2019 CheatingCougars Review – Is This Site Full Of Cougars Or A Scam?

The internet has made dating easier than ever, especially for those of us with particular interests and tastes. There are dating services for every kind of attraction and demographic. If you use CheatingCougars.com, you don’t have to wonder if the woman you’re interested in has any interest in younger men. If she’s on a cougar dating site, you can safely assume she is open to a man in his youth.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. The internet is chock full of scammers, those people who will prey on your desires rather than help you fulfill them. Fake hookup sites and trouble await if you aren’t careful.

That’s why we’re here. We go through all the hookup sites – the good, the bad, and the bizarre – and put together our complete rankings of the best hookup apps so you can have the lowdown before you sign up. If you’re interested in older women with a saucy side, read our CheatingCougars review to know if it’s everything it promises.

CheatingCougars Review – Is This Site The Jackpot For Meeting Cougars

CheatingCougars.com ReviewMeeting the woman of your dreams can be difficult, especially if what you’re looking for is a little bit unorthodox. Despite changing cultural norms, it can still be hard to approach an older woman if you’re a younger man who likes a more mature partner. Many men just end up settling for a less than ideal mate or just end up being alone.

It can be scary to go after what you really want. Thankfully, there are tools out there to help. 

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It’s all been done before

Upon visiting CheatingCougars.com for the first time, I had one thought: “I’ve seen this all before.” The site uses a typical (boring) logo with a blue and white color scheme. Its sign up page greets you with a picture of a classically beautiful woman and some overblown promises. They urged me to sign up for a free membership so I could see “featured profiles.”

Nothing about it suggested this would be a site for meeting older women, but first impressions can be deceiving.

It wasn’t the worst I had seen, and a little repetition is to be expected after reviewing so many dating sites, but it’s not a good sign when the first emotion I feel is boredom. When a site claims to be geared toward a niche audience, but looks exactly like ever other site, I have to wonder what they really have to offer.

Why wouldn’t they spend a little bit of time coming up with a unique logo or a cougar-specific site design? They’ve basically used a template, which doesn’t bode well for CheatingCougars being something special.

Adult FriendFinder is going to be a way better option for you

If you are still reading our review and have not clicked away you must not be getting the message yet. This site is not worth your time. If you want a legitimate site that will actually deliver on its promise to help you find a hookup you need to be using Adult FriendFinder.

There are tons of scammy sites out there but Adult FriendFinder and Tinder stand apart as the only two legitimate options these days. This site has been around since 2006 and has a giant number of users (over 90,000,000 worldwide). No other site really compares and we would know since we test, rate, and review them all in our annual hookup app review.

It’s true that Tinder is also a great option but if you are not a super good looking guy it can be really tough. The best looking guys get almost all of the attention leaving even decent looking guys out of luck. Adult FriendFinder does a much better job of helping more typical guys and girls find someone to have a little fun with.

Check out their free trial and save yourself a lot of time and frustration!

Immediate upgrades

More concerns arose as soon as I signed up. Immediately, the site shepherded me to an account upgrade page. Instead of being taken to a main page where I could peruse beautiful, older women, or even a tutorial page, they started asking me for money. Why would I pay for a service when I haven’t even seen its basics yet?

I don’t like sites that promise a free service if they’ve got nothing to show for free.

Cheating Cougars might make you blush

Once I passed the upgrade page, CheatingCougars revealed what it had to offer: a ton of explicit photos. Even some of their “featured profiles” on the sign-up page had adult content for profile pictures.

Obviously, I realize most people who arrive at this site are looking for a hookup, with the possibility of dating. That doesn’t mean everyone who signs up wants to be bombarded with nude photos. It’s a bit much, and honestly, not all that enticing. If I wanted to go to an adult site, I would have done that in the first place.

The explicit photos made me a tad bit suspicious. Who were all of these women willing to put that kind of picture up for any stranger to see? It’s not like these were private photos sent over text message. They were right there on the front of the site for anyone to see, like say, someone who only signed up for a free membership.

In my experience, the so-called “dating sites” that have explicit content right up front are not genuinely invested in facilitating dates.

The messages came rolling in

“I really need someone to talk dirty to. Will you help?” So opened one of the first messages I received on CheatingCougars. It intrigued me, as did the one that read, “Nice! So yeah I had a crappy day yesterday. Cheer me up?” Getting one such message would have been amazing, but I was receiving too many messages to respond to all of them.

As any guy who has ever used an online dating site can attest, it’s not easy to get a beautiful woman chatting. In fact, often times the hardest part of dating online is getting a response to that first message. It’s even harder creating a profile that will draw in a woman to send you the first message.

Which is why, whenever I go to a site and get a bunch of messages right from the very beginning, I know that something is off. After all, I hadn’t even uploaded a profile picture yet.

I attempted to respond to a few of the messages to test my suspicions, only to be quickly confronted with a paywall. I couldn’t actually send more than a couple of messages without paying first. So much for the whole “free membership” thing.

Cheating Cougars come at a price

As I browsed through CheatingCougars.com, popups pressuring me to sign up confronted me. One of them said, “As part of your membership, you have 5 free credits towards text messaging members. Below are a few profiles from your area you may be interested in texting with…”

These credits came up yet again when I tried to send a message to another member. Basically, they designed the site as a pay-as-you-go dating service. You have to have tokens for every interaction, like slipping coins into a slot machine. It felt just as risky, too.

Legit sites don’t work like that. They may have paid membership options, but those are for exclusive benefits. They don’t make you pay for every message you send. That’s ridiculous.

Who’s behind these profiles?

“Who is sending me all of these messages,” I wondered. I had never encountered so many attractive women trying to get with some random (faceless) dude online. Opting to look a little bit further into CheatingCougars.com, I came to their Terms and Conditions page and found some important fine print:

“THIS SITE USES FANTASY PROFILES CALLED ONLINE CUPIDS®: You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious and operated by the Site or its contractors.”

In other words, CheatingCougars uses fake profiles operated by bots or employees.

Any site that relies on “Online Cupids” is not a legit dating site. They aren’t trying to help you meet a real woman to date or sleep with. The site wants to entice you with overly enthusiastic fake profile so you’ll fork over your money.

Cheating Cougars is anything but a dating site

The fake profiles were not the only revealing thing I found in their fine print. To wit:

“You understand and accept that our site, while built in the form of a personals service, is an entertainment service. All profiles are provided for the amusement and entertainment of our members and our users. You are not guaranteed that you will find a date, a companion, or an activity partner, or that you will meet any of our members in person.”

So that’s why they expected me to pay for everything, it really was like a casino. It’s a safe bet that at CheatingCougars.com, the house always wins. Then, of course, third-party links for “Adult Games” and “Live Cams” filled the site, including in the main menu options.

Cheating Cougars has a use for your photos

Reading more of the site’s terms and conditions, I realized the site owners can basically take your content and do whatever they want with it. As the fine print explained:

“You hereby irrevocably grant to Company a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, and transferable right and license to . . . Reproduce, transmit, communicate, display, or distribute your submitted photographs, on or as part of our sites, on other Internet sites, or elsewhere, for promotional or commercial purposes.”

To summarize: CheatingCougars.com isn’t to be trusted. You don’t have to read every word to know that these guys are not looking out for your best interests.

Cheating Cougars is a losing bet

Sadly, CheatingCougars is anything but a jackpot of beautiful, older women. You’ll have to look elsewhere to find the cougar of your dreams. All you’ll find if you pay for a membership on this site is heartbreak from an empty wallet and, possibly, your picture plastered in one of their advertisements.

At the end of the day, there are just better places to look for love. If you’re really interested in dating a cougar, our site is full of reviews for better dating sites that actually deliver on their promises.

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