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How to Kiss a Girl Shorter than You And Avoid Awkwardness


I'm 5'7" so I don't ask the "how to kiss a girl shorter than you" question pretty often, yet I receive it a lot from some of my students who still think that height can be a problem. Sadly, the ideal kiss isn't all just a matter of chemistry and attraction. Actually getting your lips to meet is literally the definition of a kiss... and you can't do that if you're too tall and she's too short. So I'll be going through some techniques you can use to kiss a short girl and not be awkward about it.

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How to Kiss a Short Girl: The Setup

It's easy to kiss a girl shorter than you if you put her in the right mood. You want to avoid making any mistakes leading up to the kiss or anything that may turn her off. The following are a few tips that will set the right tone and increase your chance to get a kiss from her.

Put her on an emotional high

The first step in learning how to kiss a girl shorter than you is making her WANT to kiss you. Of course, if it's the first time you're meeting up, this could be a challenge. But the secret to that is putting her on an emotional high.

So which do you think is going to spike her emotions enough that she'll want to kiss you?

A) A boring conversation full of awkward silences

B) A compliment you just gave her that made her blush?

The second for sure...

Women are emotional beings, and they also love romance, so the more you make your kissing attempt look like a movie scene the better the response.


Through anything that makes her feel excited, sad, angry, lustful or anything that puts her on an emotional high. Why do you think movie couples kiss after an action scene? Because of the built-up emotions.

A tease, a sad story, a joke, a push-pull or a nice compliment... say it, look her in the eye, tell her to come close, and then kiss her. Since she's coming off that emotional high, she won't mind if she has to go on her tiptoes just to reach you. This is all a romantic moment for her, so she won't care too much if it takes some maneuvering to get that kiss.

New course

Watch for any signs of interest

Girls will always give you subtle signs of interest/disinterest. Your job is to:

  • Notice the bad signs and fix your approach
  • Act on the good signs

For example, how I hooked up with my last girlfriend was pretty simple. I gave her my arm as we walked on the street, she hugged it tighter than usual (more like a squeeze), so I got the message. Five or ten minutes later it rained so I asked her if she ever kissed in the rain and she said no, and I went for the kiss.

Just like that.

Other similar signs can be:

  • Prolonged eye contact
  • She keeps touching you
  • Open body language
  • She laughs at every silly thing you say
  • The absence of any disinterest signs (your gut feeling): If her face doesn't tell you to f*** off, then still go for it but try to change her mood first

Do it as soon as you can

Do you know what's the best time to kiss a girl? As early as possible. Even better if you do it as soon as you meet - and yes, this is possible, especially if you met online. It shows her early on that you're not here to be just friends so she shouldn't waste your time. But most importantly, it helps you gauge how much taller you are than her, and you can adjust accordingly.

So if you're a full head taller than her and you have to hunch over to kiss her, it's not a big deal. It's your first kiss and it's okay to be awkward. You can then plan for kissing her later in the day when you have a clear picture of how much taller you are than her.

Also, there's a perk for trying to kiss her either at the beginning or in the middle of the date which is... it gives you a second chance with her if she says no.

Be confident when you try to kiss a short girl

When you go in for the kiss and you already have a defeated posture, chances are she's not going to respond well.

An act of boldness turns women on even if the kiss wasn't good enough. I remember one time I was sitting on a bench with a girl and went for a kiss. The timing was perfect but we had a pizza box between us and she was sitting at the very far end of the bench, which looked awkward as I leaned so far to reach for her mouth.

She moved her head away (of course), asked what I was trying to do so I told her - in an uncanny voice - that she looked cute from that spot and I had to go for it.

Needless to say, my next attempt (about 20 minutes later) was more than welcome.

Just. Because. I. Went. For. What. I. Wanted.

Don't pay much attention when a girl says I don't kiss/sleep with guys on first dates. These are just words because the truth is, she will go for it with the right guy, under the right emotions and circumstances.

They say girls make rules for betas and break them for alphas. This means going for the first kiss as soon as you get the chance - I'll show you later - puts you in the alpha lane until proven otherwise.

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How to Kiss a Girl Shorter than You: The Kiss

The perfect technique: Look her in the eye, tell her to come here, move close to her face then...


Yes, you read it correctly. Stop almost a few centimeters away from her lips and let her cover the remaining distance. This builds some sexual tension and makes her more invested in kissing you.

Now kiss, then STOP again.

You want to be nonchalant about the kiss like it's something usual (but still be passionate about it). If you go tongue-to-tongue for a moderately long time then it can paint the image that you've been waiting for this kiss for a while which is fine but may turn off some women.

What I would do is kiss her for just a few seconds, then tease her about it by saying something like "well, not bad for a first kiss." This gives you the upper hand and makes her try harder the next time you go for it, which will be soon, but not right away.

Let's first say that it won't matter whether she's standing on a bench or on your shoes as long as you follow the steps in the setup section. If you put her in the right mood and make her see you as a masculine guy who isn't phased about kissing her then anything else won't matter. But just for the sake of it, here are a few technical tips for when you kiss a short girl.

Text her before she leaves home, and say this...

"Put some heels on. If we have fun, I may kiss you."


Nothing says ballsy - and non-needy - better than this.

You're saying, "I'm sexual, I go for what I want, but I'm selective too so you better prove yourself to me first."

She probably already knows that you're taller than her, so she's likely already warmed up for a hot date with you. But the idea that you're thinking of her in high heels will give make her feel even sexier.

Pin her towards a wall

Nothing will make her feel submissive better than being pinned to the wall by a tall dude - especially if you're puffed up. This keeps the tension off her toes since she's using the wall to support her back which allows the kiss to last longer.

Pull her up

Lift her up then pull her closer to you. This can be anything from supporting her lower back - preferably hips - with your hands or holding her in a standing missionary position while resting her arms around your neck.

Use props

If she's simply too short or you're too tall, no amount of high heels or you hunching over will make the kiss less awkward when you're standing up. So if you want to know how to kiss a girl shorter than you, it's time to bring in the props.

Depending on where you are, you'll probably find something for her to step on. For example, she could be a step above you on the stairs leading to her front door. If you're at a park, you could sit down on a bench and kiss her while she's standing up.

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Pick a seated position

This is the easiest and most comfortable way to kiss for most couples with a huge height difference. Sit together on a bench, wrap your arm around the chair, and when it's time to kiss her, look her in the eye, tell her to "come here" and then kiss her. Once you kiss, you can then shift your position so you're directly facing each other. You can still do this in your car or on a staircase.

Laying on a bed

Lay on the bed/floor and face each other and then go for it. This usually works when you're watching something at your place or if you're dreamy enough to take her to a park to watch the stars.

You can also do Spiderman's iconic upside-down kiss, but I don't see a way you can mimic that in a first kiss unless you're remaking the movie. But still a good idea for a kiss you can have later when you're more comfortable with each other.

The secret to kissing a girl shorter than you is mostly about getting her in the mood. If she's really into you and wants to kiss you, she'll find a way to help you out. But of course, you also have to help her out by knowing some techniques you can use to make your kiss a lot less awkward.


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