The Best Bars, Apps, and Sites to Find a Virginia Beach Hookup

Virginia Beach hookup bar with three women drinkingThere are few cities in the country that can boast having as beautiful a backdrop as Virginia Beach. The views here are spectacular, and we mean more than just the beaches. There are so many sexy singles, and all the apps and hookup bars in Virginia Beach prove it. When you’re looking for a good time here, options are plentiful.

Of course, too many options can be just as bad as too few. While there is no shortage of Virginia Beach hookup sites, for instance, far too many of them suck. It can be a huge time drain swiping on your phone if no one decent is using the same app as you. Similarly, though there are a lot of great bars in town, there are even more dead ones.

This is why we’ve taken the time to create this list of the best hookup apps, sites and bars in Virginia Beach. We’ve scoured the city from Dam Neck to Bayside to determine which apps actually work and which bars are worth your time. Even if you’re out in Norfolk, you’ll be able to get laid in Virginia Beach if you make use of this list .

There are more than 450,000 residents here, and plenty of them are looking for some no-strings-attached sex. Get off your couch and meet them. Try these fantastic Virginia Beach hookup apps and bars, then tell us how it went in the comments.

Hookup Bars and Apps in Virginia Beach That Rock

Whether you’re a beach bum, a student at Regent or a working professional, sometimes you need a little help getting laid. Here are the best hookup bars and hookup sites in Virginia Beach.

Lynnhaven Pub is a relaxed and cool place to get laid in Virginia Beach

Lynnhaven Pub is a relaxed and cool place to get laid in Virginia Beach

Located on Great Neck Rd, Lynnhaven Pub can truly be called a Virginia Beach institution. When friends come into town, this is where locals take them, not because it’s the trendiest place, but because it offers the most enjoyable experiences. With a massive selection of beers and delicious smoked meats, Lynnhaven draws in everyone with taste buds.

That’s exactly why it’s one of our favorite hookup bars in Virginia Beach. The crowds are large and varied, and they’re all there to have a blast and mingle. Come for the tasty pork and craft beers, stay for the company. If you’re looking for the friendliest of friends, you definitely need to make Lynnhaven your first stop.

Virginia Beach hookups on Adult FriendFinder have been easiest for guys to find (try it free)

Hookup app Adult FriendFinder

Here at Beyond Ages, we curate an annual list of the best hookup apps and sites, and the top of the list consistently has a familiar name: Adult FriendFinder. This site has been around since the 90s and has been one of the best Virginia Beach hookup sites for at least half that time. In fact, worldwide, AFF is unparalleled. There are many apps out there that are outright scams and some, like we saw when we reviewed Blendr, that are just mediocre and a waste of time. Very few options out there can come close to AFF right now.

Guys who are actually willing to take a little action and not sit on their butts all day are going to get solid results with Adult FriendFinder. They have a lot of women using it but you still need to be the one making the first move. We have seen way better results on this site than the competition and have seen especially good results for normal dudes and guys looking for women over 30. It is well worth checking out their free trial with the links above.

A big part of the site’s appeal is that it has no qualms about being a hookup site. While other apps and sites aim for “respectability” by claiming to offer more traditional services, AFF is all about casual sex. It’s actually quite refreshing to sign up for an account and know everyone you meet is there for the same thing.

AFF has been the best option we've seen for finding hookups, especially for men who haven't had great success elsewhere.

Speaking of meeting people, AFF has one of the most diverse user bases of any app. With over 90 million global users, you’ll find every type of person on the site. Interestingly enough, the biggest group on AFF is men and women in their 30s, which is fantastic because other sites and apps tend to treat that all-important demographic like afterthoughts.

In Virginia Beach, Adult FriendFinder has an impressive presence, and that’s why so many of its users say it’s the only site they need. Even if you aren’t smoking hot, you can still get laid in Virginia Beach through AFF.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
Using this link to Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.


Peabody’s is the best bar to get laid in Virginia Beach

Peabody’s is the best bar to get laid in Virginia Beach


With a mix of concerts, themed shows and classic club nights, Peabody’s is the place to be on the weekends. Sure, it’s a pretty standard issue nightclub, but it’s the best of its kind in the area, and still quite affordable. Peabody’s is regularly packed and those crowds are all tossing back drinks and getting sweaty on the dancefloor.

If you’re looking for a horizontal dance partner, come down on their regular Ladies Nights, when drink specials and fun DJs get everyone in the mood to move. Few hookup bars in Virginia Beach can claim to have as large or consistent a crowd as Peabody’s. Stop wasting your weekends in front of the TV and get down here.

Sexy older women find single guys on Cougar Life for hookups (try it free)

Cougar Life hookup app

Virginia Beach has a mighty cougar population (just check out Dam Neck if you don’t believe us), and young guys are taking notice. If you’re in your 20s, there is no more sexually rewarding experience than getting with a woman a decade or more older. That’s why Cougar Life has become a genuine phenomenon here and around the country making it a "must try" while also checking out the proven Virginia Beach cougar bars.

Cougar Life is filled with women over 35 who enjoy the company of younger guys. A lot of women feel like society looks down on them if they pursue men younger than them. It’s a lame double standard, but it exists. Which is why this cougar hookup site exists. It allows cross-generational connections blossom without any judgments.

In our yearly review of the best cougar apps and sites, Cougar Life regularly comes out on top. It’s the most popular site of its kind, with over 7 million users, and people all over the US are using it. Even older men like this site because it gives them the chance to connect with women who have experience and sophistication. From our experience, Cougar Life is where you can get laid in Virginia Beach if you're into mature ladies.

If you’ve always wanted to make it with a cougar, but you don’t have the confidence to make your approach, we can help. Our course on dating women over 30 will improve your moves and your confidence. Don’t settle for boring young girls, get on Cougar Life and meet the sexy women of your dreams. It’ll be your favorite Virginia Beach hookup site in no time.

Try Cougar Life For Free


Warriors Taphouse is a bar with a purpose

Warriors Taphouse is a bar for fun Virginia Beach hookups


There are a lot of great hookup bars in Virginia Beach, but few can claim to also have a higher purpose. In addition to being a great place to grab a drink, Warriors is dedicated to helping wounded veterans and their families. Started by three men with military backgrounds, the owners donate time and money to help those in need.

If that sounds a bit serious for a night out, don’t worry, Warriors (like all soldiers) knows how to have a good time and how to find local women looking to hookup tonight. They have over 50 craft beers, a great food menu and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Hit up this bar on the outer edge of Dam Neck and know that it's the best bar to get laid in Virginia Beach.

A Few More Hookup Bars and Apps in Virginia Beach

Though we’ve discussed the best of the best Virginia Beach hookup sites and bars, we’ve hardly covered them all. Here are a few more apps and nightspots that are well worth your time.

Footers Sports Pub fills up with people looking for a good time

Footers Sports Pub fills up with people looking for a Virginia Beach hookups


People generally don’t go to sports bars for hookups, and that’s understandable. Most such spots are total sausage fests. But most sports bars aren’t Footers Sports Pub, a great hangout bar that’s been open for more than 30 years. Sure, it’s still a fun place to watch a game or play some billiards, but it’s so much more than that.

With various events throughout the month, a decent menu and excellent drink specials, Footers is a major gathering spot for most of Virginia Beach. The crowds here don’t take themselves too seriously and the vibe is extremely laidback. Come out for Thirsty Thursdays, get a buzz going early and see what happens.

Footers is also one of the better places to meet a BBW in Virginia Beach. The combination of sports, men, and good food makes this spot very attractive.

Virginia Beach has sexy fun on Tinder

Hookup app Tinder

All the Regent and ECPI undergrads and grad students know that when it comes to flings, Tinder is the Virginia Beach hookup app of choice. These days, it’s basically impossible to find anyone under 40 who hasn’t used the app at least once. If you're the kind of guy who would rather meet and date a Virginia Beach MILF this isn't the app for you.

Its easy user interface and focus on profile pictures makes it massively popular. Unfortunately, for a lot of users, Tinder can be frustrating. That’s because Tinder is a very shallow app. People notice the pictures first and foremost, so if you aren’t particularly hot, you’ll probably get passed over. This is especially true for men who better be in the top 10% of looks, or they’ll be swiping with little to show for it.

Good looks are helpful for the women on Tinder, too, though even 5s and 6s do fine on this app. There are plenty of 10s on Tinder, but most of them only use the app for the ego boost. You’ll find many hot women never actually respond to messages or go out with anyone. Getting swipes is all it’s about for them.

Still, when it comes to connecting with hot, young people (it’s best for users between 18 and 28), Tinder is one of the unbeatable hookup apps in Virginia Beach. Even as the app tries to claim it’s working to be more focused on relationships, this is still where you can get laid in Virginia Beach. It might one day be part of the best dating apps in Virginia Beach but it isn't quite there yet.

Try Tinder For Free


Cooper’s Hawk is a wine lover’s delight

Cooper’s Hawk is an amazing Virginia Beach hookup bar


Next to the Lynnhaven Mall, you’ll find Cooper’s Hawk, a restaurant and winery that offers a very different vibe than Footers Sports Pub. Cooper’s Hawk is a cozy and classy spot to taste a variety of wine and have a nice meal. For that reason, most people think of it as a date spot, which of course it is. But don’t overlook its value as a hookup bar.

If you’ve met someone on one of the hookup apps or sites we’ve suggested, this is a great place to meet up. That’s especially true if you’re using Cougar Life, as an older woman will appreciate the swankier environment. Sure, it might make for a slightly pricier night out than a dive bar, but your odds of sealing the deal are also a whole lot better.

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