Cougars Meet Review – Is Legit?

As we continue our quest to find the best date sites for meeting cougars we examine Cougars Meet. Cougars Meet bills itself as “The largest cougar dating site for older women dating younger men or young guys dating older women”. That is quite a claim and what we are looking for in the best date sites out there! Considering that just about every cougar dating site we have reviewed in our Best Cougar Dating Site Review makes a similar statement I’m a little skeptical.

When you first log into Cougars Meet it appears to be pretty legitimate at first glance. The photography is decent. There isn’t a million advertisements in your face. The logo is a little rough but acceptable.

Overall a decent effort on the part of It’s when you look a little closer atCougars Meet that things completely fall apart.

Cougars Meet Review


Warning Sign #1 – Every Profile Photo Is Fake

Best date sites review of - fake profiles

If you are not paying attention as you log in to you might think you have found yourself a great site. They women are attractive and so are the men. They don’t exactly look like they are 30+ but maybe they age well?

Nope! Using my favorite tool Google Image Search it becomes clear very quickly that every photo above from is fake. Included in this impressive group are:

  • A photo of 70 year old French actress Catherine Denevue when she was in her 20’s (2nd from the left)
  • A L’Oreal shampoo advertisement photo (far right)
  • Multiple other pictures that show up on several dating sites in several different countries (the rest)

Not a great first impression or something you would expect from the best date sites!

Warning Sign #2 – The Site Content Was Clearly Computer Generated or Outsourced

This is a sample of what you will fine on the HOME PAGE Cougars Meet, the self crowned “largest cougar dating site for older women dating younger men or young guys dating older women”:

“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” had Jacob Black a character played by Taylor Lautner had said “Age is just a number baby.” This is a dialogue that became quite famous simply holds true in several cases. Many people are now aware of the term cougar dating that refers to an older woman with a younger man as companion. There are number of older women today that are known to be dating younger men. The trend is constantly on the rise. While many men may get away dating a younger girl, it is quite difficult for the women however. It may sound a little unfair but that is true.”

What? If you are putting gibberish on your homepage you are not paying attention to anything else that matters either.

Warning Sign #3 – Fake Security Certificates on

Best date sites review of - fake security certificatesTHIS IS AN ENORMOUS RED FLAG! This site has actually taken a screen shot of real security certificates and just pasted them onto their website. In all the cougar dating site reviews I have done I have never seen such blatant dishonesty if these truly are fake. This may be the most clear-cut case of fraud I have seen in all the reviews of all the sketchy sites.

These cetificates are always clickable so that they can be verified by site visitors. You can clearly see that the certificate on the left has a “click to verify” announcement below it. The certificates on Cougars Meet is not clickable. In fact, it appears to be a screen shot from another site. Yikes!

Warning Sign #4 Sends You To

Normally after find fake security certificates you should run away as fast as you can. In this case I decided to press forward and actually take a peek inside. If I wasn’t convinced before that this was a 100% fake website I would be after that next click.

As soon as you register on you are immediately sent to!

Best date sites review of - redirect to is one big fake shell to send you to Despite all of its claims of being the best cougar dating site they are simply there to send you somewhere else. What a waste of time!

It is a bit ironic that claims to have no advertisements when the entire site is essentially one giant advertisement for As you can see from our review of that site is also a complete waste of time. To find a cougar dating site that will actually get you results take a look at our Best Cougar Dating Sites Review. There you will actually find the best date sites for meeting cougars on the internet.


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