10 Important Signs She Wants To Sleep With You That Are Easy To Miss

Don't miss the signs she wants to sleep with you

Want to know the signs she wants to sleep with you? Don’t want to blow an opportunity yet again because you couldn’t quite work her out? Don’t wanna get caught with your pants halfway down your legs when all she wanted was a friend?! I’ve got your back.

Because women send out more mixed signals than a dodgy Russian radio transmitter, you need to be sure of what they want before you make your move. This is never truer than when it comes to whether or not she wants to sleep with you.

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The Signs She Wants To Sleep With You

If she wants to sleep with you, you need to wake up before you miss a golden opportunity. If she doesn’t, you need to be sure so that you avoid a totally embarrassing situation that makes you never want to talk to women again.

Let’s take a look at 10 signs she wants to sleep with you that are easy to miss.

She Talks About Sex A Lot

What other reason would a woman have to talk about sex if she didn’t want to sleep with you? Just think about that question for a moment. The right answer? There is no other reason.

Women don’t tend to talk about sex unless they want/need it from you. If she can’t get your attention in any other way and if her subtler tactics have failed to get you into bed, she’ll be a bit more direct and talk about sex.

If she laments how long it’s been since she last had sex? It’s a MASSIVE sign she wants to sleep with you. She’s basically telling you “SAVE ME NOW.”

She’s All Over Your Facebook

Has she suddenly started Liking your photos and statuses, leaving comments for you and tagging you in things? If so, it means she’s keen.

Social media is a great place for women to show us they like us and want some action. They’ll keep it subtle, of course. But if you notice that she’s giving you a lot of attention on Facebook all of a sudden, you need to play along if the feeling is mutual. Her liking, commenting and tagging is her way of getting your attention and warming you up. The next step is the DM — Don’t blow it.

She Sexts You

Okay, yes, occasionally a woman will sext you even if she has no real intention of sleeping with you. She’s bored, a bit horny and wants some attention. Most of the time though, sexting is one of the biggest signs she wants to sleep with you.

It depends on how erotic and dirty things get, but if she initiates it and takes it pretty far, an intimate bond will develop between you. After that, the next thing to do is have sex for real.

By the way, when she’s sexting — make those replies instant!

She Touches You

Women don’t generally touch guys in intimate places (not your balls – think your arm, your shoulder, your back) unless they want to let us know that they want sex. Women in general just aren’t that confident.

If she’s being touchy-feely and doesn’t seem to mind touching your arm, neck, back, ears, and so on, it’s a clear-as-day sign that she wants to jump into bed with you.

We’ve got a separate article about what it means when a woman touches your arm. But if the context is right — intimate conversation, she’s sitting close to you, romantic setting — physical contact is very forward and her way of telling you that she wants to sleep with you.

She Dresses Up For You

You asked her what outfits she feels sexy in and now she’s wearing it for you.

If she turns up to see you looking ridiculously hot, she’s not out to impress the bartender or some random stranger. She wants to turn you on.

She Invites You To Her Place

While inviting you to her place isn’t a seal of approval that she wants to have hot sex with you on the sofa, it’s a massive step in the right direction. All of a sudden, you’re in her territory and she has you right where she wants you.

Inviting you to her place is a huge sign that she trusts you and that — very possibly — she wants something from you.

So the next time she asks you over to listen to some music and have some beers? Don’t be a bore. Get on over and see what can happen.

She Laughs An Insane Amount At Your Jokes

We like to think we’re crazily funny. But we’re not that funny.

If she’s in hysterics at your jokes, it’s a sign that you’ve hit the bulls-eye.

She’s Getting Deep Into Her Personal Life

It’s easy to assume that if a woman starts talking to us about her personal life, she just sees us as a brother or a shoulder to cry on. But for a woman to share such personal stuff with you, it takes a lot of trust and confidence.

If she shares her stories with you, it shows she’s getting closer to you and more intimate with you. These are signs she wants to sleep with you.

She Licks Her Lips

This is one of the most important signs she wants to sleep with you that you shouldn’t dismiss. Primarily because this is something she does subconsciously.

If she didn’t want to sleep with you, she wouldn’t be licking her lips — case closed. If she’s excited and you’re driving her wild inside — she’ll lick her lips without even realizing it.

This is a massive “tell” that you should not ignore. The science backs it up; when she licks her lips, it’s because she’s producing more saliva than usual. Why? Because she’s damn excited.

She Wants Cuddles

Men and women sometimes move fast when we want sex and other times we move a little slower. When a woman is prepared to move slowly, she’ll build up to sex with some cuddling and kissing.

If she literally can’t stop cuddling you and tells you she wants you next to her for some cuddles and kisses? It’s a huge sign that she wants to get intimate with you. Sex is definitely in the cards.

These are 10 important signs she wants to sleep with you that are easy to miss. If she dresses up, laughs at your jokes, touches your arm and invites you back to her place — don’t make excuses about being up early for work, get over there.

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