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DateACougar Review for 2024 - Is DateACougar.com Fake Or A Legitimate Site?

DateACougar review homepage

Dateacougar claims to be the leader among dating sites to meet single women. If you look at our Best Cougar Dating Site Review you will NOT find them anywhere near the top. I am 99.9% sure that DateACougar.com is either a scam, run by bots, or way too sketchy to trust any information with.  If you are not convinced you soon will be after reading the DateACougar review.

It will take you a maximum of two seconds to question that claim on DateACougar.com. In an industry filled with scam sites, DateACougar doesn't give you much to be confident in.

DateACougar Review

Is DateACougar.com Fake Or A Legitimate Site?

Starting with the DateACougar.com homepage you will see a woman in lingerie. This would normally be something we would be all for. However, this woman has clearly never modeled before. In what I can only assume is her sexy face she frightens more then beckons potential cubs. Clearly her expression is not the point of the photo but it is very distracting.

The front page of the supposed #1 of the older women dating sites

Having to pixelate the main page is not a good sign

DateACougar Review Strike 1

The caption of the photo asks “what are you waiting for?”. A better answer is “What are you doing here?”. With several legitimate options on the net as outlined in our Cougar Dating Site Review I already want to click away. But I press on!

Obeying the photo’s suggestion to “sign up and instantly search through thousands of singles looking for someone like!” I register. I’m instantly suspicious again when the site told me I will receive spam from them. No option to decline. No opt-out. Just straight forward “get ready for spam”.

 Your options to "date a cougar" are better with Cougar Life or AFF

If we haven't scared you off yet we're going reward you some better options than Dateacougar.com. These are the two best sites out there for meeting cougars depending on what it is you are actually looking for:

If you are interested in a possible relationship

Cougar Life is the best site/app out there now for guys who are interested in fun with a cougar that could turn into a real relationship. You can try them for free and see but in short, they have the largest number of cougars and all the women are interested in younger guys as well as guys that are older. Check them out.

If you just want no-strings fun

If you are just looking for an older woman to have some fun between the sheets with AFF is by far our favorite. The only other site that competes in quality is Tinder but good luck actually finding many women 35+ who use Tinder. AFF has WAY more women 35+ (they have been around a lot longer) and you are going to have way more options on this site with them. Try them out for free and see what we saw in the first 5 minutes.

Try AFF For Free!
If you're just looking for a hookup or more short-term fun with a cougar you need to try out AFF's free trial. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) for metting cougars and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!

DateACougar Review Strike 2

According to DateACougar.com the leader of dating sites means exactly 209 women. That is the number that are currently online at DateACougar on a Thursday evening (AKA prime time for online dating). A true leader would have tens of thousands of online users at this time.

DateACougar Review Strike 3

At first glance, I see a lot of hot women. On further inspection, they are all advertisements. Perhaps dateacougar.com is the number one community for cougar models to post advertisements?

DateACougar Review Strike 4

The ads change and it becomes clear DateACougar.com is not even trying to be a legitimate player in the women dating sites category. They are just advertising for a bunch of other shady sites. I would post pictures and describe the adds but I want to keep this review rated R.

DateACougar Review Strike 5

At this point I noticed what is between the “who’s online” tab and the “my profile” tab. There is a “live cams” tab. That doesn’t sound like something the best dating sites have these days. Perhaps dateacougar.com is innovating in the dating sites space?

One click is all it takes to dispel that notion. DateACougar.com is a thinly veiled attempt to attract cubs and send them to less than savory sites.

The worst part is that there appear to be a few legitimate women on the site. They probably thought they were going to the best of the women's dating sites. Sadly they were very, very, very wrong.

I don’t know if those women are actually real or if their photos were stolen. Either scenario is depressing for various reasons.

The adds change again and become even more graphic… I didn’t think that was possible! This is some seriously disturbing stuff.

DateACougar Review Strike ???

My favorite part of DateACougar so far is that they still try to up-sell you. Even though they are obviously a extremely shoddy product they want you to invest in their “best value” plan.

 What does this entail you might ask? Well you are in for a treat. DateACougar.com will give you:

  • Unlimited emails & flirts to all 209 women
  • Instant messaging to all 209 women
  • Audio & video chat (I assume this is to call customer support to get your money back)
  • Member forms where you can talk to all the other guys who got tricked
  • Stealth mode…. Do you need to hide on an empty site?
  • Access to all member photos…. Now you don’t have to use Google yourself
  • 24/7 customer support…. Naturally they don’t provide you a number but they support you paying them every month

Reading the fine print I find out that the value doesn't end at the features above. For just $1 I can get a trial membership to an actual adult site.

It would appear that DateACougar is comfortable dropping the charade in the fine print. I suppose even they got tired of pretending to be the top of the dating sites.

I decide to do some research into the profiles. After going through dozens of profiles of women claiming to be in their 40’s but having photos of women in the 20’s I decided to give up.

If this site is truly one hundred percent legitimate (and I’m way off) they have a membership that has discovered the fountain of youth and should give up trying to be the best of the dating sites.

If you are not convinced by now that this site is untrustworthy I can’t help you. I will suggest that you take a look at our best cougar dating site review found HERE. Perhaps after comparing legitimate sites to this one you will understand the difference and know who you should actually trust for dating sites.

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