Our 10 Proven Options to Help You Get Laid in Houston This 2020

Couple at a Houston hookup bar whisperingHouston has no shortage of things to do. Bars, clubs and music venues are all over the place, which is especially great if you’re trying to find hookups in Houston. Whether you use hookup apps in Houston or prefer to make a connection in person, there are plenty of options for frisky Houstonians.

One problem with living in a city with nearly 2.5 million people, though, is sifting through the crowds. Whether you’re hitting up a club in Uptown or a dive bar in Sunnyside, it can be difficult to find sex in Houston, let alone start up a conversation. Hookup apps can be a remedy for that issue, but most of them are pure garbage (with a few exceptions).

If you’ve been frustrated by the scene, we’re here to help. Our local experts have scoured the various hookup bars and swiped through apps and websites to help you get laid in Houston. These are the hookup apps, sites and bars that actually get results. Even if you’re coming into the city all the way from Bay City, this list can help make the trip worth your time.

Read our list and then comment below if we’ve left any good spots off.

Our Favorite Bars and Apps for Houston Hookups

There are too many people in this city to settle for another night alone. Check out the following hookup apps and bars in Houston and get your sex life in gear.

La Grange patio at night


La Grange is the perfect Houston hookup bar  

With a giant patio, delicious Tex-Mex food and a killer drink menu, La Grange is everything a hookup bar should be. Located in Montrose, this bar consistently draws a large crowd, but it’s got enough space both inside and out that you don’t ever feel like you’re fighting for air. That’s important when you’re trying to chat up a date or find a local hookup.

La Grange’s selection of tequilas and mezcals is enough to make the bar a must-go location, but they’ve got plenty of other drink options to entice. Whatever your poison, get a spot on the patio or at the bar and check out the talent. There are plenty of sexy singles frequenting this bar, so it's a spot where you can get laid in Houston.

It doesn't get any easier than Adult FriendFinder to find hookups in Houston than on (try it free)

Hookup app Adult FriendFinderTo start any list of great hookup apps and sites, we need to begin with the OG of such sites, Adult FriendFinder (which you can try for free). Having begun in the early 2000's, this site really took off in the mid-aughts. Since 2006, AFF has been the most popular and easiest hookup site in Houston and basically every other city worldwide.

Guys who are actually willing to take a little action and not sit on their butts all day are going to get solid results with Adult FriendFinder. They have a lot of women using it but you still need to be the one making the first move. We have seen way better results finding casual sex on this site than the competition and have seen especially good results for normal dudes and guys looking for women over 30. It is well worth checking out their free trial with the links above. 

AFF has an active user base north of 90 million people, and that means options, the most important feature of any good hookup app. When we make our annual list of the best hookup apps and sites, AFF consistently lands in the top spot. It’s an especially active site for people over 28 (or intersted in hooking up with people 28+), making it the best place to meet both men and women over 30, no matter what you look like.

So many hookup sites try to hedge their bets by offering dating services (or at least pretending to). That isn’t the case with Adult FriendFinder. AFF is a hookup site through and through, and they aren’t ashamed to admit it. That’s great news for users, because they know what everyone is after and there’s no reason to play games. Check it out and see why it’s the site most residents would use above all other hookup sites.

Tinder is decent if you are under 28 and very attractive (like REALLY attractive if you are a guy). If that doesn't sound like you your best bet is Adult FriendFinder. It's one of the best ways to get laid in Houston.

The Dogwood has the best views in the city


The Dogwood has the best views in the city

We’re big fans of rooftop bars when it comes to finding hookups around Houston. They establish a great atmosphere, provide plenty of space for chatting up a date, and of course, there are the views. For our money, the best rooftop bar in Houston is The Dogwood, located in Midtown. The food’s solid, the drinks are strong and the crowds represent a perfect cross-section of the sexiest residents of the city.

With a beautiful view of downtown, a night at The Dogwood is exceedingly romantic. It’s the one of the best bars to get laid in Houston. So whatever you’re looking for, you’ll almost certainly find it here. When it comes to hookup bars, The Dogwood rises above the rest.

Cross-generational hookups are found with Cougar Life

Cougar Life hookup appWe make no secret of our love for older women. Whether you’re in your 20s and enticed by a more experienced lover, or you’re in your 30s or 40s and just want someone who understands you, women 35 and older are sexy and thrilling. For that reason, when we assemble our annual list of the top cougar apps and sites, Cougar Life always scores high. Plus you can try them for free which is always nice.

There are a lot of guys in Houston who find older women sexy but don’t know how to approach them. We realize it can be intimidating to chat up a sexy cougar at the bar (we created a course on dating women over 30 for exactly that reason). That’s why an app like Cougar Life is so invaluable. The women on there want to meet younger guys.

Cougar Life has a user base of over 7 million people, a huge number for such a niche app. A big part of its success is it appeals to women over 35 who sign up in droves. Older women are often made to feel ashamed if they go after a younger lover (even though men do it all the time), so Cougar Life allows them to avoid the stigma. After spending a lot of time in some great places to meet Houston cougars we're confident that this app is going to be the best option for many guys.

As the highest quality app used for hooking up with older women, Cougar Life is a must-have in your life. Whether you’re a guy worried about making the first move, or a woman over 35 concerned you’ll look foolish approaching a guy, this app brings peace of mind. Download it and find out why it’s popular in cities around the country.

Five Nine Lounge sign


Five Nine Lounge is the best bar to get laid in Houston

A good lounge should be relaxing yet still fun, quiet enough for a conversation but still offer some entertainment. The Five Nine Lounge fits the bill perfectly. The comfortable chairs, low lights and cool mix of music gets everyone feeling good. You can come here, chill with a hookah and enjoy your company. It's got the perfect atmosphere for connecting with women looking to hook up.

This hookah and cocktail lounge doesn’t look like a five-star nightclub, and that’s a big part of its appeal. Whether you’re bringing a date or you’re showing up stag, hoping to meet someone new, Five Nine Lounge is a cozy backdrop. If hookah isn’t your scene, it’s still a decent cocktail bar, and they have small bites available from their kitchen.

Hookup app Tinder

The hottest (young) Houston hookups are on Tinder

Among the coeds at Rice and the University of Houston, Tinder is as popular as drinking beer from a plastic cup. It’s the hookup app that basically made hookup culture mainstream, and for that reason, almost every person in their 20s and 30s has tried it. It’s a simple app with a very user-friendly interface.

If you're struggling to create that initial attraction it's also worth reading through our advice on how to talk to girls online here.

Of course, any recommendation of Tinder has to come with caveats. If you’ve ever used it, you probably know what we mean. While it’s certainly a great hookup app, not everyone is going to love it. If you’re a guy, you better be in the top 10% of good-looking dudes or you’re going to find a lot of disappointment. Average Joes are often ignored on Tinder.

It's also not going to make our list of the easiest ways to meet a Houston MILF any time soon. The vast majority of the users here are in their teens or early 20's.

Alternatively, female Tinder users are on the receiving end of non-stop messages and flirtation. You don’t have to be Beyoncé to get action on this app. Of course, the hottest women do see the most attention, which is why so many rarely use the app for actual hookups. They just relish in the egg boast of constant flattery.

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 28 and can take a good picture, Tinder will be one of the best dating apps in Houston for you. If you are a bit older or don’t have effortless good looks, take heart, Tinder is trying to rebrand itself as a more general app. It's not the best app where you can get laid in Houston, but it can be worth a shot.

Some Other Good Houston Hookup Bars and Hookup Sites

While we’ve listed the bars and apps that we enjoy the most, there are still plenty of other options for finding hookups around Houston. Here are a few more hookup apps and bars that get the job done.

Conservatory exterior


Conservatory has something for every taste

For one of the city’s most unique establishments, head down to the Conservatory. This beer garden and food hall is great for mingling with an eclectic crowd of Houstonians. Open seven days a week, including until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays, the Conservatory is one of the best bars to get laid in Houston.

We love beer gardens for hanging out with old friends or getting to know new ones. This was also one of the better places to meet Houston BBW that we've tried out. There’s something about craft beers and a large wine selection that makes total strangers start chatting out of the blue. Come out late on the weekends to enjoy the crowd and you’ll immediately see why we consider this one of the most fun hookup bars in Houston.

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