphere here.

The Lenox Hotel has a legit cougar bar

The Lenox Hotel actually has two bars which are perfect spots for meeting Cougars in Boston. Here classy, sophisticated ladies who are usually hard working professionals come here to unwind with a drink or two and are most receptive to flirtations with guys generations younger.

They look for sharp looking business guys in their twenties so make sure you look smart, and be charing and it is sure to pay off.

The Capital Grille 

For fine dining and the chance to meet a classy Boston cougar head to The Capital Grille

which can be found in the Hynes Convention Center in the Back Bay. Excellent food accompanied by fine wines is what you can expect here, making it popular with successful more mature women.

Croke Park/Whitey’s is a popular dive bar among fun mature ladies

Located within walking distance of Broadway MBTA Station, Croke Park Whiteys is reputed to be the greatest dive bar in Boston. It is also one of top spots in the city to find attractive older women.

This dive bar is quite popular for its sightings in the short film "Dive" and the reality show "Savage Family Digger." Even their bartender was featured in the Oscar-winning film "Mystic River!"

So if you’re looking for a cougar in Boston be sure to drop in for a game of pool and a drink for two!

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