2020’s 10 Top Spots to Meet Single Women Seeking Men in Detroit

Young single woman seeking men in Detroit at a coffee shop

When you’re on the lookout for the hottest single women seeking men in Detroit, you need an action plan. Figuring out the places to spend your time can be a challenge. Especially in a city with nearly 700,000 people. That’s why we’ve come up with a guide of the best bars and websites to frequent. This list will work in diverse neighborhoods like Downtown Detroit and Ferndale.

We’ve scoured the city and checked out spots that even Henry Ford College students frequent. These are the spots where you’ll come across the sexiest single women in Detroit. Our list is a proven guideline of the bars, clubs and websites that have worked for us every time. Our recommendations will help you meet some of the hottest single women living in our city.

So if you’re ready to start getting lucky then these are your best options. As always, let us know if you’ve found success at any of these spots by leaving a comment below.

Where to Meet Single Women Seeking Men in Detroit

Our list starts off with the places that have gotten us lucky each and every time. When it comes to the best places to meet single women in Detroit, these are some of our favorites.

The Whisky Parlour is a fantastic place to meet singles

The Whiskey Parlour is a fantastic place to meet single women in Detroit


The atmosphere at The Whisky Parlour is incomparable. The bar has a low-key casual feel to it while making you feel cozy and at home. Tons of single women frequent this spot because of how comfortable it is to drink here. It’s also one of the oldest bars in downtown Detroit, making it a must-see.

Along with great specialty cocktails and whiskey, the place hosts great live music acts. You can catch some fantastic jazz music while drinking here. So grab a drink by the bar and then make your way over when there’s a live music act. Strike up a conversation with one of the many gorgeous singles and you’ll be having fun in no time.

Adult FriendFinder is the fastest way to meet interested single women in Detroit looking to take you home (try it free)

If you prefer the idea of meeting Detroit's single women who just want casual fun online, then Adult FriendFinder is the perfect choice for you. Introverted men or those of you that don’t prefer the clubbing scene as much will find that online meetups are the best. There’s truly no easier way to meet single women seeking men in Detroit. Adult FriendFinder is exclusively focused on connecting people for casual fun in bed. So if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’re in luck.

This is the one site that works best for most guys in Detroit if you want a casual thing.

The site boasts a huge userbase of over 90 million active users. That means that the odds are truly in your favor when you’re logged on here. On top of that, the site has been around since 2006. That’s given it the time to build up a reputable brand and a reliable userbase.

Unlike many other dating apps, Adult FriendFinder doesn’t focus solely on looks. This means that you don’t have to be a male model to get the attention of gorgeous women. Since you can also filter through users based on distance, kink, cup size, and more you’ll quickly find the perfect one-night stand. There’s a reason it always winds up on our list of the best hookup apps and sites year after year.

So if you’re ready to meet the sexiest single women in Detroit who are looking for a good time, then sign up for a free trial of Adult FriendFinder.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
If you're tired of wasting your time and actually want to meet single women who mostly just want to hook up you need to try Adult FriendFinder's trial here. We haven't found a faster or easier way to meet women that actually want to head to bed fast, especially for more normal guys (not models). If you want results check them out for free.


Lots of single women seeking men in Detroit head out to Annex Nightclub

Lots of single women seeking men in Detroit head out to Annex Nightclub


If you’re ready to throw on your dancing shoes, then head to Annex Nightclub. You’ll meet some of the sexiest Detroit single women ever here. The nightclub is neon-lit and it often feels like you’re in two clubs at once. On one side of the club, you’ll hear a DJ playing house music and on the other side you’ll hear throwback jams. No matter what your music style, you’ll have fun here.

The women who come here are always ready to dance. In fact, everyone is always open to meeting a new dance partner here. Our favorite night to head out here is on Saturdays. It’s the perfect night of the week for meeting the most women. You just can’t beat the vibe here on Saturday nights.

Cougar Life is your best option if you are a guy who’s into older women (try it free)

You've probably already noticed that meeting hot older women is tough. A lot of older women tend to be hesitant to approach a younger man in person even if they’re interested. After all, the worry of being rejected is very real for them. Many older women are also often too busy to frequent bars and nightclubs. With full-time careers and hobbies, many older women don’t find the time to hang out at the bar or club. In our experience, Cougar Life has been the fastest and easiest way to meet these women.

The site is perfect for younger men who want to meet older women. But it’s also great for older guys interested in single women over 35. The site has the largest number of older single women seeking men in Detroit. With over 7 million active members, the odds of finding someone look very good. The best part is that the women on this app actually want to meet up. They won’t waste your time like women on a lot of other dating apps. Our favorite part is that the website instantly notifies you when someone takes a look at your profile. That means you can see who is interested in meeting tonight. That’s why Cougar Life always ends up on our list of the best cougar dating sites.

So if you’re ready to get lucky with a sexy older woman, give Cougar Life a try!

TV Lounge is filled with single women seeking men in Detroit

TV Lounge is filled with single women seeking men in Detroit


TV Lounge will quickly become one of your favorite nightclubs in Detroit. This place has a high-energy atmosphere, which is perfect for having fun. You won’t have one boring minute while partying at this place. This is the ultimate spot for dancing and raving.

The women that come here are insanely hot. Many of them come out here on the lookout for a man to entertain them for the night. So grab a drink by the bar and then start looking for your next dance partner. The drink prices are pretty reasonable as well. So you won’t go broke drinking any of their specialty drinks. Head out here and you’ll be sure to meet some of the hottest single women in Detroit.

Jacoby’s is one of our favorite places to mingle with cute single women

Jacoby’s is one of our favorite places to mingle with cute single women in Detroit


Jacoby’s is the perfect beer garden experience in Detroit. You can enjoy tasty brews along with delicious German food options. Still, that’s not really what makes this such a great place. We’ve found that this is the best place to have a conversation with a woman while still having a drink in hand.

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to just grind up on someone on the dance floor. Some of us like to talk before we play. You’ll find that the women that frequent this beer garden are all tons of fun and super low-key. The communal seating also makes it far easier to introduce yourself to someone new. So take your chances and have some fun at Jacoby’s.

eHarmony is one of the best options for meeting women interested in a long-term relationship

While casual relationships can be fun, sometimes we’re all looking for someone to love. There are plenty of gorgeous single women seeking men in Detroit on eHarmony. This is the one site where we’ve seen fantastic results time and time again. So if you’re actually interested in finding something long-term then this is the site for you.

It’s currently one of the most well-known dating sites throughout the US and Canada. With over 33,000,000 members, you’re more than sure to find someone that you’re compatible with. Also, unlike many other apps, eHarmony actually takes the time to understand your wants and needs. The site asks you to fill out short questions about what you’re specifically looking for. This helps you to stand out as much as possible and guarantees that you’ll be matched with someone perfect for you.

Each day on the site, there are 15 million matches made. Every day you’ll receive several matches of people who are both looking for the same things as you and match the criteria you’ve selected. Since you’ll receive tons of matches, you won’t have to waste hours scrolling through profiles trying to find someone who fits your requirements.

So stop wasting time at bars and clubs if you’re looking for something more serious. Instead, give eHarmony a chance. You won’t believe how easy they make it to find your match.

Lots of Detroit single women love taking dance lessons at Exhibit 8 Studios

Lots of Detroit single women love taking dance lessons at Exhibit 8 Studios 


There’s no better place to meet women than at your local dance studio. Exhibit 8 Studios offers dance lessons to adults of all ages. You’ll be sure to meet lots of hot women here. The overall environment of the studio is friendly and welcoming. You won’t have to feel awkward about taking a dance class here.

The dance classes here are for all levels. So you won’t have to feel intimidated. Since you’ll be swapping dance partners throughout the lesson, you’ll be able to mingle. You’ll meet tons of gorgeous women and you won’t have to talk for more than a few minutes at a time. We definitely recommend checking out Exhibit 8 Studios if you’re ready to meet a lot of new women.

More Great Places to Meet Single Women in Detroit

If you’ve already tried out the ones that we listed above then here are a few more that are worth checking out. Head to these spots after you’ve sufficiently tried out some of the others:

The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company is a great spot to grab a coffee and meet someone new

The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company is a great spot to grab a coffee and meet Detroit single women


The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company is an awesome coffee shop in Midtown Detroit. At this coffee shop, you’ll meet a wide variety of women. College students often come here to catch up on their studies. Meanwhile, young professionals often hit this place up for a coffee before work or during their lunch break.

The shop also serves beer and snacks. So if you’re looking for the slightest buzz then you’ll be able to get it here. We highly recommend coming here on the weekends, however. It’s often bustling with people without getting too overbearing. You’ll be surprised at how much more responsive women are outside of the bar and club scene. So take your one-liners and icebreakers and test them out at Great Lakes Coffee.

Try out speed dating with The Fun Singles Detroit Speed Dating & Singles Events

Try out speed dating with The Fun Singles Detroit Speed Dating & Singles Events to meet single women in Detroit


Fun Singles is a speed dating service available for Detroit singles. This awesome service hosts events in Detroit pretty often. The events they throw are designed to make it easy to meet tons of new people in a short amount of time. After all, why meet only one or two women when you can meet up to six or even ten in a single speed dating round?

In order to go to one of the events, you’ll have to sign up for the service. They screen users to make sure that you’re only meeting people of the highest quality. The atmosphere they provide is both casual and comfortable. That means you won’t have to feel awkward when attending one of the events.  There will also be drinks available in case you need extra confidence. You’ll be sure to get lucky after a round of speed dating.

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