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The Secret to the Perfect Bumble Bio for Men | Beyond Ages

Creating a great Bumble bio that will get him more matches

In the world of online dating, a well-crafted bio is crucial for attracting compatible matches. This is particularly true for men on Bumble, where women have the power to make the first move. While a good profile picture is important, a strong Bumble bio for men can make all the difference in catching a woman's eye and sparking a conversation.

In this article, we'll explore why a good Bumble bio is essential for men, including what should and shouldn't be included in it. We'll also provide examples of good and bad Bumble profiles and offer tips on how to create an attractive and effective dating profile.

The Importance of Good Bumble Bios

As you probably know, a picture’s worth a thousand words. However, good Bumble bios convey more information than you think. While some women might not bother reading the bio if a guy’s photos aren’t good, there’s the possibility that a good bio can change her mind (and even change how she views your level of physical attractiveness after the fact).

There are several reasons why men should work on their Bumble bios to attract women. Here are some of them:

First impressions matter

After your profile picture, your Bumble bio is the next thing a woman sees when she comes across your profile. It's important to make a good first impression that showcases your personality and interests in a concise and engaging way.

Increase your chances of matching

A well-crafted Bumble bio can increase your chances of matching with women who are interested in you after you’ve caught their eye. Think of it as the substance versus the packaging.

When you showcase your personality and interests, you're more likely to attract women who are looking for someone like you (or at least enhance the mystery and excitement of meeting a life partner or a hookup).

Show your authenticity

Due to the nature of digital communication, anyone can be anyone online. That’s where a good Bumble bio for men helps create trust in a world of deception, exaggeration, and duplicity

Therefore, a well-crafted Bumble bio for men conveys your unique personality, values, and interests that present you as “you”. This helps you stand out from the crowd and attract women who share your interests and values.

Your Bumble bio also aligns with your visual image. If you say that you’re into sports but look overweight, there will be some dissonance (unless your sport is competitive eating!). On the other hand, if you have athletic features and a healthy appearance, your bio creates a more cohesive and honest portrayal of who you actually are.

Show off your confidence

Confidence is absolutely necessary when it comes to dating - and that goes for double on dating apps like Bumble, where anonymity often invites those with low confidence to compete with women that they would otherwise have no chance to meet in the real world.

When you put effort into crafting a thoughtful and engaging bio, it shows that you care about how you present yourself and are confident in who you are. This confidence should include some self-deprecation in a funny way or may even more “sensitive” traits, such as your love of animals, gardening, and other nurturing habits.

Filter out incompatible matches

No one wants to waste time and energy when it comes to online dating, nor do you want to discover incompatibility after you’ve gone on a few dates. By clearly expressing your interests, values, and personality in your Bumble bio, you can attract women who are compatible with you while filtering out those who aren't.

The Perfect Bumble Bio for Men

Need Bumble male profile tips? Let’s take a look at what good Bumble bios should include and should not include:

Do include your interests and hobbies

Including a photo of his hobbies in his Bumble bio

Including your interests and hobbies help attract women who share those similar activities, providing conversation starters that take the awkwardness out of getting to know a relative stranger.

Below the About me sections, Bumble has two sections where you can display what you do in your free time: My basics and My interests.

For the My basics section, you have the ability to show off your interests and hobbies in terms of general information including:

  • Work
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Hometown
  • Ethnicity

This also goes for the My interests section, which offers up to 5 choices organized under

  • Self-care
  • Sports
  • Creativity
  • Going out
  • Staying in
  • Film & TV
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Food & Drink
  • Traveling
  • Pets
  • Values & traits
  • Bumble values & allyship

Do include your values and beliefs

Providing a clear description of your values and beliefs helps attract women who share similar values  - a clear indicator of compatibility. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to keep things vague and let a woman’s imagination fill in the blanks, but don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

For example, if you believe in open relationships, chances are that you’ll scare away women looking for monogamy or long-term commitment without cheating. Vice versa, those with hard-line religious beliefs may ward off those who don’t practice the same faith. However, if these values are non-negotiable, then, by all means, cast a smaller net to find those who also value the same moral and ethical standards.

Do include your personality traits

Despite what you’ve heard, women love traditionally masculine men on Bumble. Therefore, describing your masculine personality traits concisely is a great way to give an idea of what you're like as a person, attracting women who are looking for someone with specific personality traits.

Do include your career and/or education

Status is an intrinsic part of the mating selection process, and your career and education play a huge part in how a woman will suss out your value before you even start chatting.

By displaying your career and where you went to school, you convey your ambition and drive - all attractive qualities to women who want to have a future together (even if that means upscale dating, trips, or homeownership).

If you chose the entrepreneurial path and maybe skipped college in favor of starting your own business, simply stating “I run my own business ventures” imbues your Bumble profile with outside-the-box thinking that gives you a competitive edge.

Do include a sense of humor

Who doesn’t love to laugh? Including a joke, puns, or a witty comment helps showcase your personality and sense of humor, which are attractive to women. The best place to do this on Bumble is through the Profile Prompts section, where you get a maximum of 3 chances to answer prompts when editing your profile.

Some of the prompts that are great for showing off your sense of humor include:

  • Swipe right if…
  • I guarantee you that...
  • I'm a great +1 because...
  • What makes a relationship great is...
  • I quote too much from...
  • I'm still not over...
  • My zombie apocalypse plan is...
  • If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life it would be...
  • I'm a real nerd about...
  • If I could have a superpower it'd be...
  • I will never shut up about...
  • Two truths and a lie...
  • A fun fact I'm obsessed with...
  • If I had three wishes, I'd wish for…
  • The quickest way to my heart is...
  • If I could travel to any time in the past...
  • When no one's watching I...
  • Something I learned way later than I should have...

Do include Instagram and Spotify profiles

Connecting your Spotify account to your Bumble shows off your interests

Like most dating apps, Bumble enables you to include your Instagram profile and your Spotify account to further show off your interests, activities, and unique tastes.

  • Instagram enables those browsing your profile to scroll through your most recent Instagram posts (currently 24 posts), so make sure to have Instagram contain only things you want to share with other people. Videos will only display as a static image, but this helps break past Bumble’s 6-image limit.
  • Linking your Spotify account on Bumble is a great way of showcasing which music you’re currently listening to - a great conversation starter and a way to enhance the detail of your profile beyond selecting the basic genres under My interests. You’ll find a section at the bottom of your profile called “[First Name’s] Top Artists on Spotify” with a list of artists.

Note: Sharing your Instagram isn’t mandatory to complete your profile. For those that want to preserve their privacy or have a private account (versus a public account), you can leave this option off.

Do include a complete profile

Make sure to fill out your profile to the 100% mark (you’ll find this rating at a certain percentage when you edit your profile). Completing your Bumble profile includes Verification, which gives you a badge to let those browsing your profile that you are who you say you are.

Don't include offensive or derogatory language

This can be an immediate turn-off and can give the impression that you're disrespectful or insensitive. Bumble also has rules against this type of behavior, so you’re only doing yourself a disservice from the get-go.

Don't include too much personal information

Avoid sharing personal details that could compromise your safety or privacy, such as your home address or phone number. Online stalkers are a relatively common phenomenon and it only takes a few minutes for a web-savvy individual to track you down.

Don't include TMI (Too Much Information)

Even if you avoid giving out your personal details, you should also avoid oversharing or getting too specific about your personal life. For some women, this can be overwhelming or off-putting to some women.

Don't include overly negative language

Of all the Bumble male profile tips, this is the most important: Avoid using language that is overly negative or critical. If your profile has lots of No’s, “Not interested in [xxx]”, or “Swipe left if [xxx]”, stop immediately.

A side effect of overly negative language implies that you have had negative experiences in dating and gives off the impression that you're not a positive person to be around - or that you choose poorly when it comes to potential partners.

Don't include boring or generic statements

Don’t be basic. Avoid using generic statements or cliches, as this can make you blend in with the crowd and not stand out. You’ll come across plenty of profiles where a woman may use stock phrases, but men need to avoid this unless they’re looking to coast on their outstanding profile pictures…

Don't include controversial opinions

Got some views that most people find off-putting or controversial? Save them for the date when you feel comfortable about expressing yourself - or just keep them to yourself. As mentioned before, Bumble has a policy of banning or shadowbanning profiles that violate these rules - and you’re only wasting your time and money.

Bumble Profile Examples

Reading an intriguing Bumble bio

Looking for some Bumble profile examples? We’ve got you covered.

First, here’s your humble author’s Bumble bio, which has led to plenty of matches and dates:

About me:

I like the esoteric, the ecstatic, the profane, and the mundane. I’m a musician and writer by trade.

My basics:

Height: 5’ 8”

Exercise: Active

Education level: Trade/Tech school

Drinking: Socially

Smoking: Socially

Gender: Man

Looking for: Don’t know yet

Kids: Want someday

Star Sign: Libra

Politics: Apolitical

Religion: Other

My interests:

  • Jazz
  • Fishing trips
  • Deep chats
  • Sleeping well
  • Nutrition

Languages I know:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French


  • I’m prioritizing my mental health by… always making sure to set out a plate of cookies for the ghosts that follow me around all day.
  • My real-life superpower is… playing music and writing books. Plus, I love working with my hands. That new porch railing is your next back massage UwU
  • Swipe right if… you don’t take life too seriously

As you can see, my profile is a mixture of displaying my interests and weaving in some absurd humor (the “ghosts” are staring at me, though).

Below, you’ll find some Bumble profile examples that can give you some ideas for creating your own profile:

The Adventurer:

"I'm always up for a new adventure, whether it's hiking through the mountains or trying new cuisine. I'm looking for someone who is just as spontaneous and loves to travel."

The Foodie:

"Total foodie here. I love trying out new restaurants and experimenting with new recipes at home. If you're a fellow foodie, we'll definitely get along!"

The Fitness Enthusiast:

"I'm passionate about fitness and love pushing myself to new limits. If you're into working out or trying to live a healthy lifestyle, we'll have a lot in common."

The Animal Lover:

"I have a soft spot for all animals, especially dogs. If you have a furry friend, we're already off to a good start!"

The Creative:

"I'm a creative at heart and love expressing myself through art, music, and writing. If you have a passion for creativity, let's connect and collaborate!"

Remember, these are just examples, and it's important to be authentic and true to yourself in your profile.

In conclusion, having a well-crafted Bumble bio is crucial for men who want to attract compatible matches on the app. A good bio can make a positive first impression, showcase authenticity and confidence, filter out incompatible matches, and increase the chances of matching with women who share similar interests and values. It's essential to include information that attracts women, not repels them.

That being said, Bumble is a dynamic platform that’s always adding new features and changing its user base, so be sure to experiment with your Bumble profile until you find what works. Good luck! We offer several articles on dating and relationships that can help men improve their Bumble profiles and overall dating skills. Some I'd recommend are “Why is Online Dating so Hard for Guys (8 Common Causes)”, “The Mindset You Need To Find Great Online Dating Success” and more. These are designed to provide tips and insights on how to master online dating and get the relationships you deserve.

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