Online Dating Isn’t Fair

Some guys are born with great looks, perfect genetics, tons of money, and a natural attitude and style that’s just effortless. If that sounds like you you've come to the WRONG place.

However, if like me, you weren't born with many advantages, you need to realize that you WANT things to be unfair. It's a GOOD thing. Dating isn’t fair but there is a universal dating skillset that you can learn that will make things UNFAIR TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

This is a course created by guys who had to work to get good at women for guys in the same position to help you get results like this

Screenshot 2

*These methods have been effective for thousands of guys that we've worked with and will work for you too*

Most of the dating books and courses you see are made by white guys who have a TON of things already going for them for white guys that have a ton going for them.

When you’re starting off without quite so many advantages you need to take a different approach and build a more effective set of skills with women.

In this course are going to learn a skill set that will work regardless of your:

  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Looks
  • Wealth
  • Natural charm

These are skills that I, and the Beyond Ages team, have used in our home countries as well as immigrants and visitors around the world.

This skill set has worked for brown guys dating white girls, white guys dating black girls, white guys dating white girls, and every other combination imaginable.

It doesn’t matter what your personal situation is, this is a skill set that will drastically improve your ability to meet and attract women.

If you're like most guys your Tinder experience usually goes one of two ways:

Option 1:
  • Get drunk
  • Want a hookup
  • Install Tinder
  • Swipe right on every woman you see
  • Wake up sober
  • Maybe match with one woman you would only consider hooking up with while very drunk
  • Remove all your matches
  • Delete Tinder app
  • Start over next weekend


Option 2:
  • Swipe right on every girl you see for days
  • Get one or two matches a WEEK
  • Get unmatched almost instantly or completely ignore them because you’re not even attracted to them

Pretty painful to read right?

Maybe hitting a little too close to home?

This is equal to or better than the experience most men have when dating online.

How can that be though? When online dating is equally as popular for men as it is for women why do so many guys have such a rough experience?

The answer is simple. Almost all the attention from women goes to a small percentage of men. These are men that have natural advantages (hot or rich) or actually know how to attract women.

If you want to be in the 10-15% of men that get over 80% of all the attention from women (especially the more attractive women) you need to read on.

The Universal Skill Set You Will Learn

When it comes to successfully meeting and attracting women online there are several smaller skill sets you will learn that will build on each other to enable incredible results. This is what we will teach you in our course:

  • The online dating mindset that ensures the best results and makes dating online FUN
  • How to MAXIMIZE WHERE YOU’RE AT NOW and create a dating profile that women LOVE
  • The first messages formulas that women are PROVEN to respond to
  • What you can do to KEEP HER INTERESTED and build attraction fast
  • Our process to ALWAYS GET HER NUMBER without her flaking
  • Rescheduling dates THE RIGHT WAY if plans change
  • How to REIGNITE ATTRACTION AND INTEREST if things have already fizzled

This is a universal skill set that has worked for thousands of guys and will work for you too. If you want to get responses like this:

Screenshot 1



Screen shot 3

Then you need to know what you're doing. The good news is that any guy can get this good with the right guidance and some practice.

We believe in practicing what we preach and showing you how to do it step-by-step along the way.

What You Get In This Course

+ 128 pages of detailed and actionable advice that has worked for thousands of our students

+ Nearly 100 screenshots and images of actual conversations we've had with attractive women

+ Dozens of examples of us using the techniques and approaches we share with you

+ 10 exercises you can do that will dramatically improve your skills when it matters

+ 60 Day money-back guarantee if it doesn't work for you, no questions asked!

+ (FREE BONUS) Texting Cheat Codes - Our complete guide to the best responses to the most common replies from women ($19.99 value)

+ (FREE BONUS) Our favorite gifs to use to keep the conversation fun and sexy ($9.99 value)

Our 100% Guaranteed Course

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The results you want aren't far away. You just need to take action and spend a little time learning our simple system. Any guy can pick it up quickly and it just plain works.

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