The Top Music Dating Apps for Finding Your Ideal Date in 2023 According to Dating Coaches

Best dating apps for musicians

Do you make your living as a musician, composer, or performer? It can be a complicated process to find someone with a similar dedication to musical life and all that comes with it. Plus, finding people in person can be hit or miss, especially when it’s hard to tell who is actually on your professional level versus amateur weekend warriors. That’s why finding a music dating app is a game changer for musicians.

Dating apps provide the best way to vet potential matches, talk in a safe and non-threatening environment from the convenience of your phone/computer, and easily set up a date. In this article, we’ll look at each music dating app that’s worth using, things you should consider when choosing the right app, and a couple of helpful tips that’ll give you a competitive advantage. Let’s begin!

How we ranked the best music dating apps
At BeyondAges, we rate and rank sites based on several factors we consider to be most important in a good app for musicians. This includes the quality of women you can meet, the app’s popularity, how easy it is to use, how safe your information is, how effective the app is for meeting fellow musicians, and how much bang for your buck you get when using the paid features.

We tested out each of our recommendations thoroughly by using a variety of tests to see if we’re talking to actual people as well as subscribing to a paid membership. Our list only includes those that we’ve found to be the most useful if you’re looking for fellow musicians.

The Top Two Music Dating Apps Right Now: Tastebuds and AFF

Below you’ll find a brief summary of how each of these two apps fared when it comes to meeting and dating musicians in your area.

Tastebuds logo AFF logo

Our team rates each site objectively based on many hours of independent research, the features each site offers, and how it compares with other sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their extensive experience.

7 9.5
Quality of Women

Our opinion of how attractive the typical woman is that uses this site and how easy they are to connect with compared to other sites.

7 9

How many people are using this site to actually meet people compared to other sites.

6 9

How easy is this site to use and how quickly can an average person begin meeting people compared to other sites.

8 10
Privacy & Safety

Does this site take proper precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

9 10

Our opinion of how easily an average person will be able to achieve their dating goals with this site compared to other sites.

7 9

Will the time and money spent using this site pay off for an average person based on the opinions and experience of our editors.

7 10
Our Recommendation

Try Tastebuds if you want someone to play with

Tastebuds app

One of the best apps for performing musicians is Tastebuds. Tastebuds is an app geared towards musicians, where you can share music playlists (including your own) to meet someone who’s into your genre of music. You can access Tastebuds for free, or pay for some extra features with Backstage Pass, this grants you unlimited messaging and incognito mode. Share your music samples, and profile to find other music lovers out there today!

Try AFF if you’re only in town for a day or two


If you’re a performer on the road with only a limited time between gigs and you just want a hookup, AFF is the app for you. Enjoy the privacy of AFF and plenty of short-term NSA relationships at your fingertips. Sort by location, set expectations by video chat, and start hooking up on-demand.

The great thing about AFF is that no matter what you’re into backstage, you can almost certainly find someone who’s into the same thing. Try AFF for free today, but you’ll definitely want a paid membership for advanced features.

The Other Top Dating Sites for Musicians Worth Considering

Beyond the Top 2 dating apps for musicians mentioned above, we have three other options that can do the job if you want more options. Here are 3 other top dating sites for those involved with music as a profession:


eHarmony features on Android

While meeting fellow musicians during gigs or concerts is pretty easy, you don’t always know if you’ll be compatible. Sure, you both understand the ins and outs of the music industry, and you know how demanding life on the road can be. But what about the other stuff that matters if you’re not onstage?

eHarmony’s advanced algorithm helps musicians like you to find other musically-inclined singles whose personality and preferences also match yours. This helps you find your ideal match based on science and compatibility, not just initial chemistry because you liked each other’s set.

Tinder Select/Tinder

Tinder iOS screenshots

If you’ve achieved some level of fame and recognition, regular Tinder isn’t going to be the best choice for dating and hookups. Tinder Select offers musicians the ability to enjoy better search results and features that can be toggled on/off from “regular” Tinder. That being said, this app didn’t make it into the top 2 because you can only join Tinder Select if you’ve been invited by the app or by another Tinder Select user.


OkCupid iOS

If you’re looking for a hookup when you’re on tour or just want a date wherever you’re performing, OkCupid can get you serious results in just a few swipes. The video chat feature is definitely useful for musicians, who can take requests and interact with a live audience to secure a fun date. Of course, be careful using this app, as there are plenty of scammers and fake profiles, which is why OkCupid didn’t make our top 2 dating apps.

The Most Important Considerations when Choosing a Good Music Dating App

Music dating apps need a bit of planning and forethought before committing your precious time and hard-earned money. To help you discern what works for you, verify the five (5) following criteria to make the best choice.

Consideration #1 – Check out the number of users to ensure the app is worth using.

An app is only as useful as the people on it. Look for high-volume apps that feature a diverse set of users, while also using more exclusive apps for a more compatible match.

Consideration #2 – Consider your local social circle and working relationships.

As you probably know, the music scene is small – especially in smaller cities and areas. While you can use the apps to network and build a fan base, you may not necessarily want to date booking agents or other musicians who you may know. Word gets around and your reputation as a musician can sink or swim from a bad interaction.

Consideration #3 – Does the app protect your privacy?

Your privacy should always be a priority, so make sure to do your research and see if there have been any security breaches associated with the app. For musicians with a bit of celebrity status, look for dating apps that enable you to hide your profile until you’ve made the choice to vet a potential match, which is usually offered on a paid subscription. And if you make your living as a music teacher, you certainly don’t want your students to find out that you’re in the market for a partner.

Consideration #4 – What type of relationship is the app geared towards?

Not all apps are designed for every type of relationship. Pay attention to whether the music dating app is for on-demand hookups, serious relationships, or just casual dating. For example, using AFF won’t get you a long-lasting love unless you really hit it off, nor will eHarmony help you blow off some steam after a grueling tour.

Consideration #5 – Consider matches that aren’t musicians.

Music is often a full-time pursuit, so trying to line up your schedule with another musician can be a challenge – especially during busy gigging months. There are plenty of professions that offer more flexible hours that can accommodate a musician’s chaotic schedule, so keep an eye out for freelancers, business owners, and others who make their own hours. Plus, you can at least have one person guaranteed to show up to your gig!

5 Key Tips to Get Great Results Using Music Dating Apps and Meeting Other Musicians

Now that you’re up to speed on which apps we feel are best and the considerations you need for a proper mindset, it’s time to turn our attention to some tips that will save you time, money, and heartache. Bear in mind that these tips are designed to help you get the best results and avoid hassles – as well as how to work the system in your favor!

Tip #1 – Play the field

There’s a temptation to start setting up dates as soon as possible if you get a positive match from the get-go. While you may hit it off with the first person you interact with, understand that there are still plenty of users waiting. Some matches may end up ghosting you without warning, others may lose interest over time, or some just delete the app for whatever reason. Play the field and whittle down those who meet your dating requirements and unmatch those who don’t match up to your needs.

Tip #2 – Find musical matches with a similar lifestyle, experience, and realistic expectations.

A “musician” is a catchall for plenty of people involved in music, so you’ll want to screen out potential partners based on how they fit in your life. While lots of hookups are easy to get as a musician (who doesn’t love a performer?)Finding a serious match that’s comfortable with you playing late-night gigs in front of party-goers or touring can be a challenge.

Tip #3 – Always pay for a membership/subscription

Dating apps are designed as a business model, so they’re incentivized to give better results to those who are willing to pay a little cash (trust us, it’s cheaper than being alone on the weekends). Because you’re paying for exclusive access, paying gives you a competitive advantage with better features, a bump in the search algorithm, and serves as a way to sort out wishy-washy types.

Tip #4 – Fill out your entire profile

Signed up for an app and just uploaded a picture or two? That’s simply not enough. You’ll want to complete your entire dating app profile, add the required number of photos (more is always better), and answer survey questions that the app asks you from time to time to get a boost in local search rankings.

Tip #5 – Engage with the app frequently

You’ll never get famous playing in your basement, and the same goes with putting yourself out there with music dating apps. Begin by enabling push notifications from the app to strike while the iron is hot.

Also, many apps allow you to show your profile is active and currently online, which means you can start chatting in real-time (even during intermission!).

Frequently Asked Questions About Music Dating Apps

Do you have questions about music dating apps? We’ve got the answers you need. Browse the most frequently asked questions below about dating apps for music that newcomers typically experience.

What are music dating sites?

A dating app for musicians is exactly as it sounds: smartphone- and desktop-based applications that enable musicians to find other musically-inclined people to date.

As you read in the five (5) considerations we listed above, the dating world for musicians is often difficult due to the non-traditional lifestyle and demands of working musicians. For example, many musicians make their living playing clubs at night, teaching sporadically throughout the week, and/or working for long consecutive hours in a recording studio. Trying to find love with someone who works a regular 9 – 5 will have more issues and conflicts than other relationships.

Conversely, music is the universal language, so using an app where you can chat about your favorite artists, performers, and composers means that you’ll have something in common from the get-go.

Are music dating sites legit?

Most music dating sites are absolutely legitimate. However, your results will vary when it comes to which apps actually get results versus those that don’t have a large, active user base. As a general rule, check out the customer reviews for each app when downloading them. You’ll often see plenty of glowing reviews, but balance this out with any negative issues that can point to potential problems.

Are music dating sites safe?

Let’s be honest: There’s always a sense of risk when submitting any of your personal information online. Most popular music dating apps have legitimate security and privacy options, while you may find that some newer and lesser-known apps may be lacking.

Generally speaking, it also helps to properly vet the people you intend to meet up with and eventually date beforehand. Pay attention to any red flags among people that you may have across during texting, suspicious details on their profile, and any other information they provide. Use your intuition and be prepared to block someone if they cross your personal boundaries.

What are music dating site alternatives?

There are more dating apps and sites out there than just those geared to those who have music as a priority in their lives. Beyond Ages has carefully compiled a list of dating apps that have been proven to provide success and a great user experience. You’ll find plenty of musicians among these apps and other people that may just want a musician in their dating life.

How do music dating sites work?

Most music dating apps require users to have some sort of musical ability – often categorizing users by what type of music they play (ie. jazz, rock, classical), their profession, and who they’re willing to date. You may even have the chance to link in some of your media to show off your skills.

Beyond this, the apps function just like most other dating apps: find a match by liking a person’s profile or swiping to indicate your interest. When they do the same, you’ll be paired together to start chatting and see if you hit it off. If things go well, you can set up a date. Best of luck!

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