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The Top Lawyer Dating Sites and Apps for 2024 Dating Experts Recommend

You’ve worked hard to complete your schooling, get hired at a law firm, and work your way up the ladder. It’s only reasonable you want to date someone who appreciates the effort – because they’ve put in the same effort. That’s why so many people in the law field specifically look for lawyer dating sites and apps.

There are many reasons to want to date someone in the law profession and not just the financial ones. If you’re a lawyer, fellow lawyers are usually the only ones who understand the schedule and time demands. Furthermore, people who work in the law tend to see the world in a specific way. It’s nice to meet like-minded people.

If you’re looking to date a lawyer (or law-adjacent professional), here are the best dating apps for lawyers.

How we ranked the best lawyer dating apps
There are a ton of factors to consider when rating and ranking dating sites for lawyers. Obviously, factors vary depending on any site’s core demographic. Generally, though, for lawyer dating apps and sites, the most useful metrics are the quality of women. Privacy and safety are also important. Other factors to consider are usability and value.

Testing a site involves trying both free trials and paid subscriptions. Once we get a pretty good sense of how they work, we focus on the user base. Our choices are the ones that have both the highest quality users, and the largest overall number of users. The top sites fall in that sweet spot of having a lot of users who also happen to be high quality.

The Top Two Lawyer Dating Sites Right Now: The League and AFF

For lawyers, there are few apps designed entirely with them in mind. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ones ideally suited for them. Here are our top 2 choices.

Try The League if you’re a high-achieving lawyer

The League features

One thing most lawyers will have in common, no matter where they practice, is having high standards for romantic partners. Lawyers tend to have high expectations when it comes to the levels of intelligence, physical attractiveness, and social skills. After all, a partner in the bedroom should be no less impressive than a partner in a law firm.

This is why The League is the best dating site for lawyers out there. Though it’s not a site geared exclusively to lawyers, it is designed for the elite and ambitious. The site is particular about who it allows to join. And, instead of swiping through hundreds of randos, the site pairs you with high-quality matches. For the hardworking, picky law professional looking for love, The League is as good as it gets.

Try AFF if you’re a busy lawyer looking for something casual

AFF homepage

Often for lawyers (and others working in the law in general), romance is a luxury you don’t have time for. It might not even be something you want. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have sensual cravings. Just because you don’t want to share your Netflix password, that doesn’t mean you always want to be alone. Enter AFF.

The original site for casual encounters, AFF remains the online cream of the crop for initiating one-night stands. Whether you just have the occasional itch or you want a consistent friend with benefits, this site delivers. Sure, it’s not just lawyers on here, but that’s beside the point. When you need a quickie, AFF is quick and easy.

The Other Top Dating Sites for Lawyers Worth Considering

Can't seem to make your case with the lawyer dating sites we've mentioned above? Here are a few more options you might want to check out.

Lawyr is a pretty new dating site for lawyers

Lawyr on iOS

Up until very recently, there weren’t any dating sites created just for lawyers. That changed back in 2021 when Lawyr launched. Created for lawyers, judges, and other law professionals, it’s where you’ll meet people in the law field. It really is just that straightforward. Kind of nice, right?

So, why isn’t this in our top 2? The reality is, Lawyr is just too new and too untested for us to give it a full-throated endorsement. It fits the criteria perfectly, it’s getting some buzz, and it has massive potential. But until it’s been around a bit longer, it just can’t squeak into the top 2.

Lots of single professionals use EliteSingles

Android screenshots of Elite Singles

Here’s another app that prioritizes high-quality users, like The League. Just like that site in our top spot, this app isn’t specifically for lawyers. The focus is on connecting people of any profession who are “elite”. What does that mean? Well, generally it means well-educated, financially secure, and intelligent.

The biggest knock against EliteSingles (and why The League bests it) is that it’s often more of a networking tool. We’ve found that the focus for many users is more about advancing their careers (or lining their pockets), not romance. If you’re cool with that, this is a decent site. Otherwise, you might find yourself getting frustrated with the social climbers.

Financially-driven lawyers might like Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match

Again, Millionaire Match isn’t a dating site for lawyers. It is, as the name plainly reveals, a dating site for the wealthy. Despite the gauche name, it is actually a pretty decent app with a solid clientele. Of course, if you aren’t in the millionaire’s club yet, this’ll probably not be a good fit. But, keep it in mind for when you do hit the two-commas club.

The Most Important Considerations when Choosing a Good Lawyer Dating Site

When picking a lawyer dating app or site, don’t just go with the best-rated one (or even our review). Instead, consider these important questions to know which is right for you:

Are you looking for marriage or just a fling?

Depending on how you answer this question, your dating app choices are going to differ greatly. For those looking to just have something casual (say, a one-night stand), a site like AFF is better. All the users have the same expectations. If you want the “real thing”, though, you’ll be better off with the apps that cater to selective, serious clientele.

Do the sites have testimonials?

Whether you use the apps we recommend, or you strike out on your own, read the testimonials. The more, the better. In fact, we value a higher number of reviews more than the star ratings. Apps are always improving, so a bad review a couple of years ago doesn’t mean much. But if there are a lot of reviews, that means a lot of people are using it.

How much are you willing to pay for a dating site?

Presumably, if you’re working in law, you’re doing alright financially (once you’ve paid off law school at least). That doesn’t necessarily mean you want to spend a ton of money on dating apps. If you’re just looking for something casual, free memberships are enough. If you’re more serious, go ahead and pay for a subscription with a legit lawyer dating site.

How much time do you have to date?

Lawyers are busy people. It doesn’t matter if you’re in court all day or writing up briefs, your time is precious. Before you try to add a relationship into the mix, consider how much time you actually have for one. If you’re too busy to invest time in a real relationship, don’t waste anyone’s time. Just stick to the apps for one-night stands and flings.

Are you willing to date long distance?

A lot of lawyers (and general professionals) find that the dating pool in their town is all dried up. Sometimes they find better luck checking out the talent in other cities. If you’re willing to date long-distance, there are apps that aren’t location-based. Long-distance dating is also good if you don’t have much day-to-date free time. You don’t have to worry about seeing someone every day.

5 Key Tips to Get Great Results Using Lawyer Dating Apps and Meeting Lawyers

You know how to pick the right apps and you have a fair number of dating apps to choose from. But that's not enough to secure a date. here are some tips to ensure that the apps we've mentioned above will do your dating life justice.

Tip #1 Start the conversation

Don’t just assume because you’ve matched with a fellow lawyer that you’ll immediately hit it off. You might talk for a living, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always have the right words to say to a woman. If you’re on an app, there are a lot of texting mistakes you can make (like being boring). If you don’t hook her immediately, you’ll probably lose her.

Tip #2 Ask for a date

You’re probably thinking, “This is so obvious, why are they even saying it?” Well, you’d be surprised how many men never actually take their shot and ask for a number. They’re focused so much on being charming, that they neglect to escalate to the date. If your conversation is keeping her interested, it’s time to ask her out. What are you waiting for?

Tip #3 Dress to impress

You’re a well-paid, powerful lawyer (or, at least, you want your date to think so). Don’t show up to a first date in jeans and a t-shirt. Dress like you’re an actual adult man with a real job. All the money in the world won’t mean a thing to her if you look like a slob. That also goes for your personal appearance. Being fit and groomed will get you a second date more times than not.

Tip #4 Be a fun date

This tip is especially important for the lawyer set. Far too many guys mistake having a good job with having an enjoyable personality. When you’re on a first date, put in the effort to be engaging and fun. She might want to hear a little bit about your career, but she doesn’t want to hear you drone on. Find something interesting to do on the date instead.

Tip #5 Decide if she’s relationship material

You’re busy. She’s busy. Stop wasting each other’s time. If you don’t know if you’re ready for a relationship with someone after a few dates, then you aren’t. You don’t have to propose, but you should know if there is long-term potential. But what if she’s into you but doesn’t want a relationship? Either be content with something casual, or just move on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lawyer Dating Apps

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably had most of your questions answered already. But just in case, these are the most frequently asked questions about lawyer dating sites and apps.

What are lawyer dating sites?

While there aren’t many specifically designed lawyer dating sites, there are many apps that are popular among lawyers. Generally speaking, they’re the ones focused toward high-earning, career-minded people.

Are lawyer dating apps and sites legit?

It’s worth doing your own research on specific sites because there are plenty of duds out there. But the ones we’ve recommended are real sites with impressive track records.

Are lawyer dating apps and sites safe?

The apps and sites that are geared toward high earners tend to have good built-in security. The clientele demands it. That said, always practice basic common sense on any site or app.

What are lawyer dating site alternatives?

The alternative dating apps and sites are plentiful. Whether you’re looking for casual fun or marriage (or anything in between), there’s a site for you.

How do lawyer dating sites work?

The best dating apps for lawyers (or general professionals) require users to provide proof of profession – or income. Beyond that, they’re just like any other dating site or app.

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