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What Does Girth Mean Sexually? What Matters to Most Women


Girth. Circumference. Diameter. There are a lot of terms out there which can be used when describing your penis, but what do they actually mean? More importantly, how can you figure out what your girth is? Men are often left wondering what women want in bed. What does girth mean sexually? Does length or girth matter?

More and more women know what they want from men today, but most men have no clue if they make the cut. If you’ve ever had questions about the size of your penis, and what women think of it, stick around. We’ll be unpacking everything about your package.

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What Does Girth Mean Sexually?

When we’re discussing girth in a sexual context, we’re almost certainly talking about the thickness of the male penis. Girth is measured around the shaft, as opposed to length, which measures from the base of the penis to its head.

In the context of the male penis, girth and circumference are the exact same thing. We’re talking about how thick your tool is, and it’s generally measured in inches.

Young men preparing to enter the dating world often get caught up wondering whether they’re “good enough” down there. The good news is that you probably are. Statistics are, more or less, on your side, but we’ll really look into the details and explain why.

Does girth matter to women?

Girth plays a really important role in pleasing women. It makes them feel “filled up”, which is an incredible mental turn-on to them. Unlike men who experience arousal mainly from physical and visual stimulation, a massive degree of female sexual stimulation is mental.

Women love to fantasize, which is why 82% of romance readers are women. As you might imagine, the number of erotica readers is also highly skewed in favor of the female sex. The quickest way to turn a woman on is to make her imagine. A suggestive picture is way more effective than a dick pic that leaves nothing to the imagination.

According to a study in the National Library of Medicine, women know exactly how much girth they’d like a man to have, and we’re in luck. Women, on average, cited 5 inches in girth as the ideal thickness for a one-night stand. As for permanent partners, we’re even better off, 4.8 inches in girth was seen as the ideal thickness for a life partner.

How far off are most men from that number? Well, the average penis girth is 4.6 inches, which is only slightly below most women’s preference. However, those measly 0.2 inches are hardly anything to worry about as most women would not even be able to tell the difference, especially when she’s already mentally turned on.

What if I’m above or below 4.8 inches in girth?

Does girth matter to women

If you’re above 4.8 inches in girth, as long as you aren’t ridiculously large, you’re fine. Enjoy!

If you’re below 4.8 inches in girth, not to worry, women also cited foreplay and stimulation of the clitoris are extremely important for achieving sexual satisfaction. Unless you have a medical condition, such as a micropenis, she’ll enjoy you down there.

Jackhammering in and out, even if you’re well-hung, is usually not enough for a woman. Learning techniques, such as how to go down on a woman correctly, as well as using toys can greatly increase her sexual satisfaction. At the end of the day, around 80% of women can’t orgasm through vaginal sex alone. The key to making her orgasm is stimulation–both physical and mental. Focus on that, not your girth.

Does girth matter for male pleasure?

What does girth mean sexually for men? Arguably, girth is actually more important to male pleasure than female pleasure.

The thicker your penis is, the more snuggly you’ll be hugged by any vagina you enter. The extra friction caused by a larger size is going to stimulate you far easier. But even if you’re on the smaller side, there are still all kinds of positions and things you can do to make it fun for everybody.

If you think you may have “ended up with the shorter stick”, these positions are sure to take things to the next level for both you and your partner. Remember, this old saying has a lot of truth to it: “It's about the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat.”

Remember that some slight worrying about your penis size is normal. After all, if you’ve been conditioned by porn or you hang out with men who obsess over penis size, it’s normal to feel a little insecure.

But once you have enough sexual experience and you learn new techniques for pleasuring a woman, you’ll learn that penis size isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of sexual pleasure.

Can I increase my penis girth?

Pills aren’t going to do anything for you, and unfortunately, there really isn’t any safe way to increase your penis girth without spending heaps of money. There are some surgeries that can make you a little thicker, we’re talking about 0.25 inches in girth, but they’re risky, and just not worth it overall.

Pumps are also available, but the vast majority you’ll find online are not FDA-approved, and could cause serious injuries like the bursting of blood vessels, erectile dysfunction, or even testicular torsion. If you’re already on the smaller end, the last thing you need is for it to stop working!

Practicing self-love in the form of exercise and mental wellness will do far more for your sex life than tacky gimmicks and snake oil products.

Girth vs. Length: Which Matters More? 

Do women prefer girth or length? It’s an age-old question that every young man inevitably asks at some point. This is especially pressing if you’re just looking for a quick hookup. One-night stands and hookups won’t give you enough time to learn how to pleasure your partner’s body.

But don’t worry, the average vagina is actually shorter than the average penis. No matter whether you’re average or slightly under, you’ll be just fine!

When looking at girth vs length, let’s look at the reasons why some women prefer one over the other, and which ultimately comes out on top. That way you can arrive at your next date with complete confidence!

Do women prefer girth or length?

Do women prefer length

Up to 70% of women would choose according to a poll taken by Men’s Health. That’s because the first three inches inside the vagina are the most sensitive, so stimulating that area with your girth will give her the most pleasure.

When asked “does length or girth matter more,” the overwhelming majority of women stated that a thicker penis was more ideal than a longer, thinner penis. However, length is still an important factor, as it allows for easier access to pleasure spots when you try certain positions. The length can also play a mental role and simulate a woman’s imagination.

What length is ideal for women?

We’ve looked at the question “what does girth mean sexually,” but we haven’t given much thought yet to length. There’s plenty of “length-love” to go around, as women also want men with some length. But which length is actually ideal?

As it turns out, the ideal length for a penis is about 6.3 inches. This is quite a bit larger than the 5.3-inch average most men have. But remember, most women can’t orgasm from vaginal sex anyway, so it doesn’t really matter what you’ve got as long as you find a way to take her where she’s trying to get to–Pleasure Town.

It’s actually also possible to have too much length, which would cause any woman brave enough to give you a go some issues such as pain if you happen to hit her cervix. Some men with really long members are really unhappy, as they’re simply too large for comfortable, fun sex.

Most women hooking up with guys don’t reach orgasm on the first try, so don’t assume that your lack of girth is the culprit. But if hookups are your preferred way to get laid, you can still have fun meeting women on some of the best hookup apps we’ve tried.

Like we mentioned earlier, a lack of sexual experience can cause men to hyperfocus on whether their length or girth is enough. But when you meet women who aren’t to worried about your size, you’ll soon realize that there’s more to fun sex than just the size of your tool.

How much girth is too much?

Just as it’s possible to have a penis that is too long, your penis can also have too much girth. This would make entry really difficult into your partner, and potentially cause tears and bleeding if you’re not careful.

If you have a hefty girth, it’s important to really warm up your partner with foreplay, and allow them to relax. When a woman is aroused, she is able to take larger members inside her far more comfortably, and will also be more lubricated. This equates to a far better and more fun experience for you both.

Arousal doesn’t start in the bedroom, you can start turning her on and making it easier for you both later on in the night if you learn how to come across as sexy and confident. What does girth mean sexually when you don't have game? Not all that much. You’ll have to attract her before you start worrying about anything else!

The secret to pleasing a woman with any girth

Removing her underwear

You can please a woman no matter what girth you have, or length for that matter. It all starts with understanding the biology and mentality of your partner. The better you know them, the easier that will be, and that’s why sexual activity with someone you’re in a relationship with is generally seen as more fulfilling. You’re connecting emotionally, and you simply know each other's bodies better.

If you’re single and looking for a partner, one of the best dating sites we’ve used is eHarmony. It’s one of the top sites we’ve tried for finding long-term relationships, and it works–almost 70% of users end up meeting their future spouse within a year of using eHarmony.

But if hookups are more your style, keep your ears perked for feedback and ask questions that really allow you to understand what she’s into. You can even ask her to bring some toys she might want you to use.

Even if you’re just in it for one night, you should take the time to learn what she likes. It’ll be more fun for both of you. You can also use basic techniques such as the “ABC” method. This is basically just moving your tongue on her clit in a way that seems like you’re tracing each letter of the alphabet. It’ll keep you from realizing how tired your tongue is, and the unpredictability will drive your partner crazy (in a good way).

The ultimate girth verdict

Length and especially girth are important, but they’re just one tool in your arsenal of orgasm-inducing weaponry. You don’t want to be predictable Joe, who just thrusts and grunts in missionary. That’s boring, and more importantly, you and your partner won’t get the most out of your sexual encounter.

Keep things fun, flirty, and unpredictable. Be open to feedback and be as concerned about her pleasure as much as your. Doing so will already put you ahead of 90% of the men she’s slept with, no matter what size snake you’ve got in your pants. Make it a night to remember and set a great first impression. She’ll come back for more, and you’ll forget that you ever had any worries about your girth.


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