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OlderWomenDating.com Review for 2024 - Is This Site Legit?

In our OlderWomenDating review we will see if OlderWomenDating.com is legit or a total scam. As you will see in our Best Cougar Dating Site Review. If your goal is to actually meet women than this site is not your best option.

The slogan of olderwomandating.com is "being a cougar is being a queen" and that just might be true on OlderWomenDating. There are so many more guys on this site than women they very likely are being treated as queens! We have tried out this site and put together our complete POV. Take a look below!

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OlderWomenDating Review - Is This Site Legit?

If you want to find mature singles it would make sense to check out olderwomendateing.com right? You would think so. After your first glance at the homepage, you might think that you made a good choice. And you might be ready to make the first move on the older women there.

However, a closer look at the "profile photos" shown in the background on OlderWomenDating might make you a little suspicious. The ladies in particular on the bottom left appear a little too "enhanced" for your typical online cougar.

Can you meet older women on OlderWomenDating.com?

The ladies at the bottom left look a little suspicious....

Their profile signup process is frustrating. The repeatedly would not allow me to register with a valid Gmail address. How am I going to a woman if I can't even use my email address? Not a great user experience so far.

Once I'm inside I'm immediately bombarded with the profiles of ten cougars seeking gentlemen. Apparently olderwomendating.com is under the impression I am here for the fellas. Not so.

OlderWomenDating Problem #1 - The design Is outdated

After some tweaking of my settings I finally get to take a good look at the site design. Overall the site doesn't scream "scam" like a lot of the other sites out there. It is far from a modern design but not bad. This is a pleasant surprise.

I'm used to be blasted with nearly nude (or completely nude) women in a mass of advertisements.

If you're smart you'll use eHarmony or AFF instead

We found a lot of problems in our review of Olderwomnedating.com so we will skip to the end for you. You don't want to use this site. If you actually want to meet an older woman for a relationship you should use eHarmony. If you just want a sexual relationship use AFF (which has a solid free trial offer).

We rank and review all the best sites and apps to meet older women every year and these two sites are the best in their respective areas from our experiences. If you are even thinking about using OlderWomenDating you need to try these two first.

eHarmony has over 33 million members focused on real relationships and AFF has over 50 million with a complete focus on meeting up for sexual encounters. When it comes to online dating it's a numbers game and you are going to get way more opportunities with these two sites vs. Olderwomendating.com. On eHarmony and AFF, you can at least make the first move on an older woman and expect a response.

When it comes down to apps and sites that can actually help you pick up older women, we have not found a better option for the vast majority of guys. If you are super good looking you can be successful anywhere but for most guys we recommend AFF. The women on this site are by far the most likely to actually meet up quickly and are less likely to jerk you around. In fact, when you know when to make a move on these older women, they're often quick to respond. Our time is valuable and this is the place where we have seen the best results, especially compared to the investment on our end. 

They both also have free trials so you can try them out without any downside to you (eHarmony trial link here and AFF trial link here). You can stop reading now and check them out. Feel free to send us an email and thank us later. It beats having to approach girls at a club and not knowing if she's even single!

OlderWomenDating Problem #2 - The profiles are hit and miss

I decided to cut to the chase at this point. My first results for cougars in New York City on OlderWomenDating brings me back to earth. There are several profiles that come up that are incredibly suspicious. I am used to spotting fake accounts and there are several here that seem to be ringers for bot accounts.

Sprinkled in among the fake accounts there do seem to be a few real women, some of them even attractive. The problem is that there doesn't appear to be any way to tell when the women were last online. Today? Last week? Eight years ago? There is no way to tell if I will actually be able to meet anyone on the site that are attractive.

There is a real possibility on sites like OlderWomenDating.com that they simply collect old profiles of attractive members and push them to the front of the search results. These cougars may have never sent a message. They may not have logged in for years. They probably don't have any idea that their profile is still being searched. Yet they may be showing up in the search results.

OlderWomenDating Problem #3 -There are a lot of dudes without shirts

One of the most frustrating things about OlderWomenDating.com is that everything defaults to men seeking men. I clearly defined my preferences as "cub seeking cougar" but they are determined to show me "cub seeking man" results. I don't know if they are trying to tell me something or they know something I don't. Either way, I am being forced to see a lot of shirtless gentlemen that I would prefer not to see.

OlderWomenDating Problem #4 - The male to female ratio is REALLY bad

I took a look at the Older Women Dating affiliate program (their program for paying marketers) and it tells the whole story. They are paying 300% more to get women to sign up over men. How can you expect to get results when there are 300% more men than women? That isn't necessarily a perfect correlation but it is highly likely. Most dating sites tend to skew a little more toward men with some exceptions of great dating sites to meet an older woman here but three to one is TERRIBLE.

Assuming all of the profiles of the attractive women were genuine you are going to be battling a LOT of other guys for attention.

Overall, OlderWomenDating.com is not the worst out there

There are a lot of terrible sites out there that advertise as a place to meet anyone. Most of those sites are a complete waste of time and money. I outline the best in our annual review found here but Older Women Dating falls somewhere in the middle. It has an outdated design. It is frustrating to use. Most importantly though, there are simply far too many guys trying to a lady compared to the number of women on the site.

If you are serious about your desire you will be much better of pursuing one of the sites outlined in our annual review.

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