2021 Just Cougars Review: Will Meet Any Cougars After Months of Use?

Just Cougars landing page

It’s astonishing how many dating and hookup sites are available these days and even more so how many are grab your cash, fly by night schemes. We perform our due diligence on each one and ask the questions everyone wants to know so you don’t have to. Our reviews then will not only tell but show you who is legit, who is worth actual money and who you should ghost. This leads us to our Just Cougars review.

How we reviewed Just Cougars
For this review, I adopted the same rigorous template we use for every site. This gives us a consistent score sheet that we are then able to share with you. This is how we steer you toward a bona fide choice or, unfortunately, more often, away from a potential scam. Until you’ve read our review of JustCougars, withhold your best profile pic and hide your wallet.

To begin, I signed up for a free account with only a name, age and location. That sat blank for a while as bait for immediate messages or spam mail that screams bots. Should that occur, major red flag going in already.

Next, just as if I were a real user, I completed my profile with pictures and details. I then began to explore all my free options to see if I was able to make any real dates with any real people.

Finally, I signed up for a paid account and compared features between gratis and upgrade. Did it make a solid difference to the type and number of dates I could procure without paying?

And as always, I took copious notes which I transformed into a definitive yea or nay review. We do all this for you so you don’t have to!

Our Extensive Just Cougars Review

To give you a standard of who we do endorse, here is a comparison with Cougar Life. After trying out over 100+ different sites and apps Cougar Life has consistently been the bet way to meet single cougars that we’ve found.

Site logo Cougar Life logo

Our team rates each site objectively based on many hours of independent research, the features each site offers, and how it compares with other sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their extensive experience.

1 9.5
Quality of Women

Our opinion of how attractive the typical woman is that uses this site and how easy they are to connect with compared to other sites.

1 9

How many people are using this site to actually meet people compared to other sites.

1 8

How easy is this site to use and how quickly can an average person begin meeting people compared to other sites.

1 10
Privacy & Safety

Does this site take proper precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

1 10

Our opinion of how easily an average person will be able to achieve their dating goals with this site compared to other sites.

1 9

Will the time and money spent using this site pay off for an average person based on the opinions and experience of our editors.

1 10
Our Recommendation

As you can see, there’s clearly not even a contest. Cougar Life is the benchmark against which other sites continually fall short. Their vast amount of members are genuine, with detailed profiles and a range of useful features and functionality. This is the community you join for legit hookups with like-minded users.

Just where do I even begin with how much I would NOT recommend Just Cougars?

There were red flags from simply reading and googling about the home page and then an avenue of crimson continued through my cub membership. Often enjoyable because so many aspects were LOL, at the same time I would hate for any reader not to be aware of the many pitfalls awaiting you on JustCougars.com

From the litigious terms and conditions and constant fake messages from fake profiles to the late-night infomercial English found in odd links, Just Cougars is just an all around low quality, sketchy experience.

However, if you’re seeking a legitimate site to meet a real someone, check out the best dating apps and websites that we’ve already test driven and approved. And if you don’t feel like reading, head over to Cougar Life and know you’re going to be taken care of. Their numbers are authentic – over 100 million users with extensive filters for your searching pleasure. Look no further for that MILF IRL because she’s waiting for you on Cougar Life.

Just to Be Clear, Steer Clear of JustCougars.com

Hey, Just Cougars, what are those numbers YOU’RE just throwin’ all over the place? Because that huge number 95887 members online? Literally never changes. Every time I went on, apparently, so did 95886 others.

The landing page always says they have 95887 members
And these digits?

Seemingly random stats that aren't favorable for male users

They’re not supported by what’s seen on their various social media sites, all of which appear to have been begun and done in early 2016. Is that indicative of a Just Cougars scam? Well, I’ll just let you decide for yourself.

And why would you post “35 women to every 65 men” as if a 1 to 2 ratio is something to brag about? Especially since men are the only paying members. Huh.

After my JustCougars.com numbers game, I read the terms and conditions then put my (non-existent) lawyer on speed dial. Just Cougars is an affiliate site of the Dating Factory out of Switzerland and they are explicit about how much they value their legal department.

Litigious terms and conditions with hidden fees

“…to initiate civil or criminal proceedings against you…”; “ you shall be obligated to pay a CONTRACTUAL PENALTY of 10,000 CHF ( one Swiss franc = 1.10 USD )…”

With this totally random: “… you’re expected to open and respond to the messages you receive at regular and appropriate intervals…”

Why? Are you my mom?

And, because Just Cougars is part of the Dating Factory family, if you become a member, you also become a member on any and every site they choose to share your profile.

Justcougars.com can also block you, keep your money, sue you if they didn’t get all your money yet AND still claim “for greater losses actually incurred”.

Money paid is considered a penalty

If all users read the JustCougars T & C, there would be very few users. Court adjourned.

Red flags all over the profiles and messages

As for the profiles and messages I received on justcougars.com, just so many wrongs in so many ways, beginning with mail minutes after I put up a completely blank profile. Bot much?

Messages sent to a blank profile

Presuming all the profiles were fake, I studied them and discerned several suspicious, though highly entertaining, patterns:

Sometimes they straight up looked like cam girls, were looking for “straight/ bisexual” 30/31 – 35 yo and said: “I like mature men”.

Baffling profiles where the info doesn't match up
So, you’re a 36-year-old cougar looking for someone a YEAR younger than you on JustCougars.com? And he should be “mature” because THIS site?

And the whole “straight/bisexual” man thing – WHAT. Straight women generally look for straight men. Yet more than 50% of these messages had that designation. Whoever wrote all these fake profiles was trying to cover more than one base, obvs. But still. Really?

Then the Just Cougars “about me”s – so much value. They were either generically upbeat…

Generic upbeat description

…or trying and failing to make sense to a native English speaker…

Written by Non-English speaker who claims to be from the US

…or even to any of us Earthlings…

She's not an earthling

And don’t even get me started on all the blank profiles that came up as my matches and in the JustCougars VIP section (35 women out of “2.8 million users”) as well the majority of profiles having only one photo.

So many blank profiles

Come. On. Anyone who’s ever been online dating knows it’s all about the pics – quality and quantity – one small assurance of an authentic user. Or in the case of JustCougars.com, the absence of…

But, to look on the bright side of Just Cougars, here’s what you can do as a trial member aka for free:

You can sign up, choose the sex, orientation, age range, and a COUNTRY.

Search filters are very limiting

Canada is the world’s second-largest at almost 4 million square miles. That’s a ways to go for a hookup – just saying, Just Cougars.

Then with your gratis profile, you are able to browse, send a card, wink, ask for more info or favorite someone.


You can also, without charge, invite your friends. I mean, isn’t that the first thing you do after you sign onto a dating site?

Invite your friends

However, you cannot read, send messages or chat on Just Cougars. In essence, you cannot connect with anyone, real or otherwise, without a paid membership.

Just Cougar will constantly remind you of their prices

Fortunately, the JustCougar.com membership prices come up any time you click on a message or an icon you have no access to or just whenever you do anything. The several “sale prices” are generously and constantly offered, though there’s no rhyme or reason to which one will appear.

This was their favorite one.

Site pricing

So. Since I could do nothing without a membership, I ponied up and paid Just Cougars. What happened then, you ask?

What you can do with a paid membership

Well, I finally got to choose my city versus my country which should mean I’m flooded with cougars within reach, right? Note that my age range of 41-55 remains the same.

Search filters on a paid profile

And I got this as my homepage as well as on the browse/ new page:

Search results

Only the first 4 are in my specified and paid for age range, so JustCougars.com stuffed page 1 with these extras.

By page 3, not only had the age changed but the locations as well! West Van is doable but Prince George at 500 miles away, not so much.

Search results for cities that are too far away

By page 5 of my paid for local matches, Just Cougars just said: “f**k it” then went back to the whole Canada-wide thing.

Page 5 of the results are no longer as specific

When I chose matches instead of new, I got this.

Terrible search results

There’s not one person from Vancouver and it’s 2600 miles to Toronto, dude. This I paid for? Let alone 9/15 matches don’t have a face! The worst thing? This is the same page of matches I got BEFORE I opened my wallet.

Justcougars.com also does this fun thing with their search option on the home page: they continually default to “all cities” so you have to choose your city every.single.time. I PAID to do that.

And why? Because when you choose Vancouver, this is what appears:

Barely any people from a major city
Out of “2.8 million users”, for a city of 2.6 million actual people, this is what my membership paid for.

Not enough users, even less replies

Then I meandered over to the chat zone where, interestingly enough, all 35 members of the VIP section were online though the time zones varied from Canada to Australia to South Africa. On right now.

VIP members
Honestly, like Captain America, I can do this all day.

Though I sent out dozens of messages to anyone in my area and age range as well as replying to my inbox, I received no replies. Sad kittens.

But to finish on an upbeat note, let’s unpack those dodgy links at the very bottom of the home page.

Links to other sites in the network

Small, green and oddly titled, so of course, I investigated.

Badly written description of the site

Obviously written by a non-native speaker, it’s completely random and offers such descriptive gems as “perfect and desperate” right before “sexy and classy” then “best and tastiest ladies” who are “older women looking for teens” as well as “older women seeking older men.”

My favorite?

“The glitziest, most glamorous older women are willing to saturate your life with stunning, bright colors and pleasant impressions.” That’s so touching in a Broadway musical finale kind of way. Or like Disney on ice.

But the most ironic statement? Just Cougars is warning you, again in very poorly worded English, against scam sites:

“However, be careful with the choice, because not all of them are sincerely helping people to build relationships, families and simply pleasant conversations. We want to make sure that visitors of our site are satisfied with our help and result they get.”


Cougar Life is by far the superior choice

After several weeks on a free account and a few more weeks on a paid account, it’s safe to say that I wasn’t going to get anywhere with Just Cougars. My entire experience was littered with red flags that I see value in recommending this site to anyone.

I do, however, would urge you to try out a different site instead. It’s a site that’s well-known, full of users no matter what city you’re in and all-around reliable when it comes to finding hookups, one night stands, friends with benefits or cougars who just want to hang. That site is Cougar Life.

In all our years of reviewing sites, we have yet to find another site that can hold a candle to Cougar Life when it comes to meeting cougars, especially for younger guys. It’s one of the only sites out there that actually does what they advertise. And the best part? You can check out the Cougar Life free trial today!

Just Cougars Review Positives and Negatives:

  • None.
  • Bot mail minutes after signing up with a blank profile
  • Fake profiles abound and are obviously written to script, often in non native, nonsensical English
  • Many blank or one-picture profiles indicate fabricated users
  • Highly litigious terms and conditions
  • The numbers they post for members are completely unsupported by their social media, which all appear to be begun and done in 2016
  • Paid membership made no improvement in the number or veracity of matches

Not a single realistic profile on the site

Yes, profiles and pictures all appear on the Just Cougars site.

Are they authentic users though? I’m going to say just no and here’s more examples of why:

A typical, super hot pic and message from my inbox.

Possibly missent message
A woman messaging me – a 31 yo white male – of her preference for 35-45 yo black men.

A profile that sent a message to men she is not interested in

And from Just Cougars, a row of blank profiles as my “new matches”.

So many blank profiles with generated names

Thank you?

The Just Cougars design isn’t great, but it works

The justcougars.com homepage is basic with that constant 95887 over some blurred “members.” Just scroll down for reasons to join and enjoy the fictional effort. The Just Cougars profile home page is more of the same plain functionality with matches taking up most of the page and navigational tabs on top.

Basic, clunky design

Messaging and chatting on Just Cougars

As already mentioned, a Just Cougars trial member can’t send or read messages or chat for free so yes, you do have to pay to contact members.

With a paid membership, the icons are directly underneath the profile pic. Or in this common case, the no picture picture. To chat, you have to download Adobe Flash – which seems unnecessarily complicated.

Did I receive fake messages from Just Cougars?

I certainly did, immediately after posting my own blank profile! That is the bot barometer of fakeness and in that category, JustCougars.com receives its only 10.

What can you do with a free membership?

Well, of course, invite a friend. As you do.

Then you’re able to browse, wink, ask for more info, favourite someone. Finally, you can send one of these stock images.

You can send stock photos

But can you communicate with any other Just Cougar peeps with just a free membership, let alone make a date and score? Just. No.

Advertisements on Just Cougars

The site shares perfume ads with their users, tucked neatly on the bottom of the profile home page, for all those dates you will get once you pay. For 99 cents, you cannot fail to impress!

Ads on the site

My JustCougars Conclusion

I went onto JustCougars.com as a cub ready to wrestle with some real hot mamas; unfortunately, what I found was as authentic as boobs bought in Brazil.

From the moment I signed up, through clicking the Just Cougar home page links and comparing all the “messages” and the profiles and more – everything I encountered was off. The non-native English text popping up in random places was just a fun bonus.

I would not recommend Just Cougars to anyone who wanted to spend their money to meet a genuine someone.

Are there real users on JustCougars.com? Maybe? But if so, it appeared to be such a small percentage that it’s not worth your time, let alone your bucks, to Where’s Waldo? them.

Just say no to Just Cougars.

Just Cougars Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s answers to questions I may have missed in this Just Cougars review:

What is Just Cougars?

JustCougars.com is an affiliate site of The Dating Factory, a global company out of Switzerland.

It is made to appeal to young men who are searching for a relationship with a cougar, the archetypal older woman with a ravenous sexual appetite for cubs.

How do you log into Just Cougars?

The log in icon is on the upper right-hand corner of the home page.

What are site alternatives?

If you’ve read what I had to say about Just Cougars, you will then want to read this next – what we DO recommend as best hook up sites.

How do you use JustCougars.com for free?

You don’t. You have to have a paid membership to theoretically contact or be contacted by any users.

How do you cancel your Just Cougars membership?

On your profile page, choose the account details tab then click “cancel membership” for another lovely, litigious message.

How to cancel your membership

How do you delete your JustCougars.com account?

It’s the same as cancelling your account, just the link below it. As a bonus, you get a WARNING and the instruction to “please share the reason with the team” as well as the same threat of legal action. Just twice as much fun!

Step 1 to delete your profile

But. This is not just a polite request.

This is what Just Cougars terms and conditions says about termination:

Deleting your profile isn't easy

“….termination of the paid contractual services is only effective if it takes place by means of an EXPLICIT WRITTEN DECLARATION…and “you must always specify your registration details…”

“ A paid contractual agreement cannot be terminated by simply deleting your profile”; “…you will receive no refund for the payment already made…”

“…the written form is always an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY” to the termination…”

Yup. Scarifying.

How much does Just Cougars cost?

Here’s what justcougars.com sent me the most frequently:

Site pricing
Is Just Cougars a legitimate online dating entity?

Based on all the research I did as a justcougars.com user, I am going to reiterate:


Justcougars.com is not a legit site.

If there’s only one sentence you retain in the many many I’ve used in this review, please let it be this one.

Just Cougars is just a low-quality, shifty proposition from bot messages, made up numbers and fake profiles on. Do not give your money to this site. Period.

How do you send messages on Just Cougars?

Every profile, picture present or not, has icons below to message or chat.

How to send a message on the site

How do you search on JustCougars.com?

On your profile home page, you will see a browse tab. When you select that, new users is the default page. You are also able to check out online, matches, VIPs etc. that are links beside “new”.

How to search for other users

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